Kiki and Peter Pan

Here's the first chapter of Kiki's adventures in the Disney 'verse. Enjoy!


It was late at night when Kiki heard the voices. She figured it was Chrono, but upon realizing that there was more than just one voice, and that they weren't actually speaking to her, she figured they were the voices of many people along different timelines, the same snatches of conversation that she'd heard in Chrono's world, right before he'd shown her the silver tree.
No, that's still not right, she thought fussily. The voices were speaking in hushed tones, and it wasn't many voices speaking, but two. One was familiar to her, the other nostalgic in an odd way, as though it was a combination of characteristics from the voices of people from her past. It was decidedly male, though. It was sweet, seemed to contain a smile, but oh, if only she knew who it belonged to!

She did a quick inventory check of herself; arms and legs were there, functioning, and she was breathing. Okay, so this wasn't watch related. She could sense the watch, just beneath her shirt, ticking comfortingly, constantly away. Her face was against something soft, and it smelled like nothing. No, not nothing, like her; a scent so familiar it didn't register. Her pillow. She was curled up beneath her blanket on her bed. Wait, her bed wasn't this rough. A couch? She couldn't do much more with smell or touch without moving, so she went back to sound.

Okay, breathing. Apart from the voices, there was breathing. She dared not hold her breath to better count the other people in the room by the intake of air into their lungs, but if she listened carefully... Two. Two other people on top of those speaking, and their breathing patterns were both steady and slow. She recognized them both: Taylor's was one, calm and relaxed, so different from his usual demeanour. The other was Andrew's, a bit faster because of his age, bound to slow as he grew up. She could imagine the looks on both their faces, the slight smile that Andrew wore in sleep, as long as he wasn't having a nightmare, and Taylor's face peaceful, finally not scowling down at her.

Kiki, don't think of that! Figure out what's going on! she told herself. Okay, so her brothers were asleep in the same room, two people with interesting voices were speaking quietly, and she was sleeping - er, had been sleeping on a couch with her pillow under her head. She could sense the back of the couch behind her in the way that she always knew things were there in the dark; that is, she somehow felt the matter when in close enough proximity to it. The voices were from behind her, so it was safe to open her eyes and look around. Moving was still not an option, because she didn't want to alert anyone to the fact that she was awake and processing the current situation. It was pitch black.

What had happened? Mocha had been over, right? Yes, she'd dragged her over to cook something for them all. Taylor had admitted that he wouldn't throw up after eating it, which pretty much meant it was delicious. They'd then watched a movie while Andrew inhaled his third, (or was it fourth?) helping of food, and the boys had fallen asleep near the end of the movie. Kiki had opted for sleeping on the couch, and Mocha had decided to do a bit of stargazing from the bench under the window.

So that must be her voice speaking. A soft voice which held the potential to be a clear alto at normal volume, or a high tenor or soprano if she so chose. But right now it was a barely perceptible whisper. Some people, when they whispered, could be quieter yelling. Mocha's whisper made all the noise of a slight breeze through new leaves. If you weren't listening for it, you wouldn't know it was there.

Well, Kiki was listening now.

"Why her, Peter? Why now?"

"I need her watch," the mysterious character at the window murmured.

"Well I can see that," Mocha whispered back, the last word hardly more than her mouth moving to form it. "You're a teenager, Peter."

"There's something wrong at home. Even Hook is acting strangely."

"So the question is, why is time passing in Neverland?" Mocha wondered.


Any desire to be stealthy was gone as Kiki vaulted over the back of the couch and and tackled Mocha out the open window.

"Neverland?!" Kiki shrieked, gripping Mocha's shoulders with fierce strength. Had she misheard? Was Mocha really talking about the Neverland? Well, the girl did technically contain all the stories within her top hat, (or necklace, or earring, or whatever it was she decided to turn it into for the day,) but why would she be speaking to Peter Pan outside? Why would she not know something was wrong, but still remove the character from their story momentarily to chat? Kiki was just about to voice these questions, (which had all taken about a second to form,) when Mocha's hands reached up and slapped over her mouth, preventing more words from escaping.

Kiki was a little shocked and a lot confused. Why wasn't she allowed to say anything? Mocha had been talking about her, after all. Didn't she have a right to give her opinion? Heck, she'd been talking to the stranger about letting him take her away. For how long? Why? What was going on?
Mocha removed one hand and held her index finger over her lips, asking for silence. At this point Kiki was a little angry, as well, so she glared down at the girl, displaying her emotions clearly on her face. She didn't need to, though. She was like an open book to most, and on top of that there was twin telepathy to worry about. The small brunette could tell when she was angry.
Mocha nodded towards the window, where a tall blond boy hovered just to the left of it, staring down at them both. Beyond that, she could just hear her brothers.


That was the sound of Taylor waking up.

Mocha pushed Kiki off hurriedly and jumped into the window, settled in the pillows on the bench and made a shooing motion with her hand at Peter. A bell-like noise sounded from somewhere behind her and Kiki suddenly felt as though someone had knocked her over the head with a pillow and also had the overwhelming urge to sneeze. She turned and saw a tiny woman, arms poised over her head, in the act of putting together another basketball sized blast of pixie dust.

"Tink!" the boy scolded, dusting excess dust off of kiki's shoulders as he helped her up. Upon being called, Tink lost her focus and the giant ball of dust came down on her head, forcing her down a few inches. She shook herself out and glared at Kiki as though it was her fault. The innocent girl simply held up her hands in surrender.

"What's going on?" Kiki finally asked, looking up at the strange boy who could only be Peter Pan. In this light she could see that he was roughly six feet tall, with ashen blond hair, deep green eyes, slightly pointed, fae like features, and a smile as fake as the set of a cheap eighties movie. It wasn't at all what she was expecting. She understood how the stories worked; they were subject to authors' interpretations, and considering how many times the story of Peter Pan had been recreated, she could understand a few differences from the boy in her head. But hadn't the one constant thing in every story, from the very first over a hundred years ago right to the latest one with all the CGI, been the smile? The boy who never grew up was supposed to have a mischievous smile, not... this.

"Uh oh, time to go!" he chirped, floating a few feet off the ground. Kiki glanced around at the voice and came face-to-face with a knee clad in skeleton leaves.

"At least they got that right," she muttered to herself, looking up into the face of the boy who peered down at her from where he hovered in the air. She couldn't imagine why she'd have to go this instant, however...


Oh right, Taylor was awake.

"Kiki, what's going on?" he asked, sounding deceptively young and curious in his half asleep state. Peter wrapped his arms around Kiki's waist and hoisted her into the air, giving her quickly awakening brother a cheerful wave.

Without a care for the girl on the window bench, he leaped at his retreating sister, reached out and barely missed her ankle. He landed on Mocha knees first, waking her up, (as far as he knew).

Kiki thought happy thoughts with all her might, causing her to shoot upwards and away from Peter, who laughed a little and followed her. Taylor looked stricken, and began calling out to his older sister in a tone of voice that almost made Kiki want to go back. Almost. Seeing that that wasn't working, he turned and gripped Mocha by the front of her shirt and shook her.

"For God's sake, do something!" he shouted. She gave a grunt of pain as his knee dug into her gut with more force than before, and shook her head, muttering something to the effect of "five more minutes, mommy."

Kiki turned away, flying higher into the sky, Peter speeding along at her side, flying at a slight angle to direct her where to go. She glanced over her shoulder in time to see Taylor shake Mocha harder and scream "I'm not your freaking mommy, now DO SOMETHING YOU HAT FREAK!" She looked up just in time to miss a goose, and just missed the actions that led to Taylor bellowing "ouch! She bit me!" She snickered, although she did dread what her brother would do to Mocha for not cooperating.

"I think it's time you explained what's going on," Kiki suggested, but Peter was laughing quietly to himself and didn't seem to hear. Momentary confusion clouded her mind and she lost track of her happy thoughts, and plummeted towards the earth. She screamed in panic, and could only think, I'm going to die! A couple walking through the park a few hundred feet below looked around at the noise which seemed to be growing closer. Kiki couldn't do much else but scream. The ground seemed to be coming towards her at the speed of a race car, and she moved her arms to cover her face-

"No, no, can't have you doing that now," a voice said in her ear as a hand clamped over her mouth and an arm caught her around the waist. She folded over the forearm like a limp noodle as she was quickly slowed, g-force making her head nearly bonk her knees. "Mocha would skin me alive if I were to let you get even a scratch."

Floating back upwards, Kiki gasped and forced air back into her winded lungs. Peter wrapped both arms around her waist and flew by himself, carrying her until she could focus again. "Even a scratch?"

"She let me take you with me under two conditions," he informed her, dropping her onto the roof of a skyscraper and putting his fists on his hips in a decidedly Peter Pan way. "One: not a single scratch," he stated in an authoritative tone. He shook his head from side to side slightly with the words and looked down his nose at her, as though that was what Mocha had looked like when she had made the conditions. "Second, have her home by morning."

"Or what?" Kiki couldn't help but inquire.

"Or I'll never tell you another story. I'll never sing the lost boys to sleep. I'll never play doctor when someone has a cold. I'll join Hook." Even the fake smile fell from his face, and he landed on the roof, as though happy thoughts were beyond him.

"Well, that's not that hard. I'll be careful!" Kiki promised.

"Will you really?" Peter asked, looking at her from under his bangs.

"Yep!" She nodded reassuringly. Tink popped up beside her and nodded so enthusiastically she made herself dizzy and toppled backwards. Kiki giggled despite herself.

"Hooray!" Peter cried, scooping Kiki up and spinning her around, soaring up into the air at a dizzying speed. Kiki gave him an awkward pat on the back and broke away from him, and caught him wearing a big cheesy grin.

Now that's more like it! she thought to herself, smiling as well.
"Do you know where to go?" he asked, doing back-flips and pulling his hat down nearly over his ears. Kiki didn't even pretend to think about it.

"Second star to the right and straight on until morning," she replied, then cried, "race you!" She didn't wait for an answer, but instead lost herself in so many happy thoughts that she almost couldn't take a breath. She hoped, somewhere in the back of her mind, that straight on until morning meant Neverland morning, not her own. Otherwise someone would be very upset when she returned home.