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a Place for me to share my arts whom I can't publish / for personal matters :)



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PS Action 06: Vocaloid HATSUNE


this action is spesial for Miku Hatsune, since I love her so much.. I love vocaloid, and I hope you like this ^^
please credit me if you use it, thanks <333

PS Action 05 : Colorful


this action makes your picture become colorful, depend on the picture, this action can also change the color of the original. it's my favorite action so far, hope you like it :)
please credit me when you use it, thanks <33

PSD 01


this PSD work best on picture with "Earth color" such as green, brown, yellow, orange, red, etc..
this can be used on cartoon/anime/manga picture/scan too..

the example of anime scan with this PSD

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PS Action 04 : Sakura Blossom


there are 2 ways to use this action, first is "Sakura" action, which is applied on the left picture.. the second one is "Sakura Blossom" which is applied on the right picture.
When you want to use sakura blossom action, just play the sakura action, and then play the blossom action.. there you will have the complete "Sakura blossom" action. You can play with the adjusment color so that it can fit with what you want :)
This action work best on sakura tree picture/scan with pink color.. however don't limit yourself to this.. I hope this action can help you with ur creative art
please credit me when you use this, thank you <333

PS Action 03 : Winter-Wetty

this action is for winter moment, it works best on picture with rain/water drop theme :)
please credit me when you use it, thanks <33