Explanation + Markers

Just needed to change the last journal/post.

I just think I should explain a little now here,
I don’t like being a burden on people and I don’t like saying when there is something wrong with me or has made me upset, because I have such a distrust and fear in people that I don’t want to tell people what’s wrong and that I don’t want to be burden on any one or constantly moan and complain and generally annoy people, with updates filling up their messages. And so I keep it all deep inside of me, until sometimes it just has to come out.
I’ve suffered from depression since I was 12/13 years old and I have an anxiety disorder, thus meaning that sometimes things can get too much for me, but no one around me seems to notice. I try to stay as cheerfull as I can, but I can’t always keep it up. I try not to constantly moan, because I have to deal with someone like that at collage, who moans just for the sake of moaning and whose life is much better considering the lives people around them and with no consideration for other people, and I don’t want to be like that, and I hope I’m not.
So thank you everyone very much for being so concerned about me, it was really nice and touching. I hope I can get back to happier place soon and that I haven’t fallen to back into ‘it’
A lonely little wallflower forever stargazing

‘And now for something completely different’ XD
And now for a happy update :) I have gotten myself some copic markers, only skin colour though, but my friend Ari said she’d by me some coloured ones for my Christmas/birthday present :D
If anyone has any tips on how to use them it would be greatly appreciated :D
The colours I have are, Skin white, pinkish white, pale grape, blush, and Dull ivory
I hope to be able to practice them over the Christmas holidays :)

I hope you guys are having a good time at your end, and I’ll speak again soon :D