Good days to all of you who come across this,

I've been away from this site as of late, but a lot has happened in my life.

I'm facing a lot of stressors, a lot of demands, and a lot of work, but in some cases I am having fun.
But the last week has had a special amount and a special caliber of stress to relay to me.

Last Monday there was an incident involving racial slurs directed to black students at the USAFA Prep School where I was last year. The superintendent of USAFA came to swiftly address this issue and inspire the cadets here to abide by the standards of USAF conduct, which does not tolerate discrimination of race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, and the like.

On Friday night USAFA was put on lockdown for reports of an active shooter on base. We were on lockdown from around 1030 at night to 130 the following morning constantly listening on police scanners and getting text messages from our leadership about rumors of shooters strolling through the dorms, shooting at windows and through doors, trying to call other cadets in order to lure them out, being disguised as Security Forces to gain access, taking over the communications center, all types of madness.
Now none of this actually happened, it all started because someone freaked out about something incredibly miniscule like a nerf-gun fight and called the police then everyone freaked out and started passing off rumors.

But of all of this craziness, there was one tragedy that came that night.

My uncle on my father's side died that night--while I was huddled in a room full of 30 cadets, wondering if my friends were still alive, my uncle was passed out on his bathroom floor, unresponsive.
He was in his mid 60's I believe, and even though he was a smoker and had Type 2 diabetes, he was as tough as nails and depended on nobody to take care of himself. He took care of his nieces and grandchildren on a daily basis and every time I went to visit my father, I always saw him.
He told me how proud he was of me, and that he loved me, and that he will always look out for me, my dad, my brother, and everyone else.

Needless to say I was floored. That man lived a long, action-packed life. He was tough as nails in his youth and all the way up to his age. It breaks my heart to see a man who couldn't be fazed by men lose his life, most likely to a disease that he has been controlling for years.

All pretenses aside, the reason I am posting this is...