Welcome to the world of Atalia. A place where all your fantasies, can become reality. Where dreams, can come to life...

But Atalia is in danger, and it needs a new generation of warriors to protect it, while it waits for it's saviours, the Princess of Life and the Princess of Death. When these two princesses work together, Atalia can be saved. But they've been sealed away, and need to be freed. Atalia needs a hero. Are you the one who will help save the world?

This is a roleplay world, where you can be anything you want to be. Nothing is too strange, or too weird. So, what do you say? Will you help me in my journey to save Atalia? You'll be faced with many challenges and dangers on your journey. And many people will try to stop you. Do you still think you have what it takes? Please PM me if you'd like to join. If we've already started posing, and you don't know how to include your OC in the story, just have them meet us on our travels. Everyone can start off with two main characters, and a bad guy for free. Adding any others will cost points.

Story Thus far

inufluffy12 - Lilith/ Kira
uzumaki859 - Sahiro Usagi
XxXWinXGirlXxX - Emiko
xdaisyx - Daisy
kyouyarenge - Zoey
YamiHita - Yuki and Kallik
Naruto Uzamaki12 - Ryou Misaki and Vladimir
HalwayVamped - Chase Aurelius, Adalia and Miwako Rin-Shay
Artgrrl - Hanna Avalon and Dusk
kaito1864 - Kaito
Kratos Cruxis - Oric Calter and Lyn Nia
greenLeAf863 - Xexilia
SaintMarkusAngel - Ashido and Knightly Crow
clueless101 - Haru Keiji
WhiteBloodVampire - Arato
littlepooch - Kei
animelover7310 - Alice and September
Hulaberry32 - Ayre
sunachick - Lola and Artemis

inufluffy12 - Nariku
SaintMarkusAngel - Scholar Trinity Rose
YamiHita - Koji
clueless101 - Natsu Kin
Artgrrl - Desdemona and Noboru
HalfwayVamped - Xenosa
greenLeAf - Calypso

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HalfwayVamped - 180
Arrtgrrl - 1160
kaito1864 - 100
Kratos Cruxis - 300
greenLeAf863 - 820
SaintMarkusAngel - 340
clueless101 - 280
WhiteBloodVampire - 100
littlepooch - 160
animelover7310 - 220
Hulaberry32 - 100
sunachick - 100

The prince is an NPC, anyone can control him



I heard a knock on my door, but decided to ignore it. Tonight wasn’t the night I wanted to see anyone. “Lilith!” the person on the other side of the door called out.

“Oh no,” my face visibly paled. I knew that voice. But, it couldn’t be her, could it?

“LILITH! I am so not in the mood for this! So answer the bloody door!” she screamed.

I quickly jumped off the bed and quickly opened the door to reveal my older sister Miria standing there with her six year old daughter Loral. Miria normally looked around 18 years old, like virgin fairies did on nights of the full moon. Though since Miria had had a child, she looked like that permanently. Our mother, who had only given birth to us two, looked around 25. Miria looked exactly like me, but with purple hair and wings.

“What do you want?” I walked back over to the bed and sat down, crossing my legs.

She walked into the room, holding her daughter’s hand. “You know why I’m here.”

“The Kenai?” I asked.

“The Kenai,” she nodded.

Loral looked between us confused, “Mommy, what’s a Kenai?”

“It’s nothing sweetie,” she smiled at the little fairy. “So, what are you planning to do about it?” she looked back up at me, all emotion gone from her face.

I took a deep breath. “Micheal has gathered a group. We’re going to wake up Athena and Artemis,” I explained.

She nodded, “I understand.” She turned to walk out of the room. “Just try not to die, because I’m not going to start where you left off,” she turned back, and then slammed the door.

“I know. Believe me, I know.”

Not Great~Cal&Xex


"Are you sure you're alright?" asked Hanna.

I grinned. It's strange. This concern she had for someone like myself. An elf that swore and was a little cruel at times. strange indeed.

"Yeah," I answered, "I just need a walk."

When I rose to my feet, and she said, "I'll come, too."

I was about to tell her to stay when she said, "I insist."

I smiled at her and said, "Very well."

Before I opened the door, with Hanna at my heels, I fastened my belt with the two swords around my waist.

Hanna gave me a look and I shrugged, "I feel I should bring them."

When I opened the door, I saw Chase in the corridor as well.

I smirked and joked, "Thought the night was when incubuses 'played around,' Chase?"

He smiled a little and replied, "I can't seem to sleep."

I moved so he could see Hanna behind me, "Care to join us on a walk?"

"Sure," he said with a grin.

We certainly looked odd walking down the hall. An incubus, an Elf, and a wich-ninja.

"Oh," said Chase, turning to me, "I think I should mention something. A girl walked into our room earlier."

"And...?" I asked with a smile.

"no, you see, she had-"

"Hello there, you three," came a soft voice that I recognized from my dream.

I whipped my head forward to see we had encountered two girls. One had thin, wispy auburn hair and stitches running from her eyes to he rmouth. The other had a blindfold and stitched lips.

"You!" Chase and I said at the same time and then looked at each other, "You know them?"

He nodded, "They came into our room earlier. They're vespers."

"Right, you are, boy" said the one with auburn hair.

This would not end well.



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