The new and improved Evil Angel.

Feeling like you're being watched, you slow down your pace as you travel through a forest. Everything is silent, even the chilly breeze doesn't make the trees rustle. No animals are anywhere to be found.
A sharp pain enters your arm. You feel stunned as two men approach you. Lying on your stomach, you try to move or even scream, but you're paralyzed.
"We'll take care of you." The obviously older man smiles, vampiric fangs poking out from his lips.
"You'll like it here."

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Say Something

"So I... uhm... I know of you and Ethan's escapades," Erela told me after she explained that everything Ethan and I had been doing the last day was all like a dream for her, her face breaking out into a blush, and she had to look away. That made me smirk. "If you have any other questions, ask away. I'll be happy to tell you what you'd like to know." She smiled at me.

I sighed. Exasperated, I got up and walked over to the window. Looking out at the clear sky above, I stared out into the distance for several moments before I finally spoke. "So I'd have to accept you, too, if I wanted to be with Ethan." It was more of a statement than a question.

Looking on warily, Erela nodded her head, "Yes. You would."

Finally turning to face her, I asked, "Is there really no way to separate the two of you? There has to be a way."

She shrugged. "There very well could be, but like I said, I don't know how or where to even start."

That deflated me, but of course, it couldn't be that easy. I wondered if there was a library here that I could use. Maybe if I did a bit of research I'd be able to figure something out. Surely Erela and Ethan have already read everything they could in the library here. I wouldn't find out anything they didn't already know. What would I find? That defeated me even more.

"There is a way, but probably not while we're stuck here," I murmured. I couldn't dislike it here. Not yet. I'd only been here a day, really. And so far everyone had been most welcoming. "Maybe if Ethan really likes me, you guys will change back and forth more frequently," I said hopefully, but even to me that sounded hollow.

"Could be," she agreed.

I could handle being with Ethan if I had to go a few days, a week or two being around Erela instead. However, I didn't think I could go seven months in between seeing him. That wasn't fair to me. Or to him. But if I was going to be trapped in this place for the rest of my life, it wasn't like I'd have many other options tempting me. I could do it. If I put my mind to it. Dedicated and committed myself. It wouldn't be easy. But it was doable.

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This Will Be the Day


"What shall we do this fine day?" Brokentear asked, a slight hesitance clear in his voice. It wasn't hard to see from my spot splayed out on the ground that my words had unnerved him somewhat, and while a part of me was amused by this, a more dominant part of me immediately rushed to sooth it away.

He was still standing, and also blocking out my sun, which had my inner cat hissing in irritation, not to mention had I not told him to get down and be my pillow? That was easily fixable, even if it meant moving from my lazy sprawl.

Reaching out, I twisted and wrapped my small hands around his ankles, enjoying the goosebumps that erupted from the slight difference in temperature. With an innocent smile thrown at his slightly panicked face, I pulled, yanking his feet out from underneath him. He let out a delightful gasping yelp as he tumbled backwards onto his behind. Once he was fully seated on the ground, I rolled so that I was using his lap as a pillow and settled again, letting out a barely audible purr at having gotten him down and still able to feel the sunlight.

"We are going to spend some time picking out oddly shaped clouds and trading stories, if you'd like. Unless, of course, you've tired of my company already." I said airily, covering the distress I felt about he being tired of me with sarcasm, stretching my limbs like a cat and then turning my head slightly to look at Brokentear, something I didn't think I could get tired of.

"Oh, there's one like a marshmallow," I pointed out.


"It will certainly be a challenge focusing on cooking with you there." Forever chuckled afterwards, leaning slightly against the stove. I smirked at the thought of distracting Forever so much, but my hungry stomach outweighed my need to tease Forever for too much longer. I walked forward and kissed his cheek softly, passing a hand over his other cheek afterwards.

"You're always distracting, it's amazing I can take my eyes off of you," I whispered against his jaw, then left another kiss on his shoulder and walked into the dining room, enjoying the blush I left on his cheeks.

Away from Forever, the happy high I had been on for the last few hours dimmed down and the usual weariness set in. I let out a sigh as I sank into a chair, running my hands through my already messy hair, feeling bittersweet. Curse immortality with a passion! Forever, despite his name, wouldn't be around forever, as much as I might wish.

I shook my head away from such thoughts and leaned back in my chair, focusing on the sound of breathing and Forever's soothing sounds while he cooked.

Where Is Your Boy Tonight?


“Lucky for you, there’s a lot of time to explain everything." I said with a smile, hoping it would reassure Akane, at least a little bit. I stood up from the bed and stretched before sitting back down and looking up at her.

"Okay... to answer your questions earlier. Ethan and I have no control over when we change. I could be awake for several months like I was before yesterday then suddenly faint and become Ethan. It's completely random."

I watched Akane's expression change from confusion to some kind of concern. I felt my heart sink for a moment.

"I'm sorry, I really am." I bit my lip nervously, "If I could change it, I most definitely would. I'm sure there is a way to separate us, but I've yet to find it."

I paused a moment, remembering her other question, "Ethan and I are very similar in some ways. Our dialect is one of those things. But our personalities are a bit different. I'm not as... confident as he is. We also share memories, but they seem like dreams to the one asleep. But the one asleep never really remembers the identities of those involved in these "dreams."" I paused a moment, remembering the "dream" I had before awakening. The scent of flowers and the sight of a very beautiful female on top of me. A part of me I wasn't entirely aware of was aroused, but the rest of me just felt pleasant.

"So I... uhm... I know of you and Ethan's escapades." I blushed and looked away, regaining my composure before looking her way again.

"If you have any other questions, ask away. I'll be happy to tell you what you'd like to know." I smiled shyly.


"Or should I be looking for an umbrella to shroud you so you don't burn to a crisp? Cause unless it's one of those reasons, you should get your fanged ass over here and enjoy the sun, you'll loose the sexy tan sooner rather than later if you don't. Besides, I need a pillow, and you seem to me like the type of person with a stomachs made to be a pillow."

Did she really just say that? Did those words come out of her mouth? Wow.

After I processed what she just said, I made my way towards her. I stood beside her and felt the hot sun on my skin. While it did not make my skin become glitter, and I don't think I was burning, I wasn't one for the sun. Even with my tan.

"Okay, I'm here, Yuki." I grinned, but hiding that I was a tad afraid of what shenanigans she was about to pull, "what now? What shall we do on this fine day?"


What the hell do I make for Setsuna? Oh my goodness. What if I make something that doesn't fit to his liking? Oh no. Nononononono.

I was mentally panicking. What do I make the one who owns my affection to eat?

I heard a familiar chuckle and straightened up immediately and squeaked out of surprise.

"Just me, love." Setsu appeared, leaning in the doorway. He looked oh so appealing right there. Goodness gracious. "I don't mind what I eat, so surprise me. Unless you want to eat what Yuki calls 'burnt blandness'. I'm afraid I'm completely useless in the kitchen." He said with an alluring grin before sighing mockingly.

I smiled under my mask, "That helps. I wasn't sure if you were opposed to any certain ingredients, so I was being careful." I admitted.

I proceeded to get the ingredients to make pancakes, eggs and bacon but I felt him still looking at me. I turned and looked at him. God why does he have to be so attractive.

"It will certainly be a challenge focusing on cooking with you there." I chuckled. I was a bit nervous and I could feel butterflies fluttering in my tummy. But I tried to keep it out of my voice.

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Breath of Air


It was amazing, Brokentear's garden, it had me so entranced that I didn't even blink at the change in lighting. It was colorful and alive and relaxing, like I'd stepped into my home after being gone awhile. I hadn't realized how much I'd needed to smell grass and dirt and flowers around me. The castle was nice, would always be nice, but I understood that, for the duration of my stay, I would be coming to the gardens more often, although hopefully with Brokentear.

I breathed in deep, arms wide and a grin lighting up my face, and felt some tension in my shoulders ease, though where it had come from I wasn't sure. I simply enjoyed the small breeze that whistled through the air, like a passing greeting, and then pulled a cartwheel, feeling energy fill up my body. I wanted to run for hours, felt like I could fly around the castle and still never discover everything. Being a shape-shifter was hard, I forgot sometimes that they needed moments too, outside.

I probably would've devolved into handstands and flips, spending the energy, when I caught sight of a large pool of sunlight and felt my inner housecat purr at the thought of flopping into it, which I did with no qualms. It was as I sprawled out on the ground that I remembered I'd had an audience to my show, and turned my head enough to see him.

It really did not surprise me when I saw Brokentear was still standing in the doorway, all visible bits of skin covered in comforting shadow. Brokentear had probably just been giving me my moment, and while I had enjoyed it, I enjoyed his company more. So I figured it was time to tease him a bit.

"Heyyy," I called , smirking at him, "What, do you sparkle in the sun, like a twilight vampire? Should I go find a pair of sunglasses?-" which was funny, because I was the one who had blood red eyes, "Or should I be looking for an umbrella to shroud you so you don't burn to a crisp? Cause unless it's one of those reasons, you should get your fanged ass over here and enjoy the sun, you'll loose the sexy tan sooner rather than later if you don't. Besides, I need a pillow, and you seem to me like the type of person with a stomachs made to be a pillow." I commented, mentally cringing at my crudeness, but enjoying it when his jaw dropped open slightly.


Forever had finally figured out that he distracted me and shooed me off for that shower I probably needed. I laughed quietly when he closed the door and took my shower, thoroughly enjoying the warm water on my skin, though I would need to air-dry my wings after this, my feathers were clumping together uncomfortably, like hair.

When I got out, I saw he'd been nice enough to find me some clothes he thought might fit and proceeded to die via warm feelings in my heart and stomachs. God, I sounded like a lovesick human. Still, I grinned as I pulled on what was probably Brokentear's pants and hung the shirt around my neck to slip on later, and the proceeded to follow the tendril of shadow I had connected to Forever to find him more easily.

I found him rummaging around in the kitchen, pouting slightly as he looked undecided about what to make. I leaned in the doorway to watch him and smiled fondly at his unknowing form, at ease again. I watched a little longer, and then chuckled when his pout got a little more pronounced. Immediately, he straightened up with a squeak and turned to see me grinning unrepentantly at him.

"Just me, love" I told him, still leaning against the doorway, particularly pleased at how loud said squeak had been. He was too adorable sometimes, I couldn't help it. "I don't mind what I eat, so surprise me," I semi-asked, lost in musings for a moment. Feeling eyes still on me, I gave him a particularly pronounced grin. "Unless you want to eat what Yuki calls 'burnt blandness'. I'm afraid I'm completely useless in the kitchen," I sighed in mock disappointment.


“Strange?” I asked agast. “Strange doesn’t even begin to cover it. This is just… well, weird!” I threw my hands up as I took a seat in one of the chairs in the room. I needed to sit down; my head was beginning to hurt.

“You’re not completely human, am I right? I can sense something different about you,” the girl who claimed to be Ethan’s twin countered.

I nodded. “Yes. I’m not human.” This woman wasn’t Ethan, and I had no idea if I could trust her or not. Ethan wasn’t here to tell me who she really was or what was okay admitting to her. She was Ethan, but she wasn’t.

“Ethan and I are no less weird than you and your abilities,” Erela assured me. She wasn’t being mean about it, and she didn’t seem to be offended by what I had said, either, which was good. She was just trying to get me to calm down, to see everything was okay. That she was a good person. If she was Ethan, Ethan was her. They were the same person.

Did this mean if Ethan and I were to stay together, I’d fall asleep with him but wake up to Erela? I wasn’t so sure I was ready for that. Erela didn’t hold my feelings in the same way as Ethan did. If she was up to get laid, I could do it. Wasn’t anything I’d never done before, but I wasn’t so sure how Ethan would feel with me banging his sister.

But, I feel with everything we’d been through the night before and this morning, this was something he should have felt comfortable enough telling me. At the very least, i feel like I would have the right to know who I was going to be waking up next to. I must have looked as confused as I felt because Erela was standing before me, startling me.

She looked as though she wanted to say something, but wasn’t exactly sure what. She wanted to comfort me, I could tell, but she didn’t know how I would react.

“I just want Ethan back,” I told her. “Do you two control when you change? And just how much of him are you and you him? I just… there’s so much I don’t know.”

“Lucky for you, there’s a lot of time to explain everything,” Erela smiled down at me.