A Subtle Mind

Feyn rose up from the ground and leaned on his halberd. His vision was blurry, and he staggered around."Who...was that?," Feyn said in a sighful tone. Feyn looked down at his hands, then at the injured wolfboy, and then at Chase."Well this isn't how my plan was supposed to go...," Feyn's voice trailed off, when Chase looked at him."Who are you?," Chase shouted. Feyn replied and checked to make sure his notebook was still in his pocket. Feyn yawned and started to limp towards the inn, when everyone came outside to see what had happened. A jolt of pain coarsed through Fey's body as he approached the area where the others were and immediately grabbed his shoulder."It seems that when the demon took control, my body seems to have taken a larger risk than I had thought.," Feyn thought as he looked over at the group, then as he sighed, he walked over to the injured werewolf boy."So, who are you people anyway?," Feyn asked as he observed the boy and wrote down notes in his strategy book. He stepped back from the boy and walked over to Chase."I guess I haven't exactly introdused myself properly, so I guess this would be a great time to say hello... at least before I have a seisure and pass out from the pain.," Feyn said with a smile on his face as he laughed and held out his hand.