It Happened; How Do I Come Back?

So I was feeling really nostalgic over the weekend and I decided to check up on the anime that for some reason beckons me as the winter approaches.

Spice & Wolf.

For my usual repertoire of action and comedy anime, one typically wouldn't expect "Spice & Wolf" to be on my list of fandoms, but I am incredibly enamored with "Spice & Wolf." Both the anime and the light novels (of which I have read 2) capture the essence of an astounding fantasy medieval setting that is incredibly original with its cast of characters and my gosh, the dialogue is beyond amazing!

Brina Palencia hands-down steals the show with her voice as Holo, and she does this throughout the entire anime, which is no easy feat for an anime so heavy with dialogue.

Anyways, I consider myself a fan of "Spice & Wolf," and I remember one time I was browsing YouTube and in the winter there's this option to click a little snowflake icon and it makes snowflakes appear on the screen, and when I was in the mood to hear "Perfect World" in the middle of winter, it was magical to say the least.
That memory will always accompany me in my thoughts of "Spice & Wolf."

But I'll be honest, after barely finishing the second light novel and not knowing what the hell happened to it, and constantly bitching and moaning about not having a season 3 I sort of lost track of what happened to it.

I'd go to bookstores and see the manga version of it and occasionally I'll think about getting the light novel volume 3, but being super frugal made me against paying $12.00 for just one manga volume. I'd be really childish and request one of them as a Christmas present, but when the time comes I'm really apathetic about it, so I dropped off the "Spice & Wolf" train and put it in the back of my mind, hoping to pick it up later "when I have more time."

Yeah, spoiler alert, the older you get, the LESS time (and motivation) you have for personal shit.


I saw this comment on a YouTube video of a clip from the anime and it had THIS in it.

I jumped when I saw this (I totally flipped my fucking shit) , not only because there is still "Spice & Wolf" content being released in the year 2017, long after the anime sadly died but I wanted Holo and Lawrence to get married at the end of Season 2

And to see this made me flop with an intense desire to get back into this series.
While I do have some books that I am trying to finish, I swear if I could get the light novels or manga volumes, I would catch up to this in a heartbeat.

I'm usually not a romance story kind of person, but "Spice & Wolf" is so creative, and one thing I appreciate about any anime is if the effort and care is put into its presentation, then I will feel that, and that is what I feel every time I hear Brina Palencia's voice or the mellow or dramatic scores from the anime, or even the artwork of the manga volumes.

One thing that I do want to ponder is what to read.
Should I read the light novels or the manga?
Usually I'll be directed to whatever is cheaper (because I like my money) but I did watch that Mother's Basement video about the manga/light novel contrast.
While I did forget the details of what was in that video, I will totally consider this content (even though it is kinda spoiler-heavy) when I crack open my wallet and try to catch up on that "Spice & Wolf" greatness that I missed.

Here's the Mother's Basement video if you ever feel like getting into "Spice & Wolf" for the people who haven't had a chance to witness the amazing anime or light novels OR if you're like me and have dropped off of the information line.

That's my piece for today and this concludes my Feat of Fandom.