I guess this is ill be my sort off blog type thing were I will post the things that happen to me, stories, and some random jokes.
About Me
Nicknames: Ell, Spoon, Lenor-chan. My uncle calls me, Chief(I haven’t got many)
Nationality: British
Description: Short, dyed red hair, green eyes, knower of random facts, geek (and proud), quiet.
Fave bands: Paramore, My Chemical Romance, Bloc Party, Florence and the machine, Gorillaz, and Mumford and sons.
Fave comedians: Rich Hall, Russell Howard, Hugh Dennis, Ryan Stiles, Dara O’Brien, Milton Jones.
Fave Manga and Anime: Hetalia; Axis Powers, Fruit Basket, Lucky Star, Pandora Hearts, Pokémon, and Digimon.
Fave Games: Professor Layton, Sims, Pokémon, Kingdom Hearts,
Fave Movies: Sherlock Holmes (the one by Guy Richie), Alice in wonderland,
Likes: Anime and Manga, geeky boys, Doctor Who, Seth Green, music, chocolate, reading, history, drawing, computers, comedy shows and most importantly stars.

Other Accounts: Deviantart Tumblr Weasyl

My Other Worlds = Open Sketchbook Photo Album

Hetalia and Prof Layton

*runs around manically* Paint it white is being release tomorrow, and I’ve pre-ordered mine! :D:D:D:D:D
I saw the background on theO and I was so happy I made a noise that was very similar to a firework and I did the same when I heard about the new Professor Layton Game, It’s a prequel and it doesn’t have Flora in it but I love it all the same!
So with these good news, I’ve been rather giddy and I’ve watched the trailer quite a few times on you tube, and I haven’t been able to concentrate on my work and I think I might have forgotten how to do my math work:

My math work:

Does anyone know what this is, I don’t, I did last week but not anymore!!
I think I need a lie down! Bye!

Secret Santa

Secret Santa Event 2011 hosted by aragorn1014
This is my secret Santa wish list:
Dear Secret Santa,
This is the first time I’ve ever participated in a secret Santa event and I hope I don’t make things to difficult for you. If it wouldn’t be too difficult for you, could I have whichever one you chose.
1. A picture of Kaito being as cute as possible.
2. Oz from BtVS and me together.
Pic of me [Link] picture of Oz [Link]
3. My oc’s doing something Christmassy
(Like them in some elf/Santa costumes or walking through a Christmas market type secene) The oc’s I would like to have been used is Ozzy, Jordy, Ollie and/or Dewey.
4. A doctor who picture with any doctor
Or just Sarah Jane Smith.
5. A picture of Kyo and Tohru together.
6. My oc’s Ollie, Ozzy or Jordy being as hot as possible! :3
Either one of these would be wonderful. Thank you very much!
Ellenor Mererid


Some pics of my Oc’s:

From left to right: Ozzy, Ollie, Jordy and Dewey.
(all exept for Dewey are more mature looking than I've drawn them!)
Ozzy: A tall, pale boy, Slim build but lean. He’s around 16 years old and always wears a Crescent moon chocker. Has a saphire/mystical blue eyes.
Ollie: A tall, slightly pale boy, Slim build. He’s around 17 years old, he has scruffy mop of brown hair. Emereld green eyes.
Jordy: Short and pale boy, he's rather pale, and his hair is a mix of orange and yellow but mostly orange.His hair is raher messy but it's also sort of soft looking hair at the same thime. His thin but a little bit more chubby than Ozzy and Ollie. He’s around 16 years old. Has greenish blue eyes.
Dewey: Short and looks like a small child. Pale with messy red hair, green eyes like his bother Ollie. Very thin.

Re-sits and Tattoo

Before I begin, I’m not the one with the tattoo, by British law I’m a bit too young to get one!
Right, I’ve just come back from my English language paper 1 and I have another one on Friday. And this is the last time anyone will be able to take this paper, before it changes to a new paper, but anyhow, I had to re-sit it because I only got a C in the summer and most uni’s don’t accept anything under a b, and they expect people to have good English, So I needed to raise it a bit and to me getting a c isn’t really isn’t good enough, and I got really angry at myself, though people have been telling me not too! XP but I’m stubborn sometimes! And I hope I’ve done well enough this time!

To the tat story. Well, one of my friends (the one I think I’ve mentioned the most on this world) has recently gotten herself a tattoo. In this country you have to be 18 or over to get a tattoo and my friend is only 16, though ahe does look a lot older than she actually is, and that she has been able to buy cigarettes for the past 2/3 years and other daft things. Her paerents don’t even know she has a tattoo! When one of my other friends told me about the it, she expected me to be more like “OH MY GOD!! Why has she done that??” instead of the “oh” she got, ‘cause I really couldn’t care, nothing she does supprises me anymore, I’ve known her for that long and it could also do with the fact I was trying to listen to music and so I wasn’t best pleased that she had disturbed me with that! :)
I would like to get one myself one day, when I’m a bit older and have enough cash to spare! Maybe something with stars!


I bought this wig for cosplaying purposes and it arrived yesterday, and I was trying out! It took me about half an hour to try and work out how you put a wig on!

So here I am wearing it:

I know I'm not very pretty and I've got massive teath but Shhhhh

I think the wig is meant to be norway's but I think I could make it look like some other Aph characters?

I hope you like it and please don't lugh at me!


I just noticed this

I took me a while to notice, cause I just go straight to the backroom. I only notice because I was showing my ict teacher this website because the school sustem wouldn't let me go on here! but things are ok now! :) and I suddenly just noticed it there whilst I was showing here it was a safe site!
and I'm grateful and honoured to have my art there!

Oh and please take part Banner