My Challenge Winners!

Guys, I almost forgot to judge my challenge XD
It's hard to decide only 3 winners, I want to make at least 5 winners, but theO won't allow me. Anyway, congratulations for winning my contest, TokyoHaru, Ritona Raito, and Timcanpy14 <3

External Image
Oh, I love it, everything is perfect, the typography, colors and picture.

External Image
Just as I expected from the great Ritona Raito, I adore her typography. The scan is so fashionable and catchy.

External Image
Hm.. winter is my favorite season. This card is just beautiful <3

So.. thank you for all the great entries in my challenge! Love you guys!

I've decided to give prizes for the winners,
First: Wallpaper or card
Second: Card
Third: Err.. a gift!

Hohoho!! I know I'm lack of generosity XP