Happy New Year - 18 today

I turn 18 today yay (she says, unenthusiastically!)
Yeah I’m not looking forward to it, because I’ll be legally old enough to drink and go into pubs and clubs and stuff, whoopee, that’s brilliant news for the teetotal, who is scared stiff of large nosy crowds! And because I’m one of the eldest of my friends I will be dragged into one of those horrid noisy crowded places just so I can look after whilst they get drunk and I think that’s what I’m looking forward for the least. Also there seems to be this culture of that everyone expects you to drink and no one seems to understand the phrase, “no I don’t drink” and 8/10 times they’ll just look at you as if your head has just separated from your body and that it’s floating in front of them, but I look about 15 so I have a few years of getting turned away at the door :D
I’m not doing anything special, going to try and sleep all the way until about noon or later and maybe do one or two nice things. The whole not doing something for my birthday seemed to have annoyed/surprised one of my friends to the point that she was demanding me to have one (just so she can drink ¬_¬’) I didn’t want anything special because I feel awkward being the center of attention and well I don’t know, I just didn’t know what to do ^^;
So do you think anyone will mind if I stay 17 for another year?

I am looking forward to spending my third birthday on here at theO as you guys are always so nice to me and I look forward to spend another year here with all of you :D

And I hope you all have a wonderful and great 2013 :D