30 Day .hack Challenge

As a good portion of you are already aware, I joined ze Tumbles several months ago and have been enjoying it verily. One major thing about Tumblr that it shares with the rest of the internet is its affinity for memes. However, one of the more productive ones are these "30 Day [ ] Challenge" challenges, wherein the poster ideally writes about the day's given question/topic for a month's amount of time.
I pondered whether there might be one for .hack, but through my searching I found none. Therefore, what else could I do but create my own? And so I did!

What I have now decided is to chronicle my progress via this world. The full list will be supplied on the next page and each day will be a link to the corresponding post on Tumblr. Now that I have completed the challenge, all links are included and up-to-date. I had a lot of fun doing this, so I hope you all gain some sort of enjoyment by reading it.

But be warned, for there will inevitably be spoilers!