Ouran High School Host Club Review

In my opinion, Ouran High School Host Club (Ōran Kōkō Hosuto Kurabu) is one of the greatest anime in existence. Now I know what you’re thinking.
“WHAT?! What about Tokyo ghoul?! Or Attack on Titan?! Or Corpse Party?! Or the other action packed, suspenseful, or depressing anime?!”
Say what you want, I love many different anime. But I’ll tell you why this is one of my favorites and in my opinion one of the top five anime in existence*.
Let’s start with a question. What makes an anime good? Now you may say something like:
“hot girls! Kawaii boys! Yaoi! Gore! Death! Sadness!”
And if you do think that then that’s ok, you like different anime than me. And though those may be pluses to watching anime, they are not (in my opinion*) what makes an anime series great. I think that an anime is great if it has most, if not all, of these qualities:
A solid plot/storyline
a little bit of mystery or secret here and there
a few complex characters here or there (by complex I mean having intense, detailed back stories that majorly effect life choices and their personality)
Super sad parts as well as some scary parts and maybe an angering or anxious scene or two
Happy and exciting parts of course
Conflict (that gets solved for the most part)
Good or at least decent morals. Ex, stick together, I’ll love you no matter what you do or who you’re with, teamwork, loyalty is good, backstabbing is bad, death is bad and should be avoided when possible, etc.
The story should be told, or seen, from different perspectives and/or sides. (this doesn’t always have to be necessary, but it occasionally makes the story more interesting because you start to understand the characters more. You start to understand why they do what they do and such, which can make the story more intense because then you start to feel what the characters feel. You’ll get mad at them but then feel bad for them but hate them yet you wish they were real so you could give them a hug and OH! It’s just overwhelming. However, if the story jumps back and forth from perspective to perspective, it can be confusing and all around destructive to the anime’s quality. Now I’m sure some writers can pull this off and many have, but it’s not all that common.
So, those are a few building blocks that I think make a good anime when put together. Now let’s get to the point.
What made OHSHC so good? Well let’s start with the story. Now I know you might be thinking something like:
“Cj, it’s about haughty rich boys who entertain haughty rich girls at a PG level and one of the characters is a cross dresser. What part of that seems interesting in any way?”
Well that’s not really the story at all, though the opening of the first few episodes may suggest that it is:
“The Ouran Host Club is where the school's handsomest boys with too much time on their hands entertain young ladies who also have way too much time on their hands. Just think of it as Ouran Academy's elegant playground for the super-rich and beautiful.”
Ok yeah, doesn’t do much to support what I’m saying here does it? Well let’s go over what happens here.
Ok so Haruhi is a first year at this academy (Ouran Academy) she’s not poor per say, just a little less off than your average citizen. She got into this school thanks to good grades, not money. Haruhi isn’t really anything remarkable (yet she is); she doesn’t really stand out (yet she does), I’d describe her as a very hard working person that doesn’t much care for how the world sees her. That doesn’t mean she’s trashy or dirty. She just doesn’t spend forever worrying about how she looks or what everyone’s opinion on her is. This is the reason she is first mistaken for a boy as she is seen in a boy’s dress shirt and pants because it was the nicest outfit she had. Long story short, she accidentally causes problems and is in debt to the host club. To pay off her debt she becomes the club’s errand boy, this only lasts for a short time before the host club realizes how charming she is and decides to move her status up from errand boy to official host member. Of course, in doing this they get her a proper uniform and learn that Haruhi is in fact a she. However, in order for her to continue being a host, Haruhi and the host club decide to keep her gender a secret. Haruhi turns out to be a natural when it comes to the host ways. and being that she doesn’t have to run errands to pay off her debt, but instead only has to talk to girls for a few hours: Haruhi doesn’t mind the club so much. As the series carries on, we see that the host club is known for being exotic and different. Often times having themes and ridiculous parties for the fun of it. Haruhi occasionally grows tired of how carefree and dull the club can sometimes be. Throughout the series the host club members have a few episodes focusing on them and their past. As the season progresses and the viewers are able to delve into the characters past and understand them and their motives/personalities, the plot thickens. Characters begin to realize how their live have changed since becoming a part of the host club and then all find themselves changing even more when Haruhi becomes a part of their lives. Suddenly certain characters begin to express emotions no one thought they had or were even capable of having. The characters themselves are surprised by how Haruhi affects them. It’s very clear throughout the series that Haruhi has a way of imprinting on people and bringing out the best in them, regardless of who they are or how they treat her. the host club often finds themselves in crazy and often comical situations. However, there are many times when they find themselves in dangerous and terrifying situations. They learn how much they need each other towards the end of the series when many characters attempt to rip them apart and steal members away for themselves. The series ends on a high note but also a major cliffhanger, making its viewers anxious for season two. The only problem is, the anime came out in 2006 and aired its latest episode in 2009. Leaving us all to suffer as we wonder if there ever will be, a season two

I can hear you saying “Cj, that was a very brief summary”
And to that I say, “what do you think a summary is? Also, I’m doing my best to keep as many spoilers as I can out of this review.”
Regardless of me not giving too many examples. This series contains a good amount of secrecy and surprise, MANY sad parts, MANY suspenseful scenes, Excellent morals, Happy or at least Joy-filled moments, conflict and drama (of which is almost always sorted out), and complexity character wise.

(I’ll just list the host members here)
The host club leader, Tamaki, has a pretty sad backstory but he makes the most of his position and charm and uses them to make girls feel happy and important. He is often referred to as the host club’s “king” since over half of the girls choose to be hosted by him. Tamaki is very kind and loving; he is willing to do anything to save his friends and keep them together. He is very protective of Haruhi as is the entire host club.

Kyoya, I’m gonna say his position is the host’s mommy and all that is implied. You’ll understand if you watch the anime rest-assured. He’s very clever and kind of a smartass. He’s cunning and a major stalker. He’s sly and he’s terrifying. But he’s also charming. He often tries to convince himself that he doesn’t need the host club and that he doesn’t really care about most people, commoners in particular. Yet throughout the anime we all see that’s not true. And soon Kyoya comes to realize it as well. As he is very protective of the host club and loyal to its members through and through.

Hikaru and Kaoru. So, the twins…. Yeah. I suggest you just watch the anime to figure them out because I honestly don’t wanna describe them because it will take me waaaaaay too long. But I love them. They are hilarious and protective of Haruhi. Honestly they all are but none are more protective than the twins. They are very complex and when you get to know them you wanna cry but you also wanna punch them. Also… they are not, but they pretend to be homosexual and also pretend to be in a relationship with each other. While they are not, they are very close siblings. They can’t keep their hands off each other and are constantly worried about each other if they get separated. Trust me you’ll learn to love them.

Mori and Honey. Ummmm. Mori is a robot (not really but ya know). Honey is the baby of the club despite being the oldest. He’s adorable but terrifying. And trying to imagine him as an actual adult just doesn’t work. He’s almost always in chibi form. He also has problems with having a major sweet tooth. Both of them are protective of each other and the club. But mostly of Haruhi.

Haruhi. Haruhi sees through everyone and she loves them all. She denies it but she would be heartbroken if they ever disbanded and went their separate ways. she’s charming and kind but a little slow when it comes to realizing her feelings and other’s feelings towards her. Having a pretty sad and depressing past she’s exactly what you’d expect but also different in so many ways.
“so Cj I can tell this is your first review being that it is pretty terrible.”
I know I know but cut me some slack, alright?
Lastly, as I think this is the most important part of review.
What should this be rated at?
Quality wise: 4.5 out of 5
Age wise: 13+
Which genre? Well it kinda contains small bits of them all. I wouldn’t call it feel good or realistic. But it is very charming. I’d call it a Comedy. It’s still got lots of seriousness though, mind you!
New to anime and manga? Definitely a good anime for beginners
Things to watch out for:
-explicit language: Damn, Hell
-Mature themes: Taboo (Not for real but it’s faked), Many not so kid friendly jokes and references, A maid threatens two children and then steals from them
-Trigger Warning: Homosexuality, Transgender characters, Overly dramatic characters throwing tantrums, Cross dressing, Bad parenting, Referencing to Dark magic of which the characters believe

An overall good anime if I do say so myself.
Give it a try, you may like it a lot.

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