Introductions ?

Chase awkwardly took hold of Feyn's hand. "Chase Areulius," He said introducing himself. People were looking on strangely. Chase wasn't even sure himself what had happened.

"Nice to meet you," Said the white haired boy.

In the distance he heard a laugh and whipped around to see Xenosa regaining her mobility along with Calypso.

"Crap!" Chase and Xexilia said together.

Chase saw Xexi was still struggling to restrain Adalia, so he quickly snached his hand back from the new person and raced to her side.

He grabbed ahold of Adalia and jabbed a small needle in her neck. She fell to the ground unconscious. Xenosa and calypso were begininning to move their legs.

"Bye Bye Incubus!" Xenosa cackled.

She grabbed Calypso aroung the middle and launched herslef into a nearby tree taking the other girl with her. After a few seconds of rustling as she moved from branch to branch, they were gone, deep into the forest.

Chase sighed in defeat. "I'm going to bed. If anybody needs me...or has questions about what the hell happened, I'll be in my room." He scooped up Adalia and stalked off to his room.

I wanted to get this going again
anyone can continue
i wasnt rlly sure how to do this, so this is way lame