Johnny, I Want My Liver Back

Anyone else know a good scary story?
Copy and pasted:

There was a boy called Johnny. He loved to eat chocolate and candies and sweets, and he was getting quite fat from it. His mother had decided to ban him from eating sweets because she was worried. This made Johnny very upset. A few weeks passed and he got more and more miserable. One day, Johnny's mother gave him some money to go buy a sheep's liver for dinner. He went on his way, but on his way to the butchers he passed a candy store. Unable to resist, he went in, spent all the money, and gorged himself on sugar. Outside, he realised he now couldn't buy the liver. Freaking out, he looked around. There was an ambulance near buy collecting a man from an accident. Johnny, being a very naughty boy, and very afraid of his mother's reaction, ran to the ambulance, saw the man - who was already dead - and pulled out his liver. (don't ask me how, this is just how the story goes, lol. You can elaborate on this to make it more scary i.e. he cut open the man or whatevs.)

He wrapped it up and ran home, presenting it to his mother. She cooked it without a word, and that evening, they ate it. Johnny said he felt sick, and left the table. Going to bed early to avoid questions, he sunk into a deep sleep.

In the middle the night, there was a CRACK. Johnny sat straight up. He could hear a voice downstairs.

"Johnny. . ."

"Johnny..... where are you."

Johnny clapped a hand over his mouth to keep from screaming. The voice got closer.

"JOHNNY. I'm on the first step."

"I want my liver back."

Terrified, Johnny hid under the sheets.

"Johnnnnny. I'm on the second step. I WANT MY LIVER BACK."

(etc etc etc, till he gets to Johnny's room, and then it ends with "Johnny, I'm right here."