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I guess this is ill be my sort off personal blog type thing
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Nicknames: Ell, Ellie Nationality: Welsh - British
Description: Short, dyed red hair, green eyes, knower of random facts, geek (and proud), quiet.
Likes: Drawing, (a lot of drawing) Anime and Manga, geeky boys, Doctor Who, Seth Green, music, chocolate, reading, history & Myths, drawing, computers, comedy shows, walks, nature and most importantly stars.

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Summertime freedom

I’m freeeeeee, no more exams :D I had my last exam yesterday morning and I have finished college (yay!! but a part of me is going to miss it and I don’t know why XD) I still have a few more things left to do there but I’ve essentially finished now and have over two whole months or more of summer holidays :D (I’m not sure when university starts so I could have something nearing at 3 months) and I’m going to keep myself busy and be productive!

I’m more certain of my choices of what I want to do at university this time around, I’ve chosen to study Business studies and fine art at one uni and my backup is education studies and fine art so I can get the best of both worlds and I know I can still become a barrister afterwards if I wanted to :) For now I’m just going to do art and relax and not have to worry about any of this until the mid/end of august ^^

I’m going to be updating my commission prices and examples as they are really old now, I only have a few more examples to make. I also want to update and stuff my worlds, dA profile and tumblr and just generally make them look better ^^
Also I think I may need to go and see a doctor soonish as my wrist is making it very painful to draw or do anything :(

I have got things to do over the summer and here’s the list:
- I will make adoptable this year XD
- Do the little fashion things, I have got ideas for this but I haven’t found a suitable style to draw them in.
- Make and sell some cards and I have an idea to make some magnets too –this is after being inspired by what Mangakid wants to do.
- Work hard on improving again this year
- 4koma round robin (I’m in the process of drawing it and I’ll try and upload the 1st panel tomorrow)
- Trading card event (sketched ideas)
- A 30 day improvement challenge – I’ll be uploading them day by day as a fan comic on theO and on tumblr and a compilation every week or so on dA and as separate deviation if they’re a good enough. If anyone else wants to do this I’ll give you a link to the themes so you guys can take part too.
- Also going to work on Lovell and Iven’s story :D

So that’s an update from me, I hope all is well with you guys and that you guys are having or going to have a great summer.

Recently bothered by something

I don't know why but recently I've become apprehensive and a little bit scared of uploading my art here and on dA. I really don't know why, I haven't received any negative comments or anything, I'm not in a art block, I have been making art, I have a few ready, and I have been quite productive but I haven't posted anything and I feel bad for not posting anything, and I'm sorry about that :(

I'll try and force myself to upload something tomorrow


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Just be warned I may me not very good at this

Art Exam

I’ve finished my art exam yesterday, I had 12 hours of it over Wednesday, Thursday and a bit on Friday ^^ I was going to write up about it yesterday but I was too tired sorry and passed out on my bed ^^;

As part of my exam I did 1 painting, and 15 little illustrations and sew them into a little book ^^ It turned out okay :) I was going to give you a preview but I couldn’t scan any of them. But when I get them back I will scan them and upload them here and you guys will get extra pictures and bonuses and everything :D My arms still hurt a little but I’m okay I’m going to relax and draw my own things this weekend :)

My other exams start in a month or so and I won’t be on as much when I study. I only have about 4 exams, 2 law and 2 business which isn’t too bad :) So during that time I will have drawn some drawings/other things maybe too so I won’t be off the radar completely so yey!! :D

I’m going to be updating my commission info and examples too :D
I also want to host a challenge soon, I have almost finished my example picture but I’m struggling with a name for it ^^;

Well I hope all is well with you guys :)


I have none :(

I've had no electricity at my place since Wednesday :( It's cold, I am ill and don’t want to be in college and I've essentially gone to college purely just to be warm, my arms are failing me :( and I haven't been able to draw much D: D: I want to draw my entries for Keba si rota's challenge, and I have two planned things but I will only have time to draw one of them, but I will still draw the other one and just give it as a gift.
but considering most of the west country is under water I'm luckier than them. ^^

I just wanted to update on why I haven’t been on much recently, but I have got some sketches that I’ll upload, once I can scan them.

I hope all is well with you guys :)