Hey! Look a it's FALLING TEAPARTY SET! No really! Ok, ok it's just a joke... (P.s. - look up at the Web Address's name and now look down below x3) I welcome you all to Wonderland, the one down the Rabbit's Hole and behind the Looking-Glass Mirror. This is a peculiar country, dream, world, and a place of mysterious wonder. Welcome to Wonderland! You see everyone here has been transformed into their counter parts. What you are in reality, as you may call it, you are either the oppsite or the same, here in the dream world. Your counter part could be an animal (e.g. "white rabbit") or a human (e.g. "mad hatter"). It's your choice. Animals here are known as "Anthropomorphics," in other words, "Half-Human" and "Half-Animal". This is based on the famous faiy-tale by Lewis Carroll.

Goal: Work together to escape Wonderland and/or Defeat the Black Darkness called the "Fading".

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Invitation to Wonderland

Welcome everyone, To the Wonderland RPGame. The White Rabbit, myself, invites you all to come to Wonderland! Alice is to be expected to arrive soon, but I don't know how soon it'll be before she arrives. ...

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Chlodwig, the Caterpillar

Profile Name: Chlodwig Alias: The Caterpillar Hometown (optional): Wonderland Other Residence (optional): Black Cherry Leaf Position (optional): Forest Guru Weapon: Doesn’t have one, because he doesn&rsquo...

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Dion Silminar, the Cheshire Cat

Name: Dion Silminar Alias: The Cheshire Cat Hometown: N/A Other Residence: Rogue, so lives kind of every where, doesn't settle down. Position: Spy for both Red and White Kingdoms in both castles. Weapon: Claws, knows ...

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Mina Costagnier, the White Knight

Name: Mina Costagnier Alias: The White Knight Hometown: The White Castle Position: Head of the White Queen’s guard and White King’s army in times of war Weapon: A German long sword with a white leather grip and ...

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Rain Serenestorm, the White Rabbit

Name: Rain Serenestorm Alias: The White Rabbit Hometown: The house of four trades. Other Residence: Between the Red and White Queen's Castle Position: The Red Queen's Page and Alice's helper in Wonderland Weapon: The ...

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