Story so far

So I'm going to try to do a story so far. I hope I don't confuse anyone.

  • Micheal sends out letters for help
    Lilith enters the palace and is told about the Kenai's return
    Emiko gets her letter and gos to the palace
    Zoey gets her letter and gos to the palace
    Hanna gets her letter and gos to the palace
    Yuki gos to palace with Kallik(how he got his letter is unknown)
    Chase gets his letter and gos to the palace
    Sahiro gets his letter and gos to the palace
    Oric gets his letter and gos to the palace
    Xexilia gets her letter and gos to the palace
    Micheal tells the group about the Kenai
    Kallik introduces herself
    Oric introduces himself
    Dusk introduces himself and Hanna
    Chase introduces himself
    Ryou introduces himself
    Yuki introduces himself
    Sahiro introduces himself
    Zoey introduces herself
    Xexilia introduces herself
    Emiko introduces herself
    Knightly and Ashido introduce themselves
    Micheal announces the first test
    Hanna won her brawl with her magic
    Emiko won her brawl in one minute
    Vlad arrived
    Vlad and Ryou won there brawl
    Adalia arrived
    Knightly and Ashido won there brawl
    Oric almost killed a guard
    Zoey won there brawl
    Yuki won his brawl
    Chase won his brawl
    Sahiro won his brawl
    Xexilia won her brawl
    Xexilia courts Chase
    Micheal announces second test
    Oric angers Kallik
    Kallik slaps Oric
    Hanna and Ashido team up to face the guards and win
    Oric hears a voice
    Koji hears the tests from outside the palace walls
    Zoey and Vlad team up
    Ryou and Yuki team up
    Zoey and Vlad beat there guards
    Xexilia and Lilith team up
    Kira beats her half of her guards
    Emiko and Sahiro team up to face the guards and win
    Chase and Knightly team up
    Xexilia beats her half of the guards
    Yuki beats some of the guards(Ice Sky is reveled)
    Chase and Knightly beat there guards
    Scholar Trinity Rose is freed
    queen of the Kenai orders an attack on the group
    Natsu and Haru arrive in Atalia
    Ashido announces the Kenai's arrival
    Ashido releases the sele on his powers
    Yuki uses Ice Sky's power
    Xexilia fights the Kenai
    Knightly and Ashido retern to the fight
    Oric fights the Kenai
    Hanna and Dusk fight Kenai
    Lyn shows up
    Lyn is attacked by Kenai
    Lilith helps Lyn
    Lilith has a Kenai try to eat her
    Dusk saves Lilith and Lyn
    Emiko fights Kenai
    Sahiro fights Kenai
    Emiko saves Sahiro
    Haru watches the fighting
    Kallik kills three Kenai and shows her demon side
    Nariku besides to put together her own group
    Micheal announces a feast
    Arato arrives
    Ashido goes to the Chambers Of Never Ending Deathly Darkness
    Sahiro yells "food" and went to the dinner hall
    Haru goes to sleep in a tree
    Emiko star gazes
    Oric eats Kenai
    Kei talks to Oric
    Alice and September arrive and eat Kenai
    Xexilia and Chase find Alice and September

by YamiHita