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Tagged by kita mikichi
Doing this super quick

Stay in Character Meme
Choose a character; Stay in character
Answer these questions

This is also a sort of update on how my characters have evolved. I want to do more with them but it will be a long time before I get a chance to.

Character: Alaxastar (Old/Story Completed)
Age: Ancient
Series: Kingdom Hearts + Personal OC Story

1. Interviewer: Have any siblings? (half siblings and stepsiblings count)
Not really. They're clones of me that call themselves my brothers, but they're not really siblings.
I don't have a mother or father either.

2. Interviewer: How many members do you know are in your family tree?
Just me, my wife, and my 2 kids.

3. Interviewer: What is your favorite game?
Football. Reminds me of war.

4. Interviewer: How is your love life?
My wife and I haven't fought in years, so I guess that's good.

5. Interviewer: Do you have any royal blood?
I am royalty, in a way.

6. Interviewer: If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would you meet?
One of the Keyblade masters from ages ago. I'm sure they're wise and powerful.

7. Interviewer: What is your favorite movie?
"Fight Club"
You didn't know it, but I was in it. *wink*

8. Interviewer: Have any secrets?
So many...and they're locked away in my castle...filled with tons of death traps...

9. Interviewer: Creepiest experience?

Time travel...Man, that is some weird stuff.

10. Interviewer: Who is the most annoying person you have ever met?
My ancient "brother" Zex.

11. Interviewer: Do you go on social media?
Every now and again...I'm here ain't I?

12. Interviewer: If you're in a relationship who kissed who first :3? (If you haven't kissed that's ok)
She got me once when I was sleeping...cheeky woman.

13. Interviewer: Anyone you have or had a crush on?
Joan of Arc was a really pretty girl.

14. Interviewer: What's the most embarrassing thing you've done?
I don't know what happened the night before, but I woke up in my own dungeon bound to a sleeping dragon...I don't even own a dragon!

15. Interviewer: Are you married?
Yep. Been what, 200-and-some-change years?

16. Interviewer: What's your favorite place to be with your partner/friend?
The islands in the realm of light.

17. Interviewer: Who's the person you hate the most?
In order...Zex, Sora, Jinosuke, and anyone else that has come after my master!

18. Interviewer: What's your favorite food?
Italian food from the 1970's...

19. Interviewer: What's your favorite weapon?
While I do love my own gauntlets and my keyblade, I do like Sharax's eyes.

20. Interviewer: What's your favorite prank to pull?
Putting red hot chilli peppers in food that's not supposed to be spicy.
(I did that on my first date--surprised I got a second)

21. Interviewer: Who's your favorite among your team?
I do admire Kenszhin Senkuya and K.O, aside from my master.

22. Interviewer: Is anyone like a rival to you?
Kenszhin is a surprisingly good fighter for not having origins like mine.

23. Interviewer: Favorite celebrity?
There is this one alien jazz band--they are highly underrated for only playing in a bar.

24. Interviewer: Got in any fights?
Fought in every war that's ever been fought.

25. Interviewer: Anything to say to anyone reading this?
Yeah, I've been really busy lately so we've got some catching up to do.

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