Welcome to the world of Atalia. A place where all your fantasies, can become reality. Where dreams, can come to life...

But Atalia is in danger, and it needs a new generation of warriors to protect it, while it waits for it's saviours, the Princess of Life and the Princess of Death. When these two princesses work together, Atalia can be saved. But they've been sealed away, and need to be freed. Atalia needs a hero. Are you the one who will help save the world?

This is a roleplay world, where you can be anything you want to be. Nothing is too strange, or too weird. So, what do you say? Will you help me in my journey to save Atalia? You'll be faced with many challenges and dangers on your journey. And many people will try to stop you. Do you still think you have what it takes? Please PM me if you'd like to join. If we've already started posing, and you don't know how to include your OC in the story, just have them meet us on our travels. Everyone can start off with two main characters, and a bad guy for free. Adding any others will cost points.

Story Thus far

inufluffy12 - Lilith/ Kira
uzumaki859 - Sahiro Usagi
XxXWinXGirlXxX - Emiko
xdaisyx - Daisy
kyouyarenge - Zoey
YamiHita - Yuki and Kallik
Naruto Uzamaki12 - Ryou Misaki and Vladimir
HalwayVamped - Chase Aurelius, Adalia and Miwako Rin-Shay
Artgrrl - Hanna Avalon and Dusk
kaito1864 - Kaito
Kratos Cruxis - Oric Calter and Lyn Nia
greenLeAf863 - Xexilia
SaintMarkusAngel - Ashido and Knightly Crow
clueless101 - Haru Keiji
WhiteBloodVampire - Arato
littlepooch - Kei
animelover7310 - Alice and September
Hulaberry32 - Ayre
sunachick - Lola and Artemis

inufluffy12 - Nariku
SaintMarkusAngel - Scholar Trinity Rose
YamiHita - Koji
clueless101 - Natsu Kin
Artgrrl - Desdemona and Noboru
HalfwayVamped - Xenosa
greenLeAf - Calypso

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Congrats to Gem for winning XD

inufluffy12 - ><
uzumaki859 - 380
XxXWinXGirlXxX - 400
xdaisyx - 100
kyouyarenge - 240
YamiHita- 420
Naruto Uzamaki12 - 260
HalfwayVamped - 180
Arrtgrrl - 1160
kaito1864 - 100
Kratos Cruxis - 300
greenLeAf863 - 820
SaintMarkusAngel - 340
clueless101 - 280
WhiteBloodVampire - 100
littlepooch - 160
animelover7310 - 220
Hulaberry32 - 100
sunachick - 100

The prince is an NPC, anyone can control him


Obviously i have issue with the links and stuff so Ill post 3 separate posts.... Im not sure if i posted Xex on here already but oh well>< ...

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somethings wrong here

I leaned back revealed that it was starting to get light. It wasn't very light, but morning was here. Suddenly I noticed that something felt evil in the forest. I walked over to the others, "we have to get out of here." I announced. Carefully I picked up Yuki, helping to support his wait. I hoped Zoey would get out to, but I didn't know if she had control now or not. I had surrounded the clearing in a thick sheet if ice to hide her presence and keep what ever I felt out. I was more worried about Yuki in the end of it all, his shoulder was bleeding fiercely, and he didn't seem very strong in my arms. I relaxed when I saw to hotel we were staying at. I gently sat Yuki down by the wall. Freezing the blood coming from his wounds I found it reassuring that I had seen him in much weirs condition. Leaving Yuki I went back to the forest to get Zoey.
Anyone who wants to can find Yuki can. Kallik shouldn't take to long, but Yuki needs to be found.

Nightmares and Encounters

I can't sleep so I'll post ~Hanna~ I felt bad for Xexilia. Her twin sisters is missing and could have been killed by the Kenai just like Midori. I wonder what to say to comfort her but I was too tired to come up with anything helpful...

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Sleep and Wake~Xexilia&Calypso


They sat there and digested my badly-told tale.

"Alright," I said, stretching my arms above my head, "Let's hit the hay, people!"

As, I spun around and slipped under the off-white sheets, I looked at Dusk and told him with a sneer, "Oh, and I wouldn't transform into my human form again, if I were you, Dusk."

"Stupid elf," growled the daemon as he curled up on Hanna's bed.

Hanna smiled and got beneath her own covers, "Goodnight."

I nodded to her and blew out the candles beside me.


That night, I dreamt of my sister. She looked like she had when we were much younger.

I saw her running in the woods again, and laughing.

Looking down, I realized that I, too, was a younger version of myself.

Calypso called my name and I looked up to see her running again, waiting for me to chase her.

I gave a smile and ran after her, yelling her name.

Then I could see a darkness in the woods ahead.

"Calypso! The darkness!" I screamed to her, trying to get her attention and turn her away from the ugly dark that she didn't seem to notice.

She finally stopped running and turned towards me with a smile as the darkness swallowed her.


Then it was light again and a woman with dark black, blue, and purple hair and a blindfold stood before me.

"Who you looking for, girl?" she sneered through swen lips.


"Xexilia! Wake up!" a voice called me back to the world.

Cursing under my breath, I sat up and rubbed my eyes, "What is it?"

Hanna looked at me with concerned eyes, "You were screaming. Are you alright?"

I nodded and answered, "Yeah, just peachy."



did i get Hanna and Dusk right?

Who were they

~Haru~ I kept walking but I slowed down to a stop when I saw a man walking up to me. “Excuse me my dear fellow. You look exhausted why don’t you come inside our caravan and rest.” He offered. “We insist...

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