HELLO this is our evil plan to TAKE OVER ZE WORLD! just fill in the form below and pm it to frozenroze and/or kittywitty

oc's name:
cosplay(has to be approtite):
llamas name:
llamas age:
what the llama looks like:
youre own bio:

also for us to really get to know what your oc is like feel free to draw a picture or write a story.

thanks bie!




oc's name: Momiji
sex: F
age: 13
hometown: Hokkaido
race: Human
cosplay(has to be approtite): Momiji from fruits basket
llamas name: Meka
llamas age: 15
what the llama looks like: Black with white patches on chest, ears and legs.
youre own bio: I'm Momo, but you can call me Momiji Fangirl or Momiji. I'm 14 and I'm obsessed with anime and manga. I love llamas, they're so awesome!!

the point system

ok now were gonna introduce a point system.
this is how it works:vv

so we will create competitions every couple of weeks to write stories or draw pictures!

so we will judge the stories or art and award points to first second and third!


we will keep up to date with the scores by adding them to the intodution!

also the first 5 people that apply will automatticly get 50 free points!

and if you just want to draw a picture or write a story for us with out the competition then feel free beacase we might give out points for it!!!!

so apply as fast as you can!!!






また、automatticly 50無料ポイントを取得します適用最初の5人!


Read phonetically[OK] o sugu ni pointo seido o dōnyū suru tsumorideshita.
Kore wa dono yō ni dōsa sa remasu: V no V

Wareware wa sū-shūkan-oki no hanashi o kai tari e o egaku taikai ga sakusei sa remasunode!

Wareware wa monogatari ya geijutsu to tokuten pointo o handan surunode, saisho no 2-banme to 3-banme no!

Saisho: 100 Pts
2-Banme no: 750 Pts
3: 25 Pointo

Wareware wa Nichi intodution ni tsuika suru koto de tokuten o iji shimasu!

Mata, automatticly 50 muryō pointo o shutoku shimasu tekiyō saisho no 5-nin!

To shita baai wa gazō o byōga suru ka, wareware no kyōsō wa, muryō beacase wareware wa sore no tame ni pointo o ataeru kamo shirenai! Kanjite to no hanashi o kaite hoshii!

Yō ni hayaku suru koto ga dekimasu yō ni tekiyō sa remasu!

FrozeRoze Form

sorry it's not alot but i am still a bit sad

oc's Name:
 Dāku Tsukiko (駄句月子)meaning dark moon 
Sex: Female
 Haruhi Suzumiya Nagato Yuki Black Maid Lolita
Llamas name:
Llamas age:
What the llama looks like:
Black llama with purple eyes
You’re own bio: I am kuroe kuruizaki I am 14 (15 soon) I like vampire knight. Er I live in the uk and I am Japanese.


oc's name: ruiki
hometown: . But she moved to the us when she was 4.
race: British/American
cosplay (has to be approtite): she has light green hair with black streaks and it goes down to her thighs. She wears knee high brown boots and black short shorts and a mud stained white top (because of all the fighting!)
llamas name:BOLT!
llamas age: 345
what the llama looks like: her llama is multicoloured with black stars!!!
you’re own bio: well you can call me kitty. And I’m British I’m in year nine and I love to right stories!!!!!!=D i love using emoticons to express how I’m felling! And i am a generally happy preson!!!=D


so heres commander bloo's registartion form!

oc's name: Makina
age:(She's a robot so...)160 years old ^^
hometown: she lives on earth 500 years from now (all civilization was destroyed.)
race: robot
cosplay(has to be approtite): Her costume? She wears a black vest like thingy that cuts off at her belly button, sleeve-less, black short-shorts and knee-high black steel-toe boots. she carries a black star-shaped purse where she keeps her notepad and a black piece of chalk. her hair is electronick blue, shorty and choppy. straight bangs and one LONG strand of hair on the back (she wrapps it with a white bandage)that looks like a flame at the end(ends near her waist line). She has Silver eyes.
llamas name: Lotus
llamas age: 8
what the llama looks like: He has black fur with one blue eye/one gold eye, a blue star-shaped hat and a pierce on his nose. His hooves are black and he has soft fluffy fur.
youre own bio: I LOVE drawing my own manga! ^^ In school I often get in trouble for it but hey- I have to practice right?? 'x3 My favorite colour is electric blue and I love blue stars and blue butterflies.
I love: bugs, the rain, the dark, (this is creepy but-) dead things amuse me (O3O), shiny art, artillery(<33), zombie games and movies, Wesker (Resident Evil), evil villains, tanks and sweets<3 ^^
I dislike: being alone, disapproval, mean people, animal cruelty, bright lights, hot weather, roaches (scary ><), rivals >B3, and ppl wearing white outfits and gas masks >>