This is Blood Moon Wolf's rants....She rants a lot...If You see cusses disregard them she rants and cusses soooooo basically this is where she lets out all her feelings Trust me its good for her and you guys can help her!:D right now shes got Conceiling for her shiz she does...and her parents do.Shes stopped cutting but shes almost resorted to cutting again....D:


thats her!

Enter at your wishes to hear this broken girl's cries...

info on Amber:

She likes screams in music
she happens to be obsessed with mostly an
she has the weirdest things to say at awkward moments
she is popular in weird ways
shes know to be a B**ch
shes well known as girl next door basically
shes learning how to screamo scream
shes learning how to scream lyrics
shes trying to get rid of all her pain by music
she misses her parents
she feels alone and sad
she hates chocolate
she loves the shows House,Fringe,NCIS and Two and a half men
shes called a hippie
shes called a emo b**ch
she would love to be a forensic scientist when shes older
she wants to be a Screamo band singer
she loves to play video games
shes always found on a conputer

Scene hair = Messy XD

Okay My hair was that dull straight brown color now its scene and I ain't scene I like scene style and emo and goth style.I hope you guys understand labels are bad...I hate those labels always soooo different from the real people.I know I haven't updated here thats because I haven't had much rantz up to rant about Hahaha :D be thankful really because you don't have to read this big thing about my thoughts if you want more thoughts of mine just PM me I'll start putting my thoughts out and we'll click together friendz? XD

~Rayna Bear

I hate when people....

I hate when people say they'll be on at such and such time then just fudge off forgeting about it!God I've been soooooo mad because of that I mean I was on my lap top till I had to go which means someone told me they would be on but they weren't soooo I'm pretty mad about it...I'm mad I'm supposed to be learning a mean leason buuuut no I'm not because haha I'm not niiiiiiice oh well DX

First Rant D: DX

DX My First Rant D: thats nice huh?Already need a rant space D:

Okay first of all EASTER SUCKS!Fuck Easter who needs it?I HATE IT!I have to go without my fucking Music...D: I'm going to go insane!!Gahhh!and to add to that I have a annoying ass brother watching me type this DX Iggy Should beat the shit outta him. Well I guess I'm just maaaad!!!!!!!!!D: its normal for me...I'm always pissed.............................DX Also Josh M. Won't leave me the hell alone at school my rants and cussing has gotten violenter and plus right after I eat Easter dinner I'm going to the bedroom's Computer for my own good :D yay! I hope that I will be on more today than just now because I don't want to talk to a old woman....D: I have enough problems D: DX Soooo I don't need her in my hair Hell I might not even fucking eat.....I need Music and If I don't get music Better hope theres a CD near me!!!
AGH!!!I might more my computer into my room....DX thats baaaaad....I need a bigger room away from A FUCKING DUMB BROTHER!!


~Rayna Beaaar