Welcome to the world of Atalia. A place where all your fantasies, can become reality. Where dreams, can come to life...

But Atalia is in danger, and it needs a new generation of warriors to protect it, while it waits for it's saviours, the Princess of Life and the Princess of Death. When these two princesses work together, Atalia can be saved. But they've been sealed away, and need to be freed. Atalia needs a hero. Are you the one who will help save the world?

This is a roleplay world, where you can be anything you want to be. Nothing is too strange, or too weird. So, what do you say? Will you help me in my journey to save Atalia? You'll be faced with many challenges and dangers on your journey. And many people will try to stop you. Do you still think you have what it takes? Please PM me if you'd like to join. If we've already started posing, and you don't know how to include your OC in the story, just have them meet us on our travels. Everyone can start off with two main characters, and a bad guy for free. Adding any others will cost points.

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inufluffy12 - Lilith/ Kira
uzumaki859 - Sahiro Usagi
XxXWinXGirlXxX - Emiko
xdaisyx - Daisy
kyouyarenge - Zoey
YamiHita - Yuki and Kallik
Naruto Uzamaki12 - Ryou Misaki and Vladimir
HalwayVamped - Chase Aurelius, Adalia and Miwako Rin-Shay
Artgrrl - Hanna Avalon and Dusk
kaito1864 - Kaito
Kratos Cruxis - Oric Calter and Lyn Nia
greenLeAf863 - Xexilia
SaintMarkusAngel - Ashido and Knightly Crow
clueless101 - Haru Keiji
WhiteBloodVampire - Arato
littlepooch - Kei
animelover7310 - Alice and September
Hulaberry32 - Ayre
sunachick - Lola and Artemis

inufluffy12 - Nariku
SaintMarkusAngel - Scholar Trinity Rose
YamiHita - Koji
clueless101 - Natsu Kin
Artgrrl - Desdemona and Noboru
HalfwayVamped - Xenosa
greenLeAf - Calypso

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The prince is an NPC, anyone can control him

the title is too tired to think straight


I smelt the Kenai before we reached our destination.

“Stop the caravan,” I said to the warlock.

“Are we already there eh?” He stood up and walked over to the front of the caravan and looked through the small window. “You servant stop right here.”

The caravan halt, I took Moppet in my arms and walked out of the gypsie house and saw several Kenai had surrounded us.

“Ew they’re ugly!” Moppet said in my arms. “They’ll make horrible puppets and they’re souls not worth it. Just kill them.”

“No,” Faust said climbing out of the caravan and stood beside me. “If we kill them Nariku will be angry with us and that could ruin the plan.”

“Did someone say my name?”

I looked up at a female Kenai flying over head and landed several paces away from us. They was only one female in the Kenai race so this must be their queen and she looks ugly. I don’t want her as my new puppet.

“Ah I was right,” Said the Kenai queen Nariku looking at Faust. “You’re the banished witch from Ceilteach.” She holds up a sheet of paper that was Faust’s is Wanted poster.

Faust frowned at his photograph, “They didn’t get my good side.”

“So why are you two in my territory?” Nariku asked us. She had a slight smirk on her face so she must have known why we came to her.

“We would like to join you in you’re goals if that is alright with you my queen.” Faust said playing in his gentleman fecade. I rolled my eyes at him and Moppet made a quite gagging sound.

“I see…” Her gazed turn to look at me and she raised a mocking eye brow. “So is this little witch your accomplice or your child?”

“Accomplice,” I hissed.

“His child?! Are you f-mph!” Moppet’s out burst were stopped by me as I covered her mouth.

“This is Desdemona…” Faust said glaring side ways at me. “I’m sure you’ve heard of her.”

“Hmm…ah yes. The young Doll Maker. I think I heard that she was released from imprisonment a while ago.”

“Yes my queen. We both have a common enemy. The entire witch race and I believe one of your favorite food sources.”

Nariku smirked. “That’s true I wouldn’t mind more comrades.”

A few moments of more negociating and planning we were off to stop the group that was on they’re way to awaken one of the legendary princesses. The only thing that interested me was having new souls to put into my dolls and making new puppets to play with. That Nariku woman said that there was a witch among of them and that made me eager to reach our destination.


I sat on my side of the caravan and breathed in a sigh of relief. It worked out perfectly. But I was looking forward to killing some Kenai and maybe make them my new corspe soldiers for my army of the undead.

“I hate that old bat!” Moppet complained on the other side of the caravan. “She acted like she was the boss and I was nothing but a pile of crap!”

You are, I thought resisted to sneer. “She’s very dangerous so it’s best not to get on her bad side.”


Desdemona brushed the mop of hair on top of the puppet’s head. She suddenly turned her head out the window. “Interesting…” She said softly.

“What?” I said blankly and then felt a strange presence approaching us. I frowned and told the zombie to stop.

I got out the caravan. I walked out until I was standing on the side of the street and saw young man walking down the road heading towards us. It looked like he was going no where in paticular. I sniffed the hair and I could tell that this fellow was not from this world.

I smiled, this could be interesting indeed. I walked over to the blue haired young man. “Exscuse me my dear fellow. You look exhausted why don’t you come inside our caravan to rest?”

“We insist,” I jumped and looked down at Desdemona. I didn’t know she had followed me. When I looked at her I was shocked to see a smile on her face. She NEVER smiled. The only times she does smile is when she sees someone she likes and will stop at nothing until she gets they’re souls.

Sorry this isn’t very good but I hope this helps you Clue ^_^

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Don't know where to go


I just flew around it didn’t seem right to be with a large group of people. Besides I was more of a loner anyways. I just really wanted to explore and I feel out of place in this world. It was just a gut feeling. But at the same time it felt like home.

'I wonder what everyone that i ment is up to...but it seems that none of them really even noticed me.'

I sighed and rubbed my temples. It was getting late so I picked a random place to set down and start walking with no set destination in mind.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
If someone could run into Haru it would be much obliged because I really don’t know how to get him into the story. Oh and if anyone knows D.N.Angel or has heard of it i made a new world called Awakening Angels check it out if you want.
Also sorry for it being so short.

Dolls and Corpses

~Desdemona~ I hated waiting. It’s not fun waiting. This place was boring and that jerk Faust was acting like he was the boss and I didn’t like it one bit. “Hurry up!” Moppet snapped at the warlock standing in...

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Interuptions...not cool

Chase walked up to his room with Adalia at his elbow.

"Room number five." he stated and pulled open the door.

The room was small with only one king-size bed, a small arm chair, a reading lamp atop a small bedside table, and a bathroom so small it was almost too tiny to use.

"Isn't this comfy!" Adalia mocked. She turned and saw the very inviting looking bed. "There's only one bed, Chase, sleep on the floor."

He was relieved. "My pleasure," he said back.

Adalia flopped onto the bed and kicked of her shoes and turned to her incubus servent. "You know I was just kidding, you can sleep up here with me."

Chase wondered if this was a trap. "I'm fine. If i'm supposed refrain from any ... "activity", I can't be tempted to break the rules of our bargin."

"But I make the rules and the exceptions. Besides you never made excuses before," she contered.

"I'm sorry, Queen Adalia, but no."

She bolted up and stormed over to chase. "Fine," she seethed, "Sleep on the ground like the dog you are. You aren't going to get your little broken girlfriend back by acting like my equal. You are MINE and you will listen to me! I have tried to be hospitable and to act like I don't notice you with that wench elf but ever since you left to come on this stupid trip, you've acted like you have nothing to lose here. One more wrong move and you'll never see your precious Echo again!" Adalia was breathing hard from her long rant and was beginning to cool down.

"Adalia," Chase started but stopped. He didn't know what to say. Chase had mixed feelings for this girl. At some points in time, he hated her with a burning passion and then others he felt sorry for the girl he knew was hiding behind the walls of hatred and broken pieces of a person that once was. Chase knew she was broken. Afraid even. Maybe a little mad but he couldn't help but hate her, right? She was his tormentor. The woman who did everything she could to hurt him.

Then why was the nagging sense that there was more to this then he knew. Everything was changing, of that he was sure. But in which direction?

He didn't have more time to think about this subject because suddenly the door was swung open by a couple of tough looking women with stitches across their faces. Just like Adalia.

Instantly she tensed up and gave a cat like hiss. These were obviously not her old buddies. The two strangers didn't seem happy either. The creepier one hissed on word, "Vesper!" The other tried to give an excuse but chase wasn't listening, he was watching her lips, her stitched lips. Just like the Queen's, they opened every so slightly to speak but he could hear her as if she were talking normaly.

He walked over into the doorway, also blocking sight of addie, and said, "I think you should leave now."

They complied and left the two alone again.

"Did you know them?" He asked.

"No, but I new their stitches. They think I am one of them. How wrong they are. They have come from the city of Calia, the place of my birth. But they do not know me. I assure you they will by sunset tomorrow. Any vesper that I meet shall die." Chase saw a new passion in Adalia, one that had deeper roots then their problems and one that would never fade from her mind.

Trying to calm her down he said, "We should get some sleep tonight."

She didn't answer but walked over to the bed and lay down once more, curling into the covers, like a little ball. Of evil and insanity that is, But Chase didn't see that tonight.

Tonight he saw a small child torn apart by hatred and evil. Tonight, she was not an angry ruler or a merciless torturer, but a dying soul that needed to be stitched back togeter.

He walked over, lifted the covers, and curled up beside her and stayed with her till the morning light.

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so yeah im gong to draw up a mad of atalia. if your OC's come from a specific country or you just want to make up names and stuff, comment below and give me some details. (if your OC lived there, tell me what kind of place it was like dessert, sea, blah blah blah)

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Being Blind~Calypso


"Lip stitches, huh?" I whispered and felt around the edges of my own mouth.

I shook my head, "Well if she's a vesper and out of her usual area hanging with some traveling group of who-knows-what then maybe we should ask her some questions? But then again, it might be wise to simply 'keep an eye on her,' right?"

Xen sighed and groaned, "And by that you mean that I gotta watch the little itch because you're a blind hag!"

I smiled and turned my head towards the sky, "How little you know..." I whispered.

"So we'll get a room then and watch this odd group?" asked Xenosa.

Turning to her, I asked, "Just one?"

"Hey! It's not like I want to share a room with you, lip-stitcher, but unless you got the money for another room then we gotta share," she said rather hotly.

I shook my head, "Guess we'll grit our teeth and bear it!”

With that, I walked into the inn and up to the desk.

“Hi, sir,” I greeted the innkeeper (I could tell it was a man by his smell), “Do you have a room for two?”

“Got a busy night ahead of you, girl?” the man asked with what I guessed was a smirk.

I shook my head and gestured to Xen with my hand, “No, actually we’re two ‘business’ partners with very little money.”

He must have finally taken in the stitches or maybe Xenosa scared him a bit because he stuttered, “O-oh, I’m sorry, m-m-miss. Here’s your key.”

I swiped the key from his hand and turned to Xenosa, “Ready to go?”

“Yeah,” she answered, “But give me the key! It’s not like you can see the room number!”

Running my finger over the key number, I grinned and told her, “Relax! I can do this! It’s number 15!”

As I walked away, Xen snorted and reluctantly followed.

We made our way up to the next floor and I began running my hands over the door numbers.

Finally, I hit a number 5 and declared, “This is it!”

I placed the key in the lock and turned it while Xenosa started to say something.

When I opened the door, I felt two presences, a girl and a boy.

“You stupid blind bat!” Xenosa hissed in my ear, “This is room number 5!”

“Very sorry. This must be a defective key,” I apologized with a bow but then stiffened when Xen hissed a final word in my ear, “Vesper.”

Sure enough, the girl opposite me noticed the stitches and became rigid.

The boy, or man, noticing his woman’s discomfort, said rather coldly, “I think you should leave.”

Xen shifted a little and seemed to want to start something, but I simply bowed again and walked out.

When we were down the hall and towards the stairs again, Xenosa hit me on the head, “You blind idiot!”

“Hey! At least we know where she is!” I answered, defending myself.

My partner snorted muttered curses under her breath all the way to our room.

When we reached room 15, Xen snatched the key from my hand and hissed, “I get this from now on!”


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