Fire Scout OC (Run Down)

I said he'd be the first to be featured on my world. Well here he is, Fire Scout. The first, the survivor, the pariah, the legend. *dramatic music*

Birth Name: Thomas Emmer Anderson

Alias: Fire Scout

Powers include: The ability to Create/Manipulate/Transform-into Fire this enables him to fly and run at incredible speeds by blasting fire to propel himself.

Weirder Details:
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: Greyish-White
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 186 lbs.
Blood Type: A Positive

A less than brief Bio:
Born January thirteenth 1969 in Canada and raised by his Scotch parents, Thomas Anderson had the perfect life. He lived in the small city of Armaine. Thomas’s family was rich by no means, but they made sure he and his sisters had a good life. The kind of life where one understands struggle and how to cope, but doesn’t live in despair because they’re still thankful for the little they have. Every Sunday morning his parents would scrub his face and put him in his nicest outfit with shoes that had two whole laces, as opposed to small rope bits knotted together. They wet and combed his hair and did the same for his sisters. They attended a small, one-roomed church. It always bored Thomas and his sisters, but out of respect for his parents, the three always sat obediently still. They did not have enough money for fancy toys and clothes. Or the colored snacks that other children brought to school. But they had each other. And while money was always scarce, it was never a priority. His family was never without a roof over their heads or warm food on the table. That was all they needed. They weren’t rich, but they were happy.
At least, they were.
As he and his sisters grew older, they began showing signs of abnormalities. The same abnormalities that had forced their parents to Canada in the first place. They developed...abilities. It was slow and almost unnoticeable at first. But then their “gifts” grew stronger and more apparent. They were unable to hide their talents any longer. The people began to fear the Anderson children. But more than that, they feared their parents. Surely Mr. and Mrs. Anderson had to possess abilities of their own. It wasn’t long before people began to spy. Soon they were shunned from their community. But it only got worse.
One night, at a quarter past eleven, Thomas’s mother collapsed onto the kitchen floor. A stone had been thrown through the Anderson’s window. It had collided with her head and knocked her unconscious. Fearing for her life, Mr. Anderson rushed to the city’s hospital. But he was refused service. He begged and swore. Promising to take his family and leave if they would only see to it that his wife was taken care of. But they turned him away. When he did not leave, they forcefully escorted him out of the building. On the sidewalk just beyond the hospital’s entrance, he sobbed over his wife’s straining body. On that sidewalk, at exactly twelve o’nine, Mrs. Anderson died.
Rage replaced sorrow as Mr. Anderson looked up from the corpse in his arms. There was fire in his eyes. He shouted with pure hatred and pain as flames shot forth from his hands and mouth. He burned that hospital to the ground. Killing everyone inside. Innocent children and guilty men. All dead. It all happened so quickly, no one could react in time to stop him. And when the smoke cleared, he was gone.
Thomas and his sisters had been awoken by the sound of the stone breaking their kitchen window. They called out to their parents but there was no answer. In a wisp of panic, Thomas ran out of their bedroom and into the kitchen. There was blood. A lot of it. The stone that had broken the window had a stained letter tied to it. Thomas hesitantly pulled it off the stone and opened it. The words he read that night filled him with a fear no one can explain. Pure horror pumped through his veins as he ran through his family’s small house, calling for his mother and father. Only did he stop when he noticed his father’s rusty truck missing from its spot in their yard. The tire marks and ripped up grass screamed that the truck had left in a hurry.
Thomas turned around and ran back into his house and called his sisters. They came quickly from their room with wide, worried eyes. He explained the note and the stone and the absent truck. His older sisters only stared with disbelief at their broken window. After a moment of silence, the three realized that the only thing they could do was wait for their parents to return. They passed the time by cleaning up the blood and broken glass scattered throughout the room. Then they sat at their small table and waited.
No one came. No father. No mother. The nervousness showed on the children, as it made their abnormalities act up. Small flames flickered from their worried eyes and fidgeting hands. Thomas glanced desperately at the family’s old clock. It was twelve-thirty in the morning. Suddenly noises came from a distance. The children practically flew to the door to investigate. But their flames only flared brighter when they recognized, not their parent’s truck, but the entire police and fire stations racing to their house.
The authorities were merely looking for the children’s father. But how were they to know that? They assumed this is what the note on the stone had meant.
In a blaze of fear and assumptions, the children waited until most of the men had invaded their home. Then, from the safety of their backyard. The children worked together to burn their only home to ashes. Then they ran. They ran with intense speeds, using blasts of fire to propel them forward. They fled into the wilderness. With no clue what they should do next. They just ran.

I wish, with every fiber in my being, that I could tell you they found an abandoned cabin deep in the woods. Found their father, and lived together in the snug little home with fond memories of their mother. But that is not, at all, what happened.

The children had no idea that they were heading into the densely populated city of Vancouver, Canada. They had no idea that they were breaking into the home of an evil man when they climbed onto his balcony. They had no idea he watched them catch their breath while malicious thoughts boiled in his mind. They had no idea he was going to burst onto his balcony, pushing Thomas off the ledge and pulling his two sisters inside. Thomas had no idea what was going on when he heard his sisters screaming in agony. He had no idea why he couldn’t move. He had no idea why his head and knees were wet and sticky. He had no idea he was lying in a dumpster that night. He had no idea that a horrible man was killing his sisters. He had no idea why he could no longer hear. No idea why flames suddenly burst from the story he had just been shoved off of. He had no idea it was his sisters whom had jumped out of that building only to lose their strength and fail to propel themselves upward. He had no idea that they landed only feet from him, screaming out his name as people crowded. He had no idea that he and his sisters had been transported to a hospital. No idea that the two had died in the ambulances. Or that his father had hung himself only hours later. And he certainly had no idea that he’d be spending the next few years of his life recovering from that fall.

I will spare you the depressing years of pain and loneliness that followed. Instead we will skip to three months after Thomas’s seventeenth birthday. The snow was just starting to melt as spring made her way into the city. A man in his early twenties came to visit Thomas that day. He offered the now fully recovered teenager a job and a home. With no other options, Thomas begrudgingly agreed. Papers were signed and hugs were given as the hospital staff that had raised this “gifted” boy for the past five years sent him off. Thomas never looked back, not once, as he climbed into the shiny black car the man had arrived in. Thomas was surprised to see it full of other kids near his age. All of them look anxious and pained. Their eyes reflected the despair in his own, and Thomas suddenly felt a little less lonely. The car began to move and the man began to speak. He explained that he knew all of the individuals in the car possessed certain...abilities. He expressed his amazement at the fact and told them that he was going to take them to a place where they could live without shame. Where they could use these “powers”, as he called them, and learn to control and strengthen them. The car full of teenagers filled with excitement and relief. Though there was still suspicion that a place so perfect could exist for these pariahs. But to their delight, the man had been truly sincere. And the kids grew into young, powerful adults. Soon other beings with powers emerged in the world. Many with malicious intents. The man, whom they had come to call Peter, told them that this was what they were trained for. And he sent them out to extinguish the evil people. The world soon began to recognize them as heroes. More gifted children joined them. And soon they had become partners with authorities throughout the world. It was a dream come true, a fantasy obtained. But like all good things, it could not last.

A foe with power and strength unheard-of emerged from the shadows. With uncanny ease, he destroyed a third of the heroes forces. The world was thrown into a panic. And the horrible being wreaked havoc left and right. But all was not lost. A plan was formed to terminate him. Every hero was involved, every one. The battle was relentless, the casualties uncountable. But they did it. They had taken him down. Thomas and a few others remained. Most of his teammates from the very beginning lied amongst the rubble, dead but victorious. Their battle had destroyed a fifth of the United States. The ungrateful country banned the heroes from their “promise land” and the remaining teammates returned to their home. In the following months, villains, that had been waiting for the perfect moment to strike, arose. Seeing this moment of weakened hero forces as a golden opportunity, thousands of foes emerged and caused such a mess that when all was done and resolved. Beings with powers, of any sort, were marked as dangerous criminals, no matter their past. The heroes were apprehended and placed in the very containment centers they had designed years before to hold villains. Thomas had been away during this time, visiting his hometown for the first time since he’d left it as a scared twelve-year-old. When he heard of the law that had been passed, he immediately went into hiding. He was good at hiding, and disappeared for years. He had a front row seat of the events that followed. Revolting beings with powers rioted and were killed. Villains were apprehended and executed. Children with powers were removed from their homes and placed in containment cells. Destruction and fear over took people’s minds. A war was inevitable. But Thomas merely watched, his heart had been hardened. He no longer wanted to help when we noticed people struggling or being mistreated. He no longer cared that innocents were dying at the hands of all sides. He buried himself in his anger and stayed out of sight until the authorities that had been looking for him assumed he was no longer around and abandoned their searches. His name, his legacy, became one of the few that was still whispered throughout the world. The first of the heroes. The only one to be unaccounted for. The man whom was rumored to still be alive and planning a revolution that would bring back the golden age of heroes. The world is still a mess, and people still hope that Thomas is alive. That somehow he’ll be able to fix this. But no one is coming to the rescue this time. The legend of the Fire Scout, however untrue, still burns as bright as ever.