Feyn's Demonology

Feyn shrugged as he noticed the group not responding to his action.

"I guess I might want to help settle this... or should I?" Feyn contemplated as his left eye started to twitch.

Feyn froze as he dropped to the ground and grasped his left eye. "No... not here!", Feyn thought as he gritted his teeth. His eye began to twitch faster, as he tried to get back on his feet.

Feyn stumbled left and right as he attempted to regain his footing. He started to an uncanny warmth come over him as he began to bite his lip. Feyn shouted in pain as the warmth turned into blistering heat. Feyn swayed toward the sight the the groups fight and jumped into the air, his body completely changed. He was now in his demon state, a state that he was hoping he would never have released. The magics of his demon form terrified him, but he still had control...at least for now.

Feyn leapt into the middle of the fight and started to spin his halberd above his head. He knocked away a figure that seemed to be a werewolf, and as he stopped his halberd, he slashed at the trees arond him, tearing them apart. Feyn roared toward the sky as he fell to his knees and turned back to his human state. Feyn looked up at the group and yelled as he started to slam his head into the ground beneath him.

IW~ Feyn is in a very troubled state of mind right now, so if anyone wishes to help him at least get out of the middle of the fight at the inn, he will be very appreciative. Since his demon state is an ice demon, be careful not to provoke him in demon state.