I guess this is ill be my sort off blog type thing were I will post the things that happen to me, stories, and some random jokes.
About Me
Nicknames: Ell, Spoon, Lenor-chan. My uncle calls me, Chief(I haven’t got many)
Nationality: British
Description: Short, dyed red hair, green eyes, knower of random facts, geek (and proud), quiet.
Fave bands: Paramore, My Chemical Romance, Bloc Party, Florence and the machine, Gorillaz, and Mumford and sons.
Fave comedians: Rich Hall, Russell Howard, Hugh Dennis, Ryan Stiles, Dara O’Brien, Milton Jones.
Fave Manga and Anime: Hetalia; Axis Powers, Fruit Basket, Lucky Star, Pandora Hearts, Pokémon, and Digimon.
Fave Games: Professor Layton, Sims, Pokémon, Kingdom Hearts,
Fave Movies: Sherlock Holmes (the one by Guy Richie), Alice in wonderland,
Likes: Anime and Manga, geeky boys, Doctor Who, Seth Green, music, chocolate, reading, history, drawing, computers, comedy shows and most importantly stars.

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Royal Wedding Fever

The Royal wedding fever is reaching its penultimate with reporters from around the world! I like the fact that other countries are obsessed with our monarchy, it’s nice! Some people still think of the English as posh, tea drinking, bowler hat wearing people, which sadly isn’t true anymore (well some still are though minus the bowler hat), but I still wish it was, then again I read way to many romantic Victorian books!
The dresses and the army uniform the men are wearing look really cool! And I think Prince Phillip (Duke of Edinburgh) is one of the funniest from monarchy as he’s gotten away with saying so much and he’s going to be 90 this year and he was still horse riding competitively up to 3 or 4 years ago! My uncle calls him a ‘Greek God’ because of how he is!
Catherine Middleton (soon to be duchess of Cambridge) looks sooooooo beautiful in her wedding dress. And the little children look soooo sweeeeet!
Whereas most other countries have gotten rid of their monarchy we’ve kept ours, though we did try back in the 1600’s but the bloke who was in charge, Oliver Cromwell was a dull and a mardy git. He banned everything fun (because he was a puritan) though thought smoking was good (he was a very strange man) so we got the monarchy back and we’re happy with them!

Thousands of people are in London to see if they get a chance to see any of the Royal family. My uncle has done the ‘trouping the colours’ ceremony in front of the queen a quite a few years back with the Welsh Guards and I have met Prince Charles when I was younger but at the time I was more interested in a small dog!

So I wish the best for the future to Prince William and Kate Middleton! :) :)

He wears Stetsons now! And Stetsons are cool!

The Doctor Who has started and he’s already drunk!
Is it just me or is the doctor getting more and more posh?? And he seems stranger than ever which is how I like my doctor!!
The new aliens are really scary! I think it’s on the same level of scariness as weeping angels and those (on a personal level) really really scary things from water on mars.

I can’t wait until next week! Oh and AMY’S PREGNANT!!!!

They placed a tribute to Elisabeth Sladen at the beginning and there is a tribute program on the CBBC (kids channel) and it had tributes form Russell T Davies, David Tennant, Matt Smith, Tommy Night, Daniel Anthony, Aniji M (Rani), John Barrowmen, Barney Harwood (kids presenter) and Kat Manning. It was really touching! Everyone will miss her, Elisabeth Sladen, our Sarah Jane Smith!


(Isn’t she cute!!)
This is Molly, she is 5 years old and is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, unfortunately she isn't mine! She is my uncles girlfriends dog and we've been dog sitting for her! Well I say we're dog sitting Molly it's more like the dog siting on us! Whenever we try to move or stand up she turns around and gives us the most evilest look ever that would say 'don't even think of moving!' The picture was taken when I was feeding her!

I love this breed of dog! and I would love to have one of my own one day and it will be a brown one but I'm not allowed to have any cats or dogs!

Molly has gone back to Liverpool :( but hopefully we will be able to look after her again someday soon!

I'm a cat and dog lover I have no favouritisms between the two!:)

Holliday?? Ha, they don't know the meaning of it!

It’s the Easter holidays!! Whoop! Two weeks off!!! Yey! Unfortunately I won’t be able to enjoy most of it as I have sooooooo much work!!

There is a very long list of work I have to do;
• About 5 ½ hours of past papers for welsh and study 10 poems for welsh as well,
• God knows how many hours of English,
• 6 past papers for music,
• 2 history past papers (Russia and Germany),
• 2 past papers for maths,
• A couple of past papers for science,
• Finish a piece for art and write up on an artist,
• A past paper for ICT,
• Go into school on the 18th and the 27th to get help with studying,
(I think I’ve remembered all of them)
Have my teachers forgotten the meaning of holidays??? I know they’re only trying to help but this is too much in one go!! Well at least I’ve finished both of music pieces. I’m NOT starting them now; I’ll probably start them on Monday or Tuesday. I will try and draw as much as I can over the weekend and then upload them during some brakes during the torture. But I will stop everything next Saturday at 6:00pm as I will not let anything or anyone get in my way of seeing my precious Doctor Who!!!!

As I’ve mentioned my real proper scary exams are starting soon (the 19th of May) and I have 14 of them. So I’ll a bit quiet from now until 16th of June but there will be a couple of days free and I’ll try my best and do something in those days!
I have done one of my Science exams already and it was an overall B, it was A for physics (I was so close to an A*) a B for chemistry and a D for biology (and I’m not going to do well in the other one either! ) and I got a B for American history, and I have done my art exam in march but I don’t know the mark yet.
I am panicking!! And because I’m in the higher classes they expect me to do really well, but it’s just stressing me out even further!

I’m sorry for complaining it’s just really getting too me now!

Changed the name!

Just wanted to post something to say that I have changed the name of my world I just felt like it was more appropiate I will change more things about it later ok! sorry for spaming!