OC Time

Ok so yeah, I promised to at some point have my OCs out. But I'm a bit behind schedule (dealing with that problem of not being able to get them to look as awesome on paper as they do in your head) and I need to take a break from the stress of everything I've been cramming. SO I want to draw YOUR OCs! I'm planning to keep this post up for a while (if not forever) I just wanna draw something random! I am in love with every OC on The O. And I know not everyone likes their things being drawn so I'm doing things this way. Idk Who's gonna see this, but if you do and think someone else may be interested in it, let 'em know! I just need a break from everything and I think, even after I've calmed down, this will always be a fun thing because I always enjoyed being little and watching my friends draw the same thing but in their own way. Even better I loved watching them draw MY OCs in their own way and seeing different versions of them was so cool to me. And that's what The O is about right? Sharing art that's all so different and unique. Every one of you artists has a different style that I love and I hope you enjoy seeing your characters done in different ways as much as I do! So pm me or just comment a request. I'd really appreciate it. It's a break from everything I've been stressing over. And I love drawing your cool characters!