update + goals for 2017

I'm finally back and have proper internet connection :D :D Thank you to everyone for being patient with me :)

here to the yearly tradition and it's better late than never ^^; ^^;
Last years: [LINK]

2016 art summary: [LINK]

Art/work related:
1. Carrying on with the resolutions from last year - (e.e- Continue on improving);
2. Make more mini comics (I honestly have done some, I just never post them ^^; getting there at least)
3. Enter more contests,
4. Work on some personal projects;
a. Lovell & Iven’s Story
b. Building Avalon – work out a plot and script/detail it
c. Other secret ones - I have many ideas :)
5. Try and get a AA table
6. Take part in more events,
7. Read and write more
8. Maybe do livestream and/or speedpaint videos
9. Animate more
10. <strike>Try and to make more money :D *bricked* </strike>
11. Many stuff many stuffs

1. Keep running
2. Read more
3. Try and go into London (Don’t judge! It terrifies me!)
4. I want to do a bit of volunteering but the one I want to do means being on a island for a week away from everything but I don’t think I can in the summer due to on going dental treatment.
5. Watch less news (I have a bad habit of watching a little bit too much news – I watch it practically constantly XD ^^;)
6. Other stuff :D