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I guess this is ill be my sort off personal blog type thing
About Me
Nicknames: Ell, Ellie Nationality: Welsh - British
Description: Short, dyed red hair, green eyes, knower of random facts, geek (and proud), quiet.
Likes: Drawing, (a lot of drawing) Anime and Manga, geeky boys, Doctor Who, Seth Green, music, chocolate, reading, history & Myths, drawing, computers, comedy shows, walks, nature and most importantly stars.

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Kinda Alive

Hi ^^;
Just a journal to apologise for the sporadic posts/lack of updates recently, the reason is that I haven't been very well since about November, and I have been drawing it's just that they've just been sketches mostly and the few full illustrations I've drawn, I haven't had it in me to type up the things that go with them, but I'm going to try and get to it soon as I can.

I'm also in the middle of revamping worlds/proffie/tumblrs and add more work to Society6 and I think I might start a red bubbble instead of a zazzle, it has less things available but the shipping is a lot cheaper (so fairer on people) and seems easier to use.

Again I'm very sorry and I hope you guys are well :)

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Objectives for 2015

Last years

I think I’ve been able to improve and been able to reach my goals for 2014 but I’m still going to keep them as I still have a lot to improve :) My art summary for this year

1. Carrying on with the resolutions from last year - (e.e- Continue on improving)
a. Draw more studies
b. Maybe do another 30 day art challenge if I find something I like
c. Try out new methods of illustrations (water colour, paper illustration/shadowbox)
2. Make some mini comics (I will make some this year! I will! XD)
3. Make adoptables (Ditto this one too XD)
4. Make money with my art – Attempt to make more than I have in 2014 and save the money up for uni.
a. Commissions & Cards
b. Society6 & Zazzle
c. Anything else I come accross
5. Enter more contests
6. Get into a good university
a. Need to get a good portfolio together.
7. Work on some personal projects
a. Lovell & Iven’s Story
b. Sketch marathon
c. Other secret ones 8D
8. Work on more crafts, I rather neglected it during 2014
9. Try and go to a convention so I can visit an artist alley.

I hope you all have a great 2015 :D

SS wishlist

Hello :) This is my wishlist :D for the secret santa ‘14 hosted by ItachiSasuke, Mangakid and Aryia.

Dear Secret Santa
I hope I don’t make things too difficult for you. If it’s okay could I have any one you these.
1. Me and my oc Ozzy together.
2. My oc’s doing something wintery type things
3. Dewey and Jessie being a cute little couple
4. Lovell and Iven {Picture of them} {they're special folder} (sorry I haven't got a better onw)
5. Ozzy and Llew hanging out, doing something brotherly

Ozzy <- he's gignger, just to clarify
{LINK} where you'll find all of my oc's

Some of their profiles: Dewey, Ozzy, Jessie, Llew, Lovell & Iven,

Fan art
1. A planetary moe pic {LINK}
2. Sirius B from planetary moe
3. Anything Doctor Who
4. Freckle and Ivy from Lackadaisy
6. (I’d ask for a pairing from hetalia but I have to many XD) Fem!England X America is one (but any USUK will be a safe bet)
7. Jean X Marco from Attack on Titan (anything with these two will make me happy)

I like night sky/stars, cute things, my characters ^^ and yeah ^^

Thank you
Ellenor Mererid


Tagged by Kita Mikichi
Rule one: Always post the rules.
Rule two: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write eleven new ones.
Rule three: Tag as many people as possible and let them know you tagged them!!

1. What's one series (anime, manga, book or TV) you feel is terribly underrated?
Most of the shows I watch ^^;
2. What's one series (anime, manga, book or TV) you feel is terribly overrated?
Shows like ‘the only way is Essex’, seriously, the adverts alone annoy me
3. Any anime series you're looking forward to in the Fall lineup?
Eh he he he I don’t know the list ^^;
4. If a "mon" anime was real, which "mon" would you love to have as your partner?
Patamon from Digimon and Flaremon from Pokemon

5. Name at least one video game on your wishlist.
Fire Emblem and Pokemon x/y (Why are they so expensive ;n;)
6. Who's your favorite Smash Bros. character?
Link (?)
7. Do you have any pets?
No :(
8. Do you have any siblings?
No :(
9. It's back to school time for most of us, I think -- do you like your teachers?
I’ve not met them yet, I just hope I get along better with them, than I have done with past art teachers.
10. What is your favorite/least favorite class so far?
I don’t mind most classes, as long as there are no annoying people and I don’t have to talk in front of class :)
11. A carton of ice cream has magically appeared in your freezer. What flavor is it?
Chocolate, what a silly thing to ask :q X3

1. Fave no manga artist?
2. Popcorn sweet or salted?
3. Costa or Starbucks?
4. Fave bird?
5. Ideal home?
6. Fave genera of books?
7. Fave tv program?
8. Least fave tv program?
9. Do you like cooking? If so what do you like cooking te most? If not what do you like being cooked for you the most?
10. Rural, sub-urban, or urban living?
11. Fave season?

I’m not going to tag anyone specific as I know school has re-started again and people may not have much time to do it, but anyone who reads this can do it :) or you guys can answer the questions in the comments if you’d like ^^

Update 2

I have gotten a place on an art foundation course. That means 5 ish hours journey a day and a full day at the college, so there might not be as much art from me, but I have got some art backlog and I will upload work I do there to show you guys too! But if I’ve disappeared by mid-October, it’ll be safe to say I will be dead XD Morn if you want or send iced tea or red berry fruit soother as a revival XD I might be going to Brussels in November :) I don’t start college until the 15th/22nd of this month so I can have a little more holiday and draw for myself and finish some things off :)

I hope all is well with you guys :D