Fellow Otaku artists! I am torn! I have had this fancy shmancy Huion graphics tablet for almost a year now and barely used it.

"Why Chris?! It's so nice, where's all your digital art?"


"Why get a tablet and not think about getting a program, Chris? Ma!"

I know, I know. I wasn't expecting a tablet. It was actually a Christmas present from a friend. (Come on guys lets be honest, I could never afford one of these things)

"Get to the point."

Ok so here's my dilemma. I'm in a sort of good place with my college right now.

"Yes, that's veeeery evident with your obvious Inktober progress." *sarcasm*

....Yeah... Anyway. Since y'all have such nice digital art (waa! I'm so jealous!) could you guys maybe give me some suggestions? I don't know which programs are worth it. (A free program would honestly be the best, but I know that's pretty rare) I'm so lost in this horrible maze of deciding what to get. I just really wanna make my comics digital.
This is a ridiculous request I know, Gomenasai! Just a little of advice would be great though. If it's not too much trouble. Thanks guys.