Bleach Fan Zone

Yo, so I thought since I’m not as active at posting as I used to be, that I’d make a place for my fans/fellow Bleach Hosts to post too. It would help to keep my account active, and maybe see a couple interesting pictures and things put up by you, the fans of the series. There are limits though >_>’ So check out the rules before posting, or I’ll have to remove you. --Click Here--

If you want to be a guest poster, you don’t even have to be an official fan of mine. Just comment to me or PM me asking for Status and I’m cool with it. But what am I saying, of course you’ll want to make this mostly images of me, right? *smirks*

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Mr. Photogenic

In June, we have been together for 3 years. *purrs*


This made me think of you.

You'll never look at them the same way again...


Not when you're in my mind <3

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Favorite Flavor

Yup <3

Titles are Required