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I guess this is ill be my sort off personal blog type thing
About Me
Nicknames: Ell, Ellie Nationality: Welsh - British
Description: Short, dyed red hair, green eyes, knower of random facts, geek (and proud), quiet.
Likes: Drawing, (a lot of drawing) Anime and Manga, geeky boys, Doctor Who, Seth Green, music, chocolate, reading, history & Myths, drawing, computers, comedy shows, walks, nature and most importantly stars.

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I have the whole of my student accommodation house to myself for pretty much two weeks XD This is going to be interesting ^^;

Hi ^^ I little update I guess, I have been very busy recently, not so much with Uni work although that is a part of it, we’re in the middle of our themed project, I’m making like the prologue/intro to a story and it’s going better than the last time I attempted something like this and I’m on top of the work. I, as it turns out, really enjoy making a lot of work for myself ^^; Somebody should really stop me, I’m a danger to myself DX

So first off I went to Lisbon, Portugal the other week with my uni, but with older year groups, I knew no one, and apart from being ill for the first day and a half, I really enjoyed it, it was a really pretty place and enjoyable, tried Octopus and Vegetarian food for the first time and the Vegetarian was definitely more enjoyable. I might post a sketch dump of the stuff I drew there :) Also with Brussels sketch dump from Nov 2014, I think I’ve not mentioned that :/ ^^; Sorry

In early February I was offered the chance to sell some of my work at a book fair with some of the third years, I made two entries for them to pick from so I had a lot of work to do with that and stress and self-doubt, a lot of this :| but they turned out pretty well and I got some ideas out of it too ^^ And some of them even got sold :D I’m not sure how many yet, but one definitely did and maybe even two :D

On top of all this and other things, I think, I don’t really remember anymore I have been working on creating stuff to sell :D Like cards, postcards and stuff, so that I can hopefully sell. I’ve made Christmas, Birthday and general cards and some postcards and I’m working on more. At the moment I’m only selling locally but I want to put stuff on my etsy but I’m not sure if I’m able to, because once I finish for the summer I won’t have much internet access and so couldn’t keep tabs on any orders and so isn’t the best case at the moment ¬_¬

I have some notebook designs ready, but I would like to know, if I were to offer up notebooks would you prefer them to be lined or plain?
Here are some mockups I’ve made:

External Image

What do you think? I also want to make bookmarks and other things but I’m not sure what to put on them and stuff, but I’ll work something out :) Have you any ideas of what I could put on them?
I was planning on having a relaxing Easter break, slowly working on things and such but a large spanner was thrown into the works and now I have more work! YAY!
I have a small potted plant now . . . yeah . . I’ve had this strange urge to get one, so I got one, from Lisbon, I saw the one I wanted and it was only a few pounds and I took the chance :D Made it safely all the way back and is currently still alive, which is always good :)
Health wise, still really not that much better, but I’m able to do work and stuff, so I’m just ignoring it now XP

I really hope all is well with you guys :D

Books and speedpaints

Hi ^^ Hope everyone is doing well :) Sorry I'm still finding it hard to talk ^^;

I'll try though . . . I have two questions

1. If I was able to figure out how to make speedpaints, would anyone be interested in seeing any? and of what?

2. Has anyone got any good book recommendations? I'm trying to read more, to help with the Lovell&Iven story and other projects and for something to try relaxing with, I've not really been gaming much so I'm using reading as an alternative and to try not to work myself to death (I say try, I know I will end up doing it but anyway, better to try though)

Anything fantasy or sci-fi really ^^ but anything good that comes to mind :)

I've recently finished an anthology, Called "Wings of Renewal" that was on the theme of Solarpunk and dragons, and I really enjoyed it. Solarpunk is similar kind of genre to steampunks and the like, but it generally has a much brighter outlook to the future and is less apocalyptic, it works on the themes of renewable energy and greener future. I liked a great deal of the stories and they were really interesting and inspiring :D The characters from the stories are very diverse (Race + LGBTA wise) there wasn't much, if any violence or any sexual things and it was a really nice read :) and I wish there was more of it ^^

I began reading "Clariel" by Garth Nix, I'm unsure of this one at the moment, I like some elements and such but I'm not really getting in, so I might try it again in a while ^^
Currently reading David Attenborough's autobiography and it's really interesting :)


On a completely unrelated note, concerning tumblr, what have I done to deserve some of the people who decide to follow me? I can handle the spam bots, you just ignore them, but some of them, really? All I post is cute, fluffy stuff and occasionally try and illustrate, what interest do you guys have in me? I don't post anything you seem to be interested in, do you guys just do it to disturb me when I go and look at your blogs? or does my online presence there seem to give the appearance that I would like that stuff? or do (the most likely reason) go and follow every blog possible for follow backs? or do you genuinely have interest in my work and just have the misfortune of having a blog that makes me want to run as far away as possible? by all means, if you guys like doing that, you guys keep on doing it, just don't bring me into it, if I wanted that, I would have gone looking for it! but I didn't. my eyes genuinely hurt and I feel even more physically sick ¬_¬
Sorry that turned into a bit of rant, a blog started following me when I was in the middle of writing the main post, it doesn't usually doesn't bother me this badly, I can usually just nope myself out of there and move on wondering why, but this one was pretty in your face . . . I'm going to go and draw cute stuff to try and recover

bye :)

Objectives for 2016

Last years: http://www.theotaku.com/worlds/forever_stargazing/view/334662/objectives_for_2015/

2015 art summary

Considering how un-well I was last year, I did improve quite a bit but not as much as I would have liked and might not have completed as much of what I intended, but at least I didn’t go backwards and that has to be a good thing.

1. Carrying on with the resolutions from last year - (e.e- Continue on improving);

a. Draw more studies

b. Do another 30 day art challenge if I find something I like

2. Make some mini comics (I will make some this year! I will! . . I said that last year ^^;)

3. Make adoptables (. . .this one too . . . heh)

4. Enter more contests,

5. Work on some personal projects;

a. Lovell & Iven’s Story

b. Other secret ones - I have many ideas :)

6. Market myself more,

7. Take part in more events,

8. Re-open commissions

9. Add more work to my online stores

10. Read and write more

11. Do livestream and/or speedpaint videos

12. And that there are more that I can’t really remember at the moment ^^;

Hopefully I can achieve a great deal of these, but I will definitely work hard :)


Sorry for the sudden disappearance over the past few days but guess whose laptop decided it didn't want to be a laptop any more :D :D Mine! My laptop is about 5 years old now, and I know I should most likely get a new one pretty soon, but I like the fact that I can fix it, but on the other hand I know it's slowly ticking towards total breakdown and being unreliable.

I can fix my computer and I manage to get it somewhat up and running with in about a day, but it had corrupted Google chrome, iTunes and paint tool SAI, and because of my poor internet connection at home I struggled getting things back, I have google chrome back (I forgot how awkward IE can be) and iTunes is currently being fixed, the only thing I might have trouble is SAI, it's been corrupted or something, it's back on it's trial setting and all I get is strange symbols, I think the licence is still there so I can download it again, but a small part of me thinks I might have to buy it again DX but oh well it's a good program and it's my preferred one and it's been really good for me, might even upgrade to the newer version :)

Sorry again for the disappearance, I'll update things and do what I usually do at the end of the year tomorrow onwards, I want to finish sorting out my computer and get my brain back after getting back to uni.

I hope all is well with you guys :D

SS wish list

Hello :) This is my wish list :D for the secret santa ‘15 hosted by Keba-si-rota & Toyotami kun

Dear Secret Santa
I hope I don’t make things too difficult for you. If it’s okay could I have any one you these.
1. Me and my oc Ozzy together.
2. My oc’s doing something wintery type things
3. Dewey and Jessie being a cute little couple
4. Lovell and Iven{Picture of them} (sorry I haven't got a better for now)
5. Ozzy and Llew hanging out, doing something brotherly

Ozzy <- he's gignger, just to clarify
{LINK} where you'll find all of my oc's
Some of their profiles: Dewey, Ozzy, Jessie, Llew, Lovell & Iven.

Fan art
1. Sirius B from planetary moe
2. Anything Doctor Who
3. Fem!England X America is one (but any USUK will be a safe bet)
4. Jean X Marco from Attack on Titan (anything with these two will make me happy)
5. Makoto Tachibana from Free! Or MakoHaru

I like night sky/stars, cute things, my characters ^^ (and Makoto :D) and yeah :3

Thank you
Ellenor Mererid