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I guess this is ill be my sort off personal blog type thing
About Me
Nicknames: Ell, Ellie Nationality: Welsh - British
Description: Short, dyed red hair, green eyes, knower of random facts, geek (and proud), quiet.
Likes: Anime and Manga, geeky boys, Doctor Who, Seth Green, music, chocolate, reading, history, drawing, computers, comedy shows and most importantly stars.

Other Accounts: Deviantart Tumblr Weasyl

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Hi~ I’ve been considering for a while to start doing commissions for people so, and I’ve been brave and I’ve decide I’m going to do so!
I will try to do anything you want really, and I will always do my best!

So if you want to commission me just pm me or leave a comment. :)

The commissioner will chose however much they think the final piece is worth, and I will accept payment of either points (on dA), money, hugs, chocolates, random little gifts or anything really, that would add up to the amount you think it’s worth!

Valentines Day

Once upon a time, long before the comercialization of it, Valentines day actually meant something! but it's somehow still nice!

Personally I am in the forever alone club, *sigh* though last year I did get a valentines card of someone, but they didn't leave a name, and I don't now wether it was someone being mean or if this person actually meant it! So I don't know how to take it!

I will be giveing pressies to people who have been nice to me over the past year so that why some of you'll be reciving random stuff from me~

SO to everyone in a relatioship, I hope you have a nice day, and to everyone whose in the forever alone club, I feel your pain, but chin up, you'll find someone special eventually!

no sence

Small rant please bare or try and calm me down
This is from this morning!!

I'm so annoyed with Fion Gwyn (my art tutor), comeing in and having a go at us for making too much noise and saying that we've handled Mirain and Elin comeing back utterly drunk badly, and saying that she fore seed this happening yet she didn't do much to stop them going out!!!!!! She's also a bit slow, as we were trying to explain why another girl in our room had left, and it would just not rejister in her brian. I'm not going to take anything from her, this is not our fault! They tried their hardest to put them to bed, and they were quieting down too before she came! Very annoyed, I have nothing to vent my fustration out on!!

And now the whole room is devdied and both sides are bitching against each other.

There's also mention that we'll all get into troble, and this isn't very fair on me, as I don't drink, my mum allows me to drink I just chose not to! and so it's going to be unfair m=punishing me and this other girl who weren't drinking!!

I was really enjoying the trip untill this, everything else has been great!

I'm so tierd! I've only had about 2 hours sleep! but I did have a nice long chat with a brazilian man for nearly an hour early this morning! :)

rant over!


At in about an hour or so I will be on my way to catch my flight to Barcelona, I'm nervous and exited at the same time. I'll still be visiting here, just not as much as submitting stuff!

I've just had a panic attack because my IPod stopped working momentarily but everything’s okay now! :) :)

At the moment I'm hiding behind the laptop, because Iwan Lewis (cousin of sorts) has fallen asleep with the Texas chainsaw massacre playing!! :(


It's technically a miracle in all honesty! But I'm in a skirt! Yeah, I haven't worn one in about ten years or so! It feels strange not being in skinny jeans, and I'm still trying to get used to it! :)

In other news I'm going to Barcelona in about two weeks and I'm really excited! It'll be the first time I will have ever left the UK, and being on a plane! I'll have to learn a bit of Spanish, as at the moment I only know how to say hello, 1, 2, 3, 4, and cucumber! I have a phrase book so that will help! But if anyone knows anything that would be useful or just more random words! :)