The Wolf and the Beast

Knightly had Feyn pinned to the ground and was going for the kill. He got closer and closer with his fang, ready to rip the guy into pieces. When it seemed as though time had stopped. The leafs were floating in mid air. Chase looked around, "Whats going on?" In the blink of an eye Knightly was thrown into the air, and a figure was standing on top of Feyn. He smirked and look at the group. "Scholar Trinity Rose, at your serivce." He bowed. Knightly came crashing down on the man with his claws drawn, and with one finger the man blew Knightly through the inn walls. Knightly laid out cold, and badly wounded in the rubble. The figure then appeared next to Chase. "Well well a poison user, to bad it won't help you." He shoved Chase into the ground and jumped on to the roof of the inn. "Well so long my little play toys. I'll finish with you next time." He soon faded into the night and completly disappeared. Chase stood up and dusted himself off. By this time everyone else made their way outside to see what had happened.....

Well I thought it would be good to have my villain actually show his face for once.