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The Marcus Wolfe timeline is an alternate timeline of the Naruto universe with several important differences:

-Around the same time Orochimaru formed the Sound Village, several nin from Sunakagure disappeared, starting their own ‘Sky Village’. The Sound and the Sky villages inspired several nin from the Land of Water to form their own ‘Whirlpool Village’. The three villages have since then held some sort of alliance.

-Itachi, after murdering his family, hunted down fellow ANBU Okuri, the elder brother of Kiba. However, Okuri is the jiinchuriki of the Seven Tailed wolf, and Itachi only escapes his possessed form because of Okuri was attacked by the Inuzuka and Hyuuga clans. Both clans suffered heavy casualties, and Okuri fled to the Land of Snow.

-The Sky Village attempted to kill Gaara many times when he was about 8, fearing that he would one day harm them.

-Gaara stayed insane and friendless after the Naruto fight, but gained more control over himself and his murderous impulses.

- Gaara never became Kazekage. Sunakagure is without a single leader, governed instead by a council of old cronies.

- Gaara did not loose to Deidara because instead of fighting Deidara in the city, he was attacked in the middle of the desert.

And what am I working on now? Why, the manga with Gaara and Yua in it of course!

Okay folks, here’s the lineup of the Gaara manga Fan characters:
Yua: Red haired. (her hair has been dyed all her life to hide the fact that she was the result of an affair) Her bloodline limit allows her to see the ‘bloodlust’ (the will or desire to kill) of others. She abandoned the Sky village when her father, the Kage, went too far in trying to create stronger shinobi. She is primarily a taijutsu and weapons specialist, with some of her earrings and other jewelry being able to transform into weapons.

Shingo: He was told from birth that he and Yua were destined to wed, and he will never get over it. He is a constant embarrassment and a clutz. Can use Suffocating Storm jutsu.

Blind Seer: Read the picture I put up of him earlier……….

Takashi: One of 3 assassins sent after Yua. Uses Eye in the Sky jutsu, Summon Tengu, various thrown weapons, and general wind jutsus.

Mizuko: One of 3 assassins sent after Yua. Uses taijutsu and general wind jutsus.

Bushi: One of 3 assassins sent after Yua, he wants to kill Gaara for his gourd. Primarily a taijutsu specialist, he has DNA from Kimmimaru’s family as well as a few others (so his fight with Gaara will probably be deja vu). He once had contact with the Akatsuki, who offered him a gourd with a demon inside if he proved himself worthy. The offer still stands.

Onigiri: Gaara already killed him (the guy with the tentacle face?)

Now let’s talk!

Four elements of nature justus

I've been brainstroming alot lately and I thought about something:
What if someone can combine elements of nature that has never been done before, like combining Fire with water or Earth with Wind. There are many combinations you can make but here's what I thought:

Wind/Earth Style, Tornadoe earthquake: Okay it's a kinda lame name, but I'll explain. In order to do this kind of justu, we need two shinobi. One who can control the wind and the other who has powerful strength and very good at Taijustu. While the Wind controller makes a giant tornadoe that would make mountains fall apart, the Taijustu user would punch large rocks into the tornadoe. The enemy would be lifted into the tornadoe. Either he would be blown away or be crushed by the moving rocks. And if he survives, he would be buried deep underground once the tornadoe dies down.

What do you think?

Epic Destruction

Hey. I’m back. And I’ve been brainstorming.

First up:

Windstorm Assault: A whirlwind wraps around the forearm of the user. The whirlwind expands when the arm is thrust forward. The whirlwind is very much affected by the hand technique of the user. An open palm will create a wide, powerful twister that will push even the heaviest opponents back. Pointed fingers create a narrow, fast twister that can cut an opponent. The twister created by a fist will send an opponent spinning/flying back (think of how Rasengan affects opponents in filler arc) peeling off layers of skin and flesh, as it has both the power of the open palm and the speed of the pointed fingers, but is very difficult to control. Regardless of hand technique, hitting the ground will create tornados that move independently and if you cross your arms, they will make a double helix. The technique is most efficient if the hand actually touches the target, preferably at the maximum extent of the arm motion.

I was thinking about this while coming up for original techniques for Okuri Okami, whom, I might add, possesses the most powerful wind chakra with the exception of his Bijuu, the 7 tailed wolf. It would be extremely difficult for any mere mortal to attempt this, even someone at the Kage level. I would assume, then, although he cannot perform Windstorm Assault, Yua’s father may be able to perform a lesser feat. No whirlwind would be involved, only a strong blast of air.

Second, I have been thinking more and more about the Bijuu and any abilities they might possess. I came to the conclusion that every Bijuu does/should have an ultimate attack. For some, the attack might be very obvious (Isonade, the 3 tailed shark, can cause a massive ocean storm, causing multiple tidal waves. Sokou, the 4 tailed beast living in a volcano, can make it’s volcano erupt. Raijuu, the 6 tailed weasel of lightning, strikes an opponent with enough electricity to power an entire city for several years) while less obvious for others (Kaku, the 7 tailed badger, explodes the earth beneath his opponent, and the Nekomata, the 2 tailed cat, curses the opponent with the haunting of a thousand terrible dead spirits for all eternity). For our 3 favorite Bijuu, the ultimate attacks are as follows:

Shukaku: Supreme Sandstorm, Sea of Sand: The entire desert (and I mean the entire desert, no one spot is spared) begins to churn, and the dunes of sand begin to act like waves of seawater. The result is that the desert acts like a stormy sea, with hundreds of sand waves acting independently of each other. Shukaku can keep this attack up for several hours

Okami: Ultimate Windstorm, Polar Hurricane: Not much explanation is required. It is comparable to the storm from ‘The Day After Tomorrow.” Not only does it do major damage to the local area, but it lowers the global temperature by 1°C. As we all know, hurricanes form in tropical waters, starting out as random thunderstorms. Okami creates a thunderstorm of epic proportions using chakra, and sets it spinning. If Okami is not by the sea (and Okami is usually very far from the sea), he will obtain the moisture necessary from nearby clouds. The storm will last a week. It moves twice as fast as any naturally occurring hurricane, but its diameter is so great it takes an entire day for it to completely pass over one significant geographical area. When the storm dissipates, global temperatures will still be at their lowered measure for another week.

Kyuubi: Ultimate Firestorm, Rain of Hell Born Inferno: Again, not much explanation necessary. This is your basic ‘Apocalypse Attack’. The ground cracks up in a multitude of earthquakes, and the rocks are sent high in the sky, only to fall down again as burning meteors. Magma may rise up from deep underground chambers, and did I mention the sky is aflame? The global temperature rises 1°C (as if to counter Okami's ability to lower it), but the rain of fire will only last one day. The temperature increase only lasts as long as the burning flames.

Power of Shukaku

Filler season started a few weeks ago on YTV. And if filler is good for only one thing, it is inspiring fan fics! I took note of the earth style jutsu used by the lion ant dude and thought to myself ‘Well, if he can do it, Gaara can do it better!’ Thus, I conceived Churning Desert Jutsu.

Hell, why stop there? Desert Graveyard jutsu: Several holes open up in a 20 meter radius of Gaara, swallowing up anyone who falls in. Just as Sabaku Kyuu is followed by Sabaku Sousou, Desert Graveyard is followed by Mass Sand Burial.

And while I was thinking, I thought to myself, could one perform a substitution jutsu…with a clone? It seems pointless at first, but if you can make sand clones that can survive multiple hits and trap limbs in their bodies…..or sand clones that split into 2 clones everytime you ‘kill’ them to get the hydra head effect……

Collapsing Sand Cave Trap jutsu: Cleverly disguised as a defense, it is actually a trap designed to lure opponents in closer. Once the target in range, the sandstone turns back into sand and falls down, entrapping the opponent immediately.

Ultimate Trap, Head of Shukaku: Works the same way as Collapsing Sand Cave Trap, except the head of Shukaku is used instead of a simple sandstone cave. Also, if the opponent manages to escape the jaws, a powerful gust of wind that will surely kill them is fired when the jaws close.

And I plan for Shukaku to be unleashed near the end, so I’d better give him some powers beyond Fuuton Renkuudan.

Ultimate Dust Devil: Self Explanatory.
Sabaku style Expansion: Shukaku uses the sand in the desert to physically in crease his size and allow for even more stretchyness.
Sabaku style bodily displacement: uses the sand as a wormhole, sticking a limb down causes it to spring up elsewhere.

All I got for now, but there’ll be more soon. I promise.

New Justus for ya!

Earth Style:Liquidfication Justu(makes the ground unstable, making the
opponent lose focus)
Growth Justu(Same as the Super Expansion Justu, but anyone can use it)
Copy cat Justu(your shadow becomes the opponents shadow, the ability to
control the mind, voice, and body)
Wind Style:Sand Typhoon(I don't know what a typhoon is, but it sounds
destructive >:D)
Reverse Justu(A genjustu which makes everything upside down, loses
Seismic Toss Justu(punch enemy up high, teleport in front of him, grab him
with arm length, spin him and throw him to the ground.
GSCGCCP Justu *Note:I got it from a video game*(Ask gaara to make a giant sand
clone, use the Copy Cat Justu to control the sand clone and
punch the ground, making a giant earthquake burial)
P.S.GSCGCCP means Gaara Sand Clone Growth Copy Cat Punch.

I hope this helps you with the awesome magna!

Hate/Lust Mindset


Was checking out a comic today


and thought to myself: Gaara would probably have a hate/lust mindset too.


Gaara: You’re gonna get it now!

Shingo: Oh please no!

Gaara: Sand Castration!

Shingo: GAAAAAAHHH!!!!!!

Gaara: Suffer, fool!



Gaara: Oh, yeah, baby….you are a filthy, filthy girl….you better take a shower, you dirty little skank…..take that top off... oh look, you don’t have a bra…..and there goes your little skirt…….. wow, nice panties…but they look way better when you take them off….

Kankuro: GAARA!!! Are you using the third eye to watch women undress…AGAIN!?!?

And again…