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Outfit Redraws: Reigen and Yurio

Like I said, I'm gonna start posting outfit redraws to this world to practice drawing clothes I'm not used to. *-*/ I did these two over the past couple days.

External Image
Original outfit: click
I was gonna draw this outfit on Stefan, but I decided to change it to Reigen from Mob Psycho 100, haha;;; I wanna try to draw more fan art. ;-;7
Tbh this outfit wasn't that hard and is actually similar to something I would come up with;;; BUT it was my first outfit redraw, it's okay that it wasn't challenging. -u-/ I kind of totally defeated the trench coat silhouette with this pose tho, whoops;;;

External Image
Original outfit: click
I thought this outfit would look cool on Yurio from Yuri!!! On Ice. :^) I'm super not used to drawing baggy clothes, tho... it's weird not being able to see any of the body shape underneath loose-fitting clothes, haha;;; The fishnet + sock combo here was fun, too. :^)

Anyway, that's what I've got. YEAH.

Fluffy Outfit

As usual, the titles I give my outfits make no sense.

External Image

I based the skirt off of the skirt in the first picture here, and this jacket made me want to draw a fur jacket. TOO BAD FUR IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME TO DRAW!!! :^);;; I mostly just liked the waist of the skirt in that first link, so I wanted to try to make an outfit with something similar. SO! HERE WE ARE.

Idk what else to say about this... except that I have a habit of always using Lafayette as my model for clothing. "orz I need to make outfits for my other OCs too;;;

Suri Outfit

Just thought I'd post my outfit plan for this drawing to this world. :^0 This is of my friend Hanaayo's character Suri.

I'm kinda sad I didn't get to draw the nail polish in the finished picture, haha;;; Lately I think nail polish is really cute! *-*/ Tho I don't really wear it myself bc it's a bother to take care of;;;


News: New Post Category

YO, I caved and decided to make a new post category: Outfit Redraws! Basically, these posts are for when you draw clothes or outfits you like on your own characters/other characters/etc. I figure drawing existing clothes and outfits is actually good practice, so idk why not include it here. :^) (I just wanna have more stuff to post to this world tbh;;)

Here's the general guidelines for these posts:

Outfit Redraw Posts
*Tag these posts with the tag "redraw"
*In these posts, you draw and post characters in outfits and clothes you've seen in photos or online clothing stores
*You can also use any outfit in this world tagged as "free"
*These posts are meant to help people practice drawing different types of clothes
*Always link back to the original photo/website where you found the outfit (including for redraws of free outfits in this world)
*I would prefer if you do not redraw outfits from artwork (on dA, tumblr, etc) unless you have permission from the original artist to do so

I've been wanting to draw my OCs in clothes/etc I've seen online, so I guess I'll be posting those here when I do so. I intend to work off of outfits from clothing stores and magazines since those are basically free to the public, to my understanding. :^0

As I've always been, I'm kind of wary about posting/drawing outfits from other artists (especially non-theOtaku artists), so make sure you get permission if you want to draw an outfit you've seen made by a different artist.

Even though outfit redraws are good practice, the main purpose of this world is still to post original designs! *-*/ I know I'm still like the only one who posts here, but.... yeah;;;;; OUTFITS.

idk how to end this.
FEEL FREE TO JOIN THIS WORLD N POST W/ ME SO I'M NOT A LONELY BUTT!!! :^D;;; Or ask any questions you may have to the FAQ. YEAH!

Puffy Dress Outfit 2

These titles are always so lame. ANYWAY, here's a dress I drew instead of studying for finals. orz

External Image

I feel like I've done several attempts at this dress on separate instances before I finally got it to look right just now. ;-;7 I wasn't sure about the color palette at first b/c I thought the dark blue would be too close to Lafayette's hair color, but it came out okay in the end I think. -u-/

ANYWAY......... I really should be doing work. LATERZ!