What ever like I care!,exclaimed the raging teenager. "Do you plan on failing the year, DO YOU PLAN ON BEING A LOSER!", screamed the sinical teacher. "...". Stomping out of the room that contained the horrid creature of the depths of hell, I actually began to cry. ME, CRYING, if only my friends could see me now, I wonder what their thoughts might have been.

"What a loser", Miko would barbarically snear. "Maybe we should hug her!?!", Miko would exclaim with a few hidden giggles. Gee I have some great friends right?!?. Hiya , my name is reilithat, im 15 yrs old, a senior in high school, and i am currently aa resident of Tokyo, Japan. Im what you might call a normal abnormality. Ever since i was born i have held on secret near and dear. I was born as an soul vampire. I know weird right. Its hard for me to cope with my difference, but now bigger problems have entered into my life. Well i quess this is the beginning of my new story. i just wonder what will happem when im gone, will someone retell my storys, my adventures, my one true love.