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I guess this is ill be my sort off personal blog type thing
About Me
Nicknames: Ell, Ellie Nationality: Welsh - British
Description: Short, dyed red hair, green eyes, knower of random facts, geek (and proud), quiet.
Likes: Drawing, (a lot of drawing) Anime and Manga, geeky boys, Doctor Who, Seth Green, music, chocolate, reading, history & Myths, drawing, computers, comedy shows, walks, nature and most importantly stars.

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Inktober question

I'm already thinking about INKtober and I want to plan ahead and stuff ^^ Depending on the thing I decide to do, I haven't decided weather or not I do the half or the full INKtober yet.
I was going to do a comic - but I haven't got any idea for a one shot thing or anything I would be happy to carry on further in ink, but one year I would like too :)

here is my question;
I want to do this years INKtober based on a theme, what should I do?

Characters and their corresponding animal

Character Illustrations (to be profile oics for them)

Drawing prompts/challenges

Characters and flowers

Characters and zodiac/planets

Character and songs

Just carry on with random/however I feell

Other? (please suggest :))

thank you :)

update + goals for 2017

I'm finally back and have proper internet connection :D :D Thank you to everyone for being patient with me :)

here to the yearly tradition and it's better late than never ^^; ^^;
Last years: [LINK]

2016 art summary: [LINK]

Art/work related:
1. Carrying on with the resolutions from last year - (e.e- Continue on improving);
2. Make more mini comics (I honestly have done some, I just never post them ^^; getting there at least)
3. Enter more contests,
4. Work on some personal projects;
a. Lovell & Iven’s Story
b. Building Avalon – work out a plot and script/detail it
c. Other secret ones - I have many ideas :)
5. Try and get a AA table
6. Take part in more events,
7. Read and write more
8. Maybe do livestream and/or speedpaint videos
9. Animate more
10. <strike>Try and to make more money :D *bricked* </strike>
11. Many stuff many stuffs

1. Keep running
2. Read more
3. Try and go into London (Don’t judge! It terrifies me!)
4. I want to do a bit of volunteering but the one I want to do means being on a island for a week away from everything but I don’t think I can in the summer due to on going dental treatment.
5. Watch less news (I have a bad habit of watching a little bit too much news – I watch it practically constantly XD ^^;)
6. Other stuff :D

2016 SS - Wishlist

Hello :) This is my wish list :D for the secret santa ‘16 hosted by Toyotami kun & Kaerlyn :)

Dear Secret Santa
I hope I don’t make things too difficult for you. If it’s okay could I have any one you these.
1. My oc’s doing something wintery type things
2. Dewey and Jessie being a cute little couple
3. Lovell and Iven {Picture of them} (sorry I haven't got a better for now)
4. Ozzy and Llew hanging out, doing something brotherly
5. Anything to do with the Dai and Mia - [link]
& [link - Dai]
6. I love my OC’s, so just anything to do with my OC’s will make me happy :D

Ozzy <- he's gignger, just to clarify
{LINK} where you'll find all of my oc's
Some of their profiles: Dewey, Ozzy, Jessie, Llew, Lovell & Iven.

Fan art
1. Sirius B from planetary moe
2. Anything Doctor Who
3. Fem!England X America is one (but any USUK will be a safe bet)
4. Jean X Marco from Attack on Titan (anything with these two will make me happy)
5. Makoto Tachibana from Free! Or MakoHaru

I like night sky/stars, cute things, my characters ^^ and yeah :3

Thank you
Ellenor Mererid

Hi :)

Hi *waves nervously*

I was planning on being really active this summer - working a lot, being really active online - but that didn't happen due to my home internet decided to go from tolerably bad to nonexistent!! I am possibly the only person who gets more active and stuff once the education starts ^^;

Other than arguing with my internet, my summer hasn't been all that interesting, trying to keep up the hard work I had been doing in the beginning of the year but with no internet I couldn't really do as much and my health decided to take advantage and also scarper DX but I have been drawing, just at a slower rate annoyingly - but I will make up for that noW! :D :D


- Emergency contacts -

I don't think theO will go down or anything and this will always be the easiest place to get in contact with me, as this place is the only place that my home internet (when it gets it act together work) seems to let me comment and send messages but here are some of my other online homes;

I use the same name for everywhere and that it’s already in the top bit of the world – I thought it could be useful.

Facebook (If you want to get my personal FB – PM me)
Uni blog on wordpress
I have a youtube but I don’t really do much on that for now. My dA is the second easiest place to contact me all year round – because that’s the only other place my internet vaguely lets me go on.

I think that’s all for now, I’ll add more if I join or remember more of them ^^;

I will now proced to start posting things :D

Let’s talk politics :D

Everyones favourite topic XD Well I quite like it – I have a bad habit of watching the news constantly ^^; anyway. . . (I will be talking about the EU referendum in the UK)

I know this seems really out of character, but I have a really strong interest in politics and I’m trying to contain feelings I have this morning. I might delete this later on though.
Current mood is frustrated and disappointed to say the least. (Especially with my home country – seriously)
A part of me wants everything to go well, because I know it’s the poorest that will get worst hit and it’s difficult enough as it is. Another part of me wants everything to go so badly wrong for this country that we have to go grovelling back to the EU or descend into a inferno and carnage out of pure stubbornness (I’m in that sort of a mood where I’m very okay with either) and another final part of me just wants to find a super, massive, large, wet fish to slap people with.

Too much concentration was put on immigration and the like and many of the ugly faces of right wing notions reared their heads. If I’m completely honest the campaigning on both sides was an utter mess, purely one side one thing and the other saying the opposite, not giving any real answer, the actual situation shouldn't be that drastically different and no middle ground >.>;)
The EU is by no means perfect and that there are things that could and should be improved, but leaving it is not the right answer. We’re not as big or as ‘great’ as we once were and the world has changed a lot and it’s not going to be as easy as the leave campaigners make it out to be, because the £300+million we will now have for ourselves isn’t going to cover everything they promised, if that money is going to the NHS, where is the money going to come from to help poorer regions like the north and Wales? And the farmers and the small business subsidies? Because it was the EU that gave us the most amount of help, not the government in Westminster, if they didn’t care then, why on earth are they going to start supporting us now?

This is just the top surface of my feelings and I’m not going to say anymore, in case I say something I might later live to regret.

Also our prime minister has just resigned, I’m not exactly a fan of Dave, but considering our next potential leader is a creepy lizard who wants to ruin the economy or a very large golden retriever who likes saying funny words, oh well, could be worse, could be Trump. . . . I really hope labour win next time >.< Because then at least half of the 4 nations parliaments will match

So yeah, I’m going to draw and keep myself busy now and hopefully feel better :)