Tales Of Series English Localization Petition

Okay. So apparently after Symphonia 2 didn't sell as well as previous Tales games in America, Namco got their feeling hurt and now they think translating games for us is a waste of resources. Now, I may have no idea what I am talking about, but the fact still stands that they haven't brought a Tales to America in 2 years.

What I want to know is if a petition were to be drawn up, who would sign it? How many? It would be proving that there is still a hefty demand for their merchandise in the States, maybe throwing in points like increased marketing for the US if they feel they're not selling enough. Advertising is essential for the success of any product, anywhere and we are getting none. Tales of Vesperia for Xbox only (and I use the term loosely) sold 33,000 copies in the first 4 day in America because we had NO advertising for it. The only people that know when new games exist are the ones with the time and resources to stalk the Namco sites. To the rest of the world its "A new Japanese video game! Play it......... why aren't you playing it?" Altogether, Vesperia 360 has reportedly sold 251,449 copies, so far, in english. And they are still refusing to give us the PS3 Additional content version of this game or even The First Strike movie. (Or The Empty Mask mangas, Raven's canon backstory. Sidenote: if anyone knows Japanese and would be willing to translate those for me I would be extrememly happy.) Some Americans have imported the PS3 Vesperia, but the majority of them have no idea what anyone is saying when they play them. I own the 360 and I know I would buy the PS3 if it were translated. Thousands would. We are Americans! No matter how much money we do or don't have we are always willing to spend it. Sad for us, but good for them, and if it makes us happy, they should take advantage of that. We are talking Graces, World, Xillia, Hearts, everything since Symphonia 2. Our companies are willing, Our voice actors are actually asking for it, and the fans have been waiting for years. We need to make them realize that this would be just as good for them, if not waaaayyyy better, as it would be for us.

So, any extra points? Who would sign such a petition? Any better, more active means to this goal? Would anyone be opposed to a mention of multiplayer preference for future games? etc...

Here is a thread dedicated to the same: http://www.ps3trophies.org/forum/tales-vesperia/86786-tales-battle-localization-continues.html