Organization (My Chaos)

So here’s the thing (Hi btw, how’s it going? Thanks for reading this, unless you’re not… aaaaaaanyway) I am weird in many ways. Here’s one reason. I love organizing. Now I know I know.
“Ok so you love to organize, lots of people do, it’s not that weird.”
Well just hush up and listen (er... read) what I have to say here. I love organizing, like freaking love it. I organize my comic books, my manga book wish lists, my drawing equipment, my books, my paper, my drawings, my face paint, my masks, my posters, you get the jist. So here’s the thing, I’m very bold and loud, obnoxious even (you’re nodding at that no doubt) and that’s why I love crazy. I love disorganization!
“but Cj, you just said you love organization, right?”
yes yes, I did in fact say that. But I also love disorganization…. I don’t know, don’t give me that face it’s… confusing. I’ll go to your house and grab things and throw them around, but there’s a method to how I “disorganize”. (you can face palm it’s ok, I understand) So give me a room full of boxes and shelves and labels with a place for everything and everything in its place. I’ll fangirl over it and spend three hours memorizing how you organized it (I just re-read that sentence and realized I’m becoming my mother *shudders*). But then I’m going to make a mess if you leave me in there too long. I’m going to get everything out and throw it into a pile, but not just any old pile, a pile of piles. A pile with small piles within itself. A pile for say sharp things, a pile for dull things, a pile for things I want to make a list of so I can buy them for myself, etc. these piles will be full of things that aren’t the same in anyway, it’ll look like a complete mess! But in my head, everything is organized yet still messy. And I know where it all is because I organized it specifically. Maybe I just have a pile of socks, shoelaces, hair ties, a ruler, a sharpie, a needle, and a bag of stones.
“Cj what the heck does that have to do with anything? Why would you have a pile of that stuff? What even?”
simple, that’s my first aid pile. Socks to be used as makeshift bandages maybe even as gloves at some point. Shoe laces for maybe a sling or to tie something in place. Hair ties for holding your hair back or to cut open so you can use the rubber band for lots of things. A ruler for setting something and then the shoelaces or rubber bands again to keep it in place. A sharpie for marking things (marking what you ask? I don’t feel like explaining so let’s just say… mmm to keep tabs on certain rashes or infections.). a needle for obvious reasons. And a bag of stones, stones can be heated up and used to relieve pain or chilled during the night and used to relieve pain. Those are the connections I make in my head when I organize my disorganization, because screw putting things where they go when you could tirelessly organize the disorganization and make a mess of the place. That’s right. If you walk into my room and see piles and mess all over the floor, it’s not mess; it’s my organization. No joke this is a legitimate thing I do, but if I go to anyone else’s place and help clean I organize like a normal person (I think...).
So long story short, I organize my messes into bigger messes but to me they’re organized. But aside from my room, everything else I clean is organized normally, according to the people I clean for…
Hey! If you made it this far congrats, I know that was really confusing but I’ll tell you why I did it. I made this world to just have a bunch of random crap that pops into my head, and it was bothering me that it wasn’t gonna be organized so I decided to talk (write) about organizing and how peculiar and weird I am about it because I’m bored. And now that that’s done I’ll probably get back to writing the papers that are due tomorrow. Ugh.