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But Atalia is in danger, and it needs a new generation of warriors to protect it, while it waits for it's saviours, the Princess of Life and the Princess of Death. When these two princesses work together, Atalia can be saved. But they've been sealed away, and need to be freed. Atalia needs a hero. Are you the one who will help save the world?

This is a roleplay world, where you can be anything you want to be. Nothing is too strange, or too weird. So, what do you say? Will you help me in my journey to save Atalia? You'll be faced with many challenges and dangers on your journey. And many people will try to stop you. Do you still think you have what it takes? Please PM me if you'd like to join. If we've already started posing, and you don't know how to include your OC in the story, just have them meet us on our travels. Everyone can start off with two main characters, and a bad guy for free. Adding any others will cost points.

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inufluffy12 - Lilith/ Kira
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Naruto Uzamaki12 - Ryou Misaki and Vladimir
HalwayVamped - Chase Aurelius, Adalia and Miwako Rin-Shay
Artgrrl - Hanna Avalon and Dusk
kaito1864 - Kaito
Kratos Cruxis - Oric Calter and Lyn Nia
greenLeAf863 - Xexilia
SaintMarkusAngel - Ashido and Knightly Crow
clueless101 - Haru Keiji
WhiteBloodVampire - Arato
littlepooch - Kei
animelover7310 - Alice and September
Hulaberry32 - Ayre
sunachick - Lola and Artemis

inufluffy12 - Nariku
SaintMarkusAngel - Scholar Trinity Rose
YamiHita - Koji
clueless101 - Natsu Kin
Artgrrl - Desdemona and Noboru
HalfwayVamped - Xenosa
greenLeAf - Calypso

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Road Trip?~Calypso

"Now let's try to get along," I said to Xenosa in a sweet and false as I let her hand go.

"Fine. Lets go." But before leaving Xen turned to Len and said, "If I end up killing myself due to forced insanity, I'll haunt you for the rest of your life."

I almost snickered and leaned over to whisper in Len's ear.

"And if we run into trouble?"

He gave a knowing look and replied, "Use any means possible. You are permitted to use your eyes."

"You coming?" shouted Xenosa as she kept walking away.

I got up and followed her ouit into Eschazy.

After walking a few miles without rest, I sighed, "Isn't there a faster way to get there?"

"Tired?" sneered the brat-girl.

If she could see my eyes, my glare would've killed her, "No, I'm just bored."

I re-adjusted my gauntlets and sighed, "Guess we'll just find transportation at the next town, who knows when that will be though."

"It's right there!" Xeno pratically screeched, "It's less than two miles away! Can't you see it?!"

I turned to her and pointed at my blindfolded eyes. had she really forgotten?

"Oh, well I guess you can see a lot better because of your moronic stiches that oull your eyes down, right?" I snickered.

Out of anger, she bent down and tossed a stone at my head, but I tilted forward ever so slightly to avoid the missile.

I chuckled and told her, "You got a lot to learn, kid. I may be blind but I'm no cripple."

At that moment, I wished I could see the look of hatred on her face. I bet it was beautifully scary.



Just Xenosa in this post (well and Calypso)


Oh no. That was all Xenosa could think.

"Len, you are not sticking me with that stuck up, lip stitched, prissy pantsed, elf girl. I ain't going with her."

Although it was true, she could kill Len in a fight, he was not the person to disobey. Just because he looked like a weak little human, doesn't mean he was. She heard stories that he was actually a fallen angel in human skin. So while she detested the option, she knew she couldn't change it.

"I never asked to be your partner, but I am mature enough to accept the job for the betterment of the Vesper race."

Man that dumb girl made Xenosa's blood boil. She whipped around and almost smacked the girl in the face but Calypso grabbed her wrist. Xenosa screamed in anger. "Bitch, let me go!" she hollered. People were beginning to stare.

The elf made no remarks, just let Xen's hand go and smiled. "No let's try to get along." It was the most false voice Xen had ever heard, and she knew it was meant just to get on her nerves.

Xenosa sighed and relaxed. "Fine. Lets go." But before leaving she turned to Len and said, "If I end up killing myself due to forced insanity, I'll haunt you for the rest of your life." With that she walked out. Calypso turned to Len and whispered something in his ear. Xenosa didn't hear anything. She didn't even notice.

"You coming?" she shouted without turning around. At the sound of Xen, Calypso got up and followed her out into the city and they continued to walk past the border and into un-settled Eschazy.

is that okay greeny?

Opposite~ Xexilia and Calypso


Hanna and Dusk walked in and spotted me sitting there on the bed.

The witch-ninja sat on the bed opposite me and Dusk jumped into a nearby chair.

"So," I said, wasting no time, "You feel like hearing a sorry-tale?"

Hanna nodded and Dusk yawned, as if he had something better to do.

Ignoring the daemon, I continued, "Fine then. I have to warn you that I'm not the best storyteller..."

"So my story started a really long time ago, but it started after my twin sister's. You see, she was born on May 22nd whereas I was born on the 23rd because I was born after midnight.

As kids, we always got along and played well together although we were complete opposites.

I did very poorly in school, but my sister was the best student. I could shoot an arrow into a target that was hundreds of yards away, but her shots couldn't make it near the target at all.

Where she preferred throwing disks and single blades, I preferred arrows and dual blades.

I was also I bit of a delinquit as a child, too.

To put it ito simple terms, my sister was the perfect Elf in almost everyway but I disgraced our village with my bad gardes and conduct and witty comebacks.

As the time approached when we would choose our first jobs, I realized that I could still be the "perfect Elf" by serving as a warrior.

Of course, this brought outrage because women don't fight but with the help of my sister, I became the first girl to become a guard of the perimeter.

Within two years, I had made it to one of the top places of the top division of fighters.

But then I got a job offer as an assasin that was simply too good to refuse, the village looked down at me and exiled me.

After I left, I learned that my sister was sent off to another village to be married.

Recently though, villages have been attacked by Kenai and the likes, and one of the villages was one of newer villages, Calypso."

Dusk interrupted, "Yeah, I heard that one! Apparently the Elves there managed to destroy that branch of Kenai forces but only after half the village was killed."

I nodded solemnly and then asked, "But do you know who the village is named after?"

When he and Hanna shook their heads, I continued, "Calypso, my twin sister.

"You see, her husband started that village and named it after her. In the slaughter, he was killed."

"What about your sister?" Hanna asked quietly.

I shook my head, "I don't know. One of the Kenai did have this brooch though," I said holding it up for them to see, "It's her's. No doubt about it."



Like almost everyday of my life, I sat on the ledge of some building that towers above the wretched city of Calia.

I liked this spot, not for the view but for the fresh(er) air.

The pollution choked my sense of smell and my lungs.

A wind started up again and tossed my hair around.

I swept my hands back and pulled my wild mane into a high ponytail.

As my hands fell back down to my sides, they lingered first over the soft blindfold and then on my stiched lips.

I heard foot steps inside the abandoned builing as they quickly approached the room of my window ledge.

I didn't stir though because it was just a child.

"M-m-miss," the uncertain voice came from behind me.

"What, kid?" I asked in a quiet voice that didn't match my appearance.

"Mr. Len wants you right away," the boy said with a little more confidence.

I smiled although he couldn't see and replied, "Is that so? Tell me, why are you working for Len, kid? And what's your sorry name?"

He gulped and answered, "Name's Tim, and Mr. Len promised me money, miss."

Tim's ignorance made me grin more and I asked, "Timmy, you ready to die for that man?"

The boy paused, then answered, "Well, I guess. I need the money for my brother, mis-"

Before he had finished, I reached back, and pulled him through the open window by his shirt.

Then I pulled him over the ledge and let go.

He didn't even scream as he fell through the air; he was just too confused.

Before he fell too far, I stuck out my foot and caught him.

I kicked him back onto the ledge where he shook like a leaf.

Sticking my hand into my pouch, I picked out two Krills and put them in his hand.

He stood there like an idiot and then gushed, "Thanks miss! Than-"

I jumped through the open window and told him, "Get outta this place, kid."

I made my way to the old subway by my sense of hearing and found Len there.

"Len," I greeted him with a slight bow.

"Calypso, I want you to go with Xenosa to Lakarlica," the boss said.

"Her?!" hissed Xeno from the shadows.

I grinned. We didn't quite see eye-to-eye; no pun intended.



sorry its so long! and did I get OCs right?

in this post:

Hanna and Dusk

greenLeAf's Villian~Calypso

Name: Calypso

Age: looks 17 or 18ish but is really very old (like Xexilia)

Birthday: May 22 (she was bron before midnight on the 22nd but Xexilia was born after midnight...they're twins)

Gender: Female

Species: Elf

Hair Colour: Black with hints of dark blue

Hair Length and Style: long but not really long; high ponytail and long, choppy bangs

Eye Colour: changes based on moods

Skin Colour: Pale

Personality: Calm during and out of battles; witty; looks down at people (mostly Xexilia); mysterious

Likes: Elegant foods and wines; cold temperatures; fighting

Dislikes: cheap wine or food; hot tempertaures; being looked down upon or underestimated

Clothes: Wears a flexibe breastplate and gauntlets for defense; likes to wear short dresses or skirts; soft boots; blindfolded eyes; has a circle-like weapon strung across her back; pouch on hip full of who-knows-what

Background: she's Xexilia's twin but we'll get to the rest later

Anything else: Pointy-ears, stiched mouth, about the opposite of Xexilia

I'm in the process of drawing her now^^

Slim Pickings

Thick yellow clouds hung low to the ground. A fog of pollution and dense, rain-filled cumulonimbus. Xenosa clenched her jaw and stood firm in the street. No half-pint punk was getting away with stealing from her.

"Hey you! Get your scrawny ass back here!" She shouted at the kid. Stray hairs tickled her cheeks and she angrily brushed them aside. The sun baked on her back and humid, thick air pressed against her lungs. The little boy stopped, turned and stared at her, mortified, and began to sob.

She sneered, "You think just because u ain't got any food, you can steal it from me? Come 'ere."

The boy obeyed and inched toward the snarling Vesper girl. He knew what was going to happen. Snot ran from his nose but he didn't make any move to wipe it.

Xenosa met the boy halfway across the street which he'd been running down. She grabbed his shirt and shoved him down on the ground placing a strong foot on his stomach. Sh snapped the small loaf of bread out of his hands and looked around the broken city. Without any sign of guilt or regret, she tossed the food into the sewer grate to the right of the boy. People who saw did nothing to stop it. They just kept on walking. There was no time to help people anymore, they were all doomed. Calia was doomed. The precious city, once flowing with life and activity, was now dilapidated and almost empty.

The boy sniffed. He continued to cry and asked, "If you weren't gonna eat it, why'd ya take it back huh?"

Xenosa got down to his level, on the ground, and stuck her face in his. The he saw the that stretched from her lower eye lids down to the corners of her mouth. She was one of them. "Because dim-witted little bastards like yourself have got to learn a lesson sometime." It came out like a growl. She hopped back up to her feet and kicked him aside. She payed no attention to the pained squeal that he let out and walked away.

She walked down Kaligari St. and turned left onto Paradise Ln. Looking out for followers, she descended the old subway that seemed out of use. As she went the atmosphere turned from that of smog and pollution to cigarette smoke and the stink of sweat. The buzz of conversation sounded from the disused station. She looked out over the dirty, grimy place she called home.

"Yo bitch, what took you so long, did you get the stuff?" Peter called.

She tossed him a bag of coins. "Nah I couldn't find the shop, go pick it up yourself and my god since when did you have 3000 krills?" Krills were the small gold coins in the bag, each coin was worth 500 Krills. One Krill was about the same as 5 dollars. Half a krill was a Mrin(Mer-in) and the smallest amount was called a Perl. The was the Calian money system and Peter was rich. Nobody used paper money.

Peter scowled and muttered curses to himself. Xenosa continued through the station to a small area in the back where Len usually was. Len looked up when he heard her approach.

"I'm out dude, I can't stay here right now." she told the leader. He looked surprised.

"Whattaya mean, 'your out' you cant leave. You're need here. Don't even think about it. No way." Len went back to sketching as if the discussion was closed. Xenosa kicked away the book and he looked up again but with rage on his face.

"Your picking a fight with the wrong person." he threatened.

Xenosa laughed, "Len, you know I can kick your ass up and down the train rails. So drop the tough act and shut up. You didn't even here me out. I ain't leaving the gang just Calia. I gotta get outta this place man, I can't take it anymore." She had indeed thought the decision over for a long time now. Xenosa knew this was the right thing to do.

"Yeah, so how's there a difference," he argued.

She sighed. "Look, I just wanna go back to Lakarlica. You heard about the whole bis with the kenai, we got sister groups out there Len, and they don't know we changed sides. They're gonna fight the Kenai, do you want our shilosha to die fighting the ally? So, stop being a dumb-ass and let me go out there and tell them the news."

Len thought about the decision. It was true, the Vespers had fought against the Kenai in the first attacks, when they were powerful. Especially the Vespers of Lakarlica. Of course, it wasn't to help anybody but themselves, and know the Calian Vespers decided it would be easier to join them. But they never brought word to the Lakarlicans. Xenosa was right. Especially now that the Kenai were back. "Fine," he said, "But you cannot go alone."


Shilosha(Sh-EYE-low-sha) means family in Eschazan(ESS-ka-ZEN).
Calia(Ca-LEE-ah) and Lakarlica(Lah-car-LEE-Kah) are cities-states in Eschazy(ESS-ka-ZEE)(country in Atalia) in Atalia.
Vespers are a wide spread group of anarchists and villains.
Calia is an abandon city-state taken over by a group of Vespers and known for its cruelty and poverty.
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