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Faith (n): strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof

A world in which people can discuss their spiritual experiences and beliefs.


Good days to all of you who come across this, I've been away from this site as of late, but a lot has happened in my life. I'm facing a lot of stressors, a lot of demands, and a lot of work, but in some cases I am having fun. B...

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It took me too long to get to do this, but I feel like it has to be done. After much prayer, much nervousness, and much hardship, I achieved what I believed I could achieve. I'm going to the Air Force Academy. I was in the AF P...

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A Plea for Prayer

It has been far too long since I've done anything on this site, but if there's one thing I do while I'm on break, I've got to do this.

Right now I'm in a very great place...As much as life can be difficult, I'm very happy to be where I am right now. But also, I can be afraid. I can be afraid of failure and afraid of the future.

Furthermore I have to confess that I have made mistakes. I've made stupid mistakes, I've made big mistakes, and I do not want those mistakes to define me.

I'm not being specific because I've prayed over this one too many times, but now I implore you, my friends, to please pray with me and pray for me as I prepare to go back into my work.

Please pray that I do not let fear overtake me and pray that I can go through this year as God has planned for me to.
Please pray over my simple and stupid mistakes, not for the goal of perfection, but to stand in this unforgiving and brutal world and to become a better person.

Pray for mercy which is not so common to find, and please pray for my family as we go through this difficult time of the year.

Likewise I will pray for you all and have your best will in my heart.

Much love,

Finding my personal Spiritual path...

Please keep in mind that this is my FIRST post here. I have been actually wanting to write a little something here for quite some time and thought I should sit down at my desk and kind of talk about some of my thoughts and why I feel like it is HA...

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An Impromptu Slight To Super Preachers

I wish I had a picture to insight a sense of parody to this post, like a Superman logo or something like that (even though I don't like Superman). But let's get serious now, this one will probably be a bit short, but I plan on continuing fr...

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