Nearly died~

I nearly died today. It's a fact. I nearly died because of dehydration. My parents are asking me why but they already know the reason. We climb up a mountain that is 300 meters high from sea level, which heights 100 floors of an ordinary building in the city. They are aware that I am anemic, a person with anemia. I inherit it from my grandmother on my mother side.
ANEMIA is a disease in the low production of red blood cells that transports oxygen through-out the body. Because of that a person has a low immune system.
I sat there down on the side of the street, because the mountain is a station of the cross and there is road for cars but our car was park on the entrance.
I could only thank God that keeps my heart beating until now. God is really good.

Memory Book

I am planning to have my cosplay that's why,, I start making the Memory Book from Tsubasa Chronicle,, I am gonna cosplay as Syaoran from the Recourt arc... It is still under construction!!


Hien,, is coming!! Otosan said that he will ask his worker for the making of my hien sword that will be used for my Syaoran cosplay... I think it will still take time before I was able to cosplay him,,, but just wait and see,, it will be someday... :))


I am really not in a bad mood, it is just a feeling that even I am with my friend I still don't feel that I even exist in her world... But, I wonder what I could do to change her... :((

The Hunger Games 2012

I am really excited with the Hunger Games film on March 23, 2012!!! I can't wait!! Go Katniss!! :)) Listening to the official sound "Safe and Sound" by Taylor Swift.... It is such a nice song after all!! :))