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I guess this is ill be my sort off personal blog type thing
About Me
Nicknames: Ell, Ellie Nationality: Welsh - British
Description: Short, dyed red hair, green eyes, knower of random facts, geek (and proud), quiet.
Likes: Drawing, (a lot of drawing) Anime and Manga, geeky boys, Doctor Who, Seth Green, music, chocolate, reading, history & Myths, drawing, computers, comedy shows, walks, nature and most importantly stars.

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Writing month

I have been doing the NaNoWriMo this month and I am writing Lovell and Iven's story. and I have been going through a cycle of emotions, going from;

  • "I'm not very good with words, why on earth did I think trying to write a story was a good idea?!?!"
  • "What's the point? Nobody would ever read it?"
  • "I have no idea what I'm doing"
  • "I have no idea where I'm going this"
  • "I've only ever written short stories in the past" (but they were usually my only saving grace in language exams ^^;)
  • and just general feelings of hopelessness but still going through with it because I don't want to give up >.>;

And I've just been leaving myself notes saying "try and have this make sense" . . . So yeah that's what I've been doing. . .

I drew this from a little scene in the story as a bit of relief. It makes sense in context, well I at least hope it does ^^;

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Sorry for it’s rough look, it was done quicker than I usually work. I don't really like the top panel but I quite like the other panels though, especially Iven's and that I think his hand is one of the best hands I have ever drawn or will draw for a long time.

I hope you all like it :D

A quick question, I'm thinking of making a world to post stuff about Lovell and Ivens' story like snippets of the story, character bits and bobs and designs and re-designs of things and sketches and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in seeing this? or would a general one for all of my oc's would be preferred? Any opinions would be welcomed thank you :)

10 things about my Characters! Meme

tagged by a friend on dA
1. Pick three of your OC's, and include thumbnails.
2. Share ten random facts about them.
3. You MUST post these rules.
4. Tag three people when you're done.

It’s difficult to talk about 10 things about just 3 characters, I would happily talk at length about all of my characters :D So I decided with the characters I’ve chosen, they’re either new and this is an opportunity to get to know then or that they’re characters that have been for a while and I’m going to give facts that you might not have known about them. Enjoy

The characters I have chosen:
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1. He’s mixed race, Half Murri on his father side and Half Welsh on his mothers side. He gets most of his looks from his father.
2. Likes rugby and used to be captain for his school and local team, he could have gone professional but decided to stop playing shortly after his mother died.
3. Can speak 4 languages fluently, Welsh, English, French, and Spanish. He can only speak a bit of the Murri language but wishes to learn more and he’s trying learn Irish for fun and talking to Ricky.
4. He really enjoys traveling and has been to quite a few places, he prefers walking and hiking.
5. He likes and is really good at singing, but he’s incredibly shy and doesn’t really like people, even close friends and family, hear him sing.
6. His full name is Dainan, and it means kind hearted and the name is very well suited to him :D He’s a big friendly giant XD
7. He currently owns two cats, ones called Tallulah and the other is called Toff (short for Toffee), and used to own a Bernese mountain dog, named Enid, that lived until she was 12
8. He’s generally quite happy about his appearance, but he does get self-conscious about his weight and size, he knows he’s fit and healthy, but people make off-hand comments about his size. He’s a bit chunky but it’s mostly muscle under it (if that sentence made any sense now, sorry ^^;)
9. They’re all good friends in the group, but he has a closer friendship with Andre and Ricky.
10. He puts himself under a lot of pressure to live up to his parents expectations and being there for his friends.
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1. Iven did not learn how to read until he began traveling with Lovell and Lovell has been teaching and encouraging him, but he can barely write. Iven doesn’t find academic learning easy, especially the system in Vorisdon, so Lovell teaches him and uses apps/programs to teach him.
2. Although he can’t write very well, he can draw quite well and is improving. Likes drawing people and complex patterns. He is also ambidextrous.
3. Like I said he finds academic learning difficult, but he can learn skills and techniques and spoken languages quickly.
4. He struggles to make friends and doesn’t really like people to touch him. But he managed to bond very quickly with Lovell. They both share a sense of curiosity but Iven has his feet firmly on the ground.
5. During the course of the story he develops PTSD and for spoiler reasons can’t say how, but his symptoms take form in Nightmares, loss of interest in things, and separation anxiety. He also has hyperarousal, but it’s difficult to differentiate between what was caused by the event and what he’s like naturally. Lovell encourages him to draw as it seems to calm him as does talking about random stuff and asking questions with Lovell, like how his skin tone is closer to Dalla’s than Lovell and his people and how Avivi has eyes like him but Lovell doesn’t.
6. He doesn’t like it when people waste stuff, especially food, and believes that you should always have something to eat when offered, because you never know when you’ll eat next. And has a habit of slightly hoarding food.
7. He will get his tattoo when he’s 13, it’s the earliest age he could get it, even though he’s met the criteria early on. His tattoo will be in a similar style to that of his parents. The average age is usually about 18.
8. He’s an only biological child of his parents but they’d adopted a young boy named Nalin, who’d lost his parents during the destruction of Mlialiezi. Nalin is now Azlyn’s apprentice to eventually take over her role as head priestess. They get along pretty well, but Iven can very easily beat him whenever he play fights with Nalin.
9. He’s able to use his feet pretty well to pick things up, open things and so on. He also a bit pigeon-toed and has two routinely do exercises to treat them and they’re a lot better than they used to be.
10. The bow and arrow he carries around with him was made for him by his father.
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1. He has a gaming channel/vlog and quite a large following; he plays a verity of games and does challenges. He invites Ozzy to play along with him at times, it’s quite funny when he is as Ozzy isn’t very good at games, whenever Ozzy plays it ends up more like DanAndPhil games rather than serious high quality gaming. He also likes playing scary games alone in the dark.
2. He needs glasses for reading and such, but hardly ever wears them.
3. When his hair is grown long it goes curly, it used to grow just wavy, but has gotten curlier as he’s gotten older. This is why he keeps his hair so short.
4. Ozzy and Llew aren’t biologically brothers, Llew is technically Ozzy’s uncle, but they’ve been raised together and they have a really strong and close bond.
5. He boxes, and is Middleweight/super middleweight class.
6. He may seem confident and cocky, he actually doesn’t have much self-confidence and has a lot of doubt about himself.
7. His father left his mother before he was born, and he’s never had much of a relationship with his mother and she is kinda the reason he doubts himself and stuff.
8. He is the one who got Ozzy his choker.
9. He’s currently studying engineering/mechanic and taking a side course of photography. He isn’t very good on the mathematical side of engineering but excels when it comes to the intuitive side of things and getting things to work and coming up with things.
10. His hobbies include Surfing, boxing, photography, football, messing with Ozzy, a bit of doodling and coming up with things to build.

I hope you guys enjoyed this :D

I tag kitamikichi, stephanpwinc and Chipolvee :)

Look at what I have :D

Look who’s here!!! :D
External Image

(Iven actually loves it XD – it’s just the most recent thing I’ve drawn of him)
I have my very own Iven plush made by the wonderful and talented theplushielady :D
He’s much cuter in real life and my pictures do him no justice ^^; (also I keep on forgetting that Iven has freckles now and so I forgot to ask about them – but that’s my fault ^^;)
He has his bow and arrows and it’s carrier (they’re also detachable :D) He has three cute dinky arrows, more than enough for Iven to successfully take down a large army XD
I love it so much :D I wanted to photograph him with my stuffed dogs but they’re not currently with me :( (I regret not bringing them with me).
He’s so cute :D I’m a very happy bunny
I hope you all like him :)

Update ^^

Hi ^^ how is everyone?

Thought I'd update with what is going on with me :)
I've started university and I've been here a week and so far I'm doing well, I worked out a little routine for myself, and now I have that I'm champion I can do it ^^ I don't think I'll have to worry too much about money with the amount of grant I'm getting to support myself and I'm getting to grips with the new place and the work load is definitely something I can handle and still do my own stuff too ^^
I can post more things now hopefully, I have a better seating arrangement now and it's making it easier ^^

I'm still ill and I've got this strange tingling/numb sensation in my left hand and I'm going to make an appointment on Monday to see a doctor at this place and hopefully that these guys will take me serious and not make assumptions ¬_¬

Now a question in recent sketch marathon submission I have been coming up with new characters for a new project thing and I would like to know what you guys think of it in general and first impressions of them ^^
Last question, I want to have a tote bag and have one of my drawings on it but I don't know what yet, any suggestions?

I hope all is well you guys :D :D

Summer time~

*discreetly brushes away cobwebs* Hi ^^
How is everyone? Thank you for the kind comments in the previous post ^^
I’m still not much better but I’m going to try and get back into the swing of things :) I wanted to do another 30 days challenge this year but I want to try and concentrate on getting myself better again and art wise just do some general exercises to improve my art, especially my illustrations, so that won’t put any pressure on me to have a post a day ^^
I’m going to do some memes like the draw this again memes to see improvements, there’s a colour wheel meme thing going around and I want to try and be able to complete it by the end of the summer (I have a lot of the colours missing ^^;), and there are some other general ones like a face shape challenge and some exercise from Conceptcookie and I’m going to do some studies too and other stuff ^^ There’s a lot there and I’ll try not to make myself worse but I’m pretty sure I’m a glutton for punishment XD
I’m also looking for art based events and contests to join in, because I had so much fun in the round robin comic and one held by MangaKid. There are some contests I’m going to join but I’ve not seen any around yet, have you guys any in mind?
Commission will soon be re-opened with up-dated prices and I’ve opened a redbubble and added work to it and society6 and that here they are Society6 and Redbubble
I hope to productive and post more, I don’t know when I start uni for sure but I’m sure it’s not until mid-September at least ^^;

Also have you guys heard that Paint Tool Sai is getting and update? It’s in beta mode, has some bugs and hasn’t been translated yet but the updates look really useful. It will have a text layer!!! :D and you can have the update for free if you have a fully licenced version already!! :D Here’s a link to read for yourselves ^^

I hope you guys are having a nice summer/time :D