Chp. 1 : The Starving Desire

“Are you up yet?” screamed the quickly aging mother.
“Yeah I guess.”
“What do you mean you guess, either you’re up or you’re not!”
“Whatever!” It was beginning of another mundane day for Reilithat. Waking up, arguing with her snake her snake of a mother, then morphing down the stairs for her average breakfast of cold cereal.
“So your teachers called, they say you haven’t been going to class, wanna tell me why.” Slowly Reilithat shifted here zombie like gaze from the disgusting bowl of soggy cereal to the creature that she called “mother”.
“As far as I’m concerned it’s really none of your business!” Shoving the repulsive creation of wheat and milk away from her presence Reilithat began her dazed field of a walking daydreams field with a life that “could have been”. “What a loser, I wish she would just die”. Reilithat’s inner always consisted of fairies, dragons, riches, and adventures. “Why must I suffer the same life of a passing genius….WHAT THE!”
“RAWR, HI REILITHAT!!!” happily pronounced Momo.
“What’s up?” said Reilithat in a dead grunt.
“Ahhhhhhhh, what’s wrong Reil?, do you need a huggie poo!”
“What!” Reilithat began to pull herself away from Momo, dazing back into a daydream of fairies and adventures. In the fantasy world of bright, beautifully colored world full of rich greens, bright reds and yellows, cool blues.
Out of a richly colored auburn bushed popped out Reilithat’s mystical elf with a bewildered look upon her young lovely face.
“Where should we venture now Reilithat” spoke the sweet squeaky voice of a miniature angelic figure.
“Where ever the wind takes us Meuki.” Reilithat grazing the land with her kindly blue eyes until she spotted a mischievous little troll pondering around a small patch of golden eggs. “BINGO!” though Reilithat.
“What an easy little target! This will be an easy win!” exclaimed the squeaky happiness. “So how do you plan on getting rid of this miniature vermin Miss?”
“Well simple, we would just do the old run and stab route. Or we could be sneaky little assassin.”, exclaimed Reilithat with a devilish smile.

“OH, I love wanna do the assassin! We always run and stab.”, exclaimed Meuki with a couple of energetic bounces.
“Well let us begin” They both began quickly, quietly, and swiftly running through the bushes and trees til they advanced to the back of young troll.
“Ok so all you have to do Meuki is fly around the little buggers head and distract him, and then I’ll silently waltz up and impale him in the back. Quick, Quiet, and Painless…sorta.”
“Well let’s get started!”As Meuki began to zoom around simpleminded troll, Reilithat began to walk closely to the troll with dagger wielded and fox like footsteps Reilithat silently had death in the midst of her mind. As she slowly pulled her arm back she swiftly released her hair stabbing the troll right threw his heart.
“Well that ended quickly, and just when I started to enjoy myself” Meuki sadly moaned. Reilithat, silent with sorrow over her new murder, slowly walked over to the patch of golden eggs and picked one up.
“How much do think these are worth?”
“I don’t know, maybe five gold pieces and 6 silver-lings an egg. How many are their exactly?”
“I counted ten, so I’m guessing it was worth the …
“I said are you day dreaming again Reil?” Miko had snuck up behind her and placed his around her while she was day dreaming. “So what’s up beautiful?”
“What!” demanded Reilithat as she reared back her arm in an attempt to get away from her strange friend. “Yes I WAS daydreaming until you came along and ruined it, THANKS. I was gonna be rich too.” Said Reilithat as she stuck out her tongue. “Don’t judge me, you don’t even know why I daydream” she mumbled.
“It’s simple my dear Watson you have a starving desire to be something that you’re not.” Miko said in a scholarly voice, “Sound like something you’d say.”Miko said with a kind smile.

“Whatever let’s just get to class, you freak’n idiot.” All three of them Miko, Momo, and Reilithat morphed into their class room with a faint aura of gloom circling them, because like many of the other students they hated this wonderfully charming class.

“Well Ms. Reilithat it’s lovely to see that you decide to come to class.” sneered Mrs. Hinoshiro. Well class let’s begin….