0.e, you okay buddy?


I froze and stared down at this random newcomer who was bashing his head into the dirt like a weirdo.

Even Adalia paused to give him a dubious look. Xen and cal, though still paralyzed, were obviously amused.

"Hey, umm dude," Chase started, "do you uh ... need some help?"

The guy looked up from his ... activities and glared at me. "Do I look like I need help?!" he shouted at him.

Xenosa was snickering in the backround and relaying the action to cal who in turn, chuckled. Hanna was still a bit confused and Xexilia just looked at Random Boy like he was a dumbwad.

I looked him up and down. "Uhhh... Yeah," he said truthfully.

Before Mystery Man could answer, Knightly the werewolf buddy pined him to the ground and bared his teeth.

"Uh ohh...." I said.