Welcome to the world of Atalia. A place where all your fantasies, can become reality. Where dreams, can come to life...

But Atalia is in danger, and it needs a new generation of warriors to protect it, while it waits for it's saviours, the Princess of Life and the Princess of Death. When these two princesses work together, Atalia can be saved. But they've been sealed away, and need to be freed. Atalia needs a hero. Are you the one who will help save the world?

This is a roleplay world, where you can be anything you want to be. Nothing is too strange, or too weird. So, what do you say? Will you help me in my journey to save Atalia? You'll be faced with many challenges and dangers on your journey. And many people will try to stop you. Do you still think you have what it takes? Please PM me if you'd like to join. If we've already started posing, and you don't know how to include your OC in the story, just have them meet us on our travels. Everyone can start off with two main characters, and a bad guy for free. Adding any others will cost points.

Story Thus far

inufluffy12 - Lilith/ Kira
uzumaki859 - Sahiro Usagi
XxXWinXGirlXxX - Emiko
xdaisyx - Daisy
kyouyarenge - Zoey
YamiHita - Yuki and Kallik
Naruto Uzamaki12 - Ryou Misaki and Vladimir
HalwayVamped - Chase Aurelius, Adalia and Miwako Rin-Shay
Artgrrl - Hanna Avalon and Dusk
kaito1864 - Kaito
Kratos Cruxis - Oric Calter and Lyn Nia
greenLeAf863 - Xexilia
SaintMarkusAngel - Ashido and Knightly Crow
clueless101 - Haru Keiji
WhiteBloodVampire - Arato
littlepooch - Kei
animelover7310 - Alice and September
Hulaberry32 - Ayre
sunachick - Lola and Artemis

inufluffy12 - Nariku
SaintMarkusAngel - Scholar Trinity Rose
YamiHita - Koji
clueless101 - Natsu Kin
Artgrrl - Desdemona and Noboru
HalfwayVamped - Xenosa
greenLeAf - Calypso

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inufluffy12 - ><
uzumaki859 - 380
XxXWinXGirlXxX - 400
xdaisyx - 100
kyouyarenge - 240
YamiHita- 420
Naruto Uzamaki12 - 260
HalfwayVamped - 180
Arrtgrrl - 1160
kaito1864 - 100
Kratos Cruxis - 300
greenLeAf863 - 820
SaintMarkusAngel - 340
clueless101 - 280
WhiteBloodVampire - 100
littlepooch - 160
animelover7310 - 220
Hulaberry32 - 100
sunachick - 100

The prince is an NPC, anyone can control him

Joining the Quest

*Ayre* "I am not wearing this," I stated flatly, looking at the outfit my friend had shoved me into. The plaid miniskirt was exactly that, mini. I was beginning to wonder if Sapphire had gotten this from her little sister. T...

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Hulaberry32's OC-Ayre

Name: Ayre

Age: 16

Birthday: December 23

Gender: Female

Species: Angel (her wings are hidden but she can extend them at any time)

Hair Colour: Midnight black

Hair Length and Style: Elbow-length, with long side bangs parted to the right, held back with a pink hair clip

Eye Colour: Bright pink

Skin Colour: Fair skinned, almost pale

Personality: Quiet, calculating, smart, loyal, unmerciful to enemies, cold

Likes: Order, silence, plaid

Dislikes: Stupid people, savages

Clothes: Pink and black plaid skirt, off the shoulder black shirt that is somewhat ripped in places with a pink tank-top underneath, black sneakers with pink thigh high socks

Background: Ayre was born into a rich family, but ran away when she was five because she did not like their style of living. She self-taught herself and worked in the library for money. People were mean to her because of her style of living, and for this she is very cold towards others and trusts no one.

Anything else: Ayre is a great archer, and she is a very graceful fighter, preferring a 'one hit, one kill' fighting method.

Grumbles are not Words

"Cal you have a sister?" Xenosa asked dumbfounded.

"Yes I do, and she is right in front of us."

Xenosa looked evily at her partner. She was tensed up and ready for battle. So was the other girl. Elves. They were elves dammit. Pointy eared weirdos!

Right as Calypso was about to strike Xexilia, she froze. Xenosa looked over at her and saw a bright silver needle sticking out of her neck. Xenosa felt a prick and realized she had one too. Someone had paralyzed them; neither could move.

The little funny-haired tan boy walked over to Calypso and snatched away the broch. "No more fighting please ladies."

So he was an Incubus, he must've used his damn poisen against us!

"You seem to have rallied up a little trouble. We don't want any trouble here, so move along if you please. Xexilia, is that really your sister?" Chase asked his friend.

"Yes. I think so. I think it really is...Calypso."

"I never thought I'd meet her," Hana whispered.

"Obviously they're Vespers," Adalia said, "We should kill them! They deserve to die!"

"You do know ladies, you are able to talk," Chase said. It was true, his poisen didn't affect anything from the neck up.

"Let us go you nasty creature!" Xenosa spat at him.

"Nope, I probably won't, not if your a threat,"

"And you! You talk trash on us when you yourself have the stiches of a vesper! Traitor!" Xenosa yelled.

"These!?" Adalia's voice became high pitched with anger, "These are nothing more then a pretty little present I was given for just being a good friend. I was never one of you sickening people. Your leaders gave these to me as torture! TORTURE! And look at me now! Queen of hell, your own personel place of torture! I never wanted anything to do with you, but I swear I'll make you miserable! I'll kill you, I kill you!" at this point, Chase had to hold her back. She was ready to attack the girls at any second. Her anger and hatred of her past never died down after all these years. If anything it got stronger.

"Xexilia, Hana, what should we do with them?" Chase asked over Adalia's rage.

too much??

Two Host Clubs?!~Gem

Do you like Ouran High School Host Club?

Ever wanted to be a host or hostess?

Well, if so, then it's a good thing you're reading this!


You: What?! A hostess club?! And the host club is recruiting?!

Me: Why, yes! You see, a rival hostess club has been started so the host club felt the need to recruit more young men!

You: But..am I missing something else?

Me: Oh yeah! Also, the chairman has announced that clubs and sports are becoming a major part of Ouran Academy, so a contest has been announced! The club or sport or activity within Ouran Academy that does the best this year will receive a new room (the best in the school, I might add)!

You:.....that's it?

Me: Nay, good friend! The grand and most treasured prize is a mysterious box that holds. . .well...a mystery XD

You: How is the winner decided?

Me: The winner is decided on the point system built up by the Hosts and Hostesses and their guests!(see point System)


Here's a LINK! Please visit us^-^

Your OC can either be a host or hostess, or a guest^-^

Please stop by any time^_________________________^

thanks to inu-chan for allowing me to advertise!^_______________________^

PS- The world was created by HalfwayVamped and I on our joint account called macaroni4hobos

Not Great Pt2~Cal&Xex


I sat up on my bed, unable to sleep.

Looking out the window, I thought it'd be a nice time for a walk.

As I got up, Xenosa's voice said, "Can't sleep either?"

"Nope, so I'm going out for a little," I told her with a wave as I made my way towards the door.

I heard her get up too and follow me.

i sighed but said nothing as I walked out the door with Xen on my heels.

We walked in silence but then I heard voices approaching and signalled for Xen to keep quiet.

Xen then pulled me against the wall, probably because there were shadows.

"Oh," said a male voice, "I think I should mention something. A girl walked into our room earlier."

So it was the kid from earlier?

"And...?" asked a familiar female voice.

"no, you see, she had-"

I decided to interrupt at this point, of course.

"Hello there, you three," I called to them as I stepped out.

I heard hair flip and concluded one of the girls had whipped her head around towards me.

"You!" the boy and one girl both cried at once, "You know them?"

"They came into our room earlier. They're vespers," said the boy.

"Right, you are, boy" said Xenosa.

"You're very knowledgable, aren't you?" I asked with a grin.

"I know of vespers," he replied, warily.

I snickered a little and walked forward towards the girl who had somehow recognized me.

"Do I know you, girl?" I asked as I reached out with a hand to touch her face.

She avoided my touch and struck out at my blindfold, but I moved back slightly and reached out with my other hand.

Only for a moment, I felt her soft skin but then she broke free.

As she moved her head, my hand grazed her pointed ear.

"You're an Elf, sweetie?" I asked with a grin and pointed to my own pointed ears.

She snarled, "What's it to you?"

The girl reached for my blindfold again but I dodged and instead snatched a brooch from her shirt.

"Give that back!" she growled and whipped two swords from her belt.

I shook my head, "One: It's not your's, now is it? Two: If you wish to fight, a hallway isn't well suited."

With that, I tightened my grip on the brooch and ran down the hallway towards a window.

The girl was right on my heels and Xenosa behind her as I leapt through the open window.

I landed lightly on my feet and turned around to face my opponent as she landed near me.

I heard Xen land as well, and the other two.

Grinning, I commented, "My, how you've grown, dear Xexilia."

She shifted her weapons and hissed, "How do you know me? And give me that back!"

I shook my head and fastened the brooch on my shirt, "If you really wish to steal back what is mine, then fight me."

"What?!" Xexilia asked and I pictured the dumb-founded expression on her face.

The other girl gasped and whispered, "Xexilia, is that your-"

"Sister? Yep!" I finished for her and grinned.



Artgrrl and HV, did I get ur OCs right? And you guys can continue in anyway you want...have them fight or not idk XD