I guess this is ill be my sort off blog type thing were I will post the things that happen to me, stories, and some random jokes.
About Me
Nicknames: Ell, Spoon, Lenor-chan. My uncle calls me, Chief(I haven’t got many)
Nationality: British
Description: Short, dyed red hair, green eyes, knower of random facts, geek (and proud), quiet.
Fave bands: Paramore, My Chemical Romance, Bloc Party, Florence and the machine, Gorillaz, and Mumford and sons.
Fave comedians: Rich Hall, Russell Howard, Hugh Dennis, Ryan Stiles, Dara O’Brien, Milton Jones.
Fave Manga and Anime: Hetalia; Axis Powers, Fruit Basket, Lucky Star, Pandora Hearts, Pokémon, and Digimon.
Fave Games: Professor Layton, Sims, Pokémon, Kingdom Hearts,
Fave Movies: Sherlock Holmes (the one by Guy Richie), Alice in wonderland,
Likes: Anime and Manga, geeky boys, Doctor Who, Seth Green, music, chocolate, reading, history, drawing, computers, comedy shows and most importantly stars.

Other Accounts: Deviantart Tumblr Weasyl

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At in about an hour or so I will be on my way to catch my flight to Barcelona, I'm nervous and exited at the same time. I'll still be visiting here, just not as much as submitting stuff!

I've just had a panic attack because my IPod stopped working momentarily but everything’s okay now! :) :)

At the moment I'm hiding behind the laptop, because Iwan Lewis (cousin of sorts) has fallen asleep with the Texas chainsaw massacre playing!! :(


It's technically a miracle in all honesty! But I'm in a skirt! Yeah, I haven't worn one in about ten years or so! It feels strange not being in skinny jeans, and I'm still trying to get used to it! :)

In other news I'm going to Barcelona in about two weeks and I'm really excited! It'll be the first time I will have ever left the UK, and being on a plane! I'll have to learn a bit of Spanish, as at the moment I only know how to say hello, 1, 2, 3, 4, and cucumber! I have a phrase book so that will help! But if anyone knows anything that would be useful or just more random words! :)

a B and HELP!!!!!!

I got the results of my GCSE English re-sits and I got a B which is good.

Tomorrow I have a math’s exam and I am studying so hard, but it doesn't seem to be getting easier.
There is such a massive jump between GCSE math’s and A-level! I was told that there was going to be a little jump between the both of them, but, I expected it to be like jumping up 3 steps on a staircase but it just feels like I'm trying to jump from right at the bottom to the very top of a very large staircase! And I'm finding it all very difficult and I got an A in my GCSE!

Coordinate Geometry, I find okay
Surds, seem easy but I'm finding it difficult
Tangent and Normal, I'm okay, but as long as I use the correct formula in the right place,
Roots of a quadratic and completing the square, real hard
Inequalities, okay I guess
Differentiation . . . .
Binomial Theorem, beginning to get my head around it
Polynomials . . .
Transformation of Graphs, not sure
Stationary Points, erm....

So if I have any math’s geniuses, watching me, I would really appreciate your help!

But on a brighter note, if I do fall flat on my face I always have a chance of resetting it in May! :)

Thank You

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU! Thank you very much to everyone whose given me a gift and who had wished me a happy birthday! Thanks again it made me happy!!
Sorry for it being a bit late

Hetalia and Prof Layton

*runs around manically* Paint it white is being release tomorrow, and I’ve pre-ordered mine! :D:D:D:D:D
I saw the background on theO and I was so happy I made a noise that was very similar to a firework and I did the same when I heard about the new Professor Layton Game, It’s a prequel and it doesn’t have Flora in it but I love it all the same!
So with these good news, I’ve been rather giddy and I’ve watched the trailer quite a few times on you tube, and I haven’t been able to concentrate on my work and I think I might have forgotten how to do my math work:

My math work:

Does anyone know what this is, I don’t, I did last week but not anymore!!
I think I need a lie down! Bye!