My Poetry book: Version 2

I've collected all my poems scattered through out the net and in my note books to produce this latest version of my collected poetic works. I do have a few fans and hope (quite dearly) to win a few more over with my tiny twiddles of rhyme, But more importantly I wish to get feed back on my works. I hope that one day after I’m long dead and forgotten some really bored scholar will look over these scraps and ponder the creative mind behind them…oh well, I can dream. So-

Greetings ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to KitsuneWannaBe’s Poetry book V2.
No need to grumble about sales taxes, publishers, or killing trees it’s all here, all free, (and all copyrighted) and here for your leisure.

Three Words feedback, Feedback, FEEDBACK. I’d love to hear how much I suck and don’t know a thing about rhyme, really I would. And if you happen to like a poem I’d love to hear about that too. Last I checked Otaku and MangaFox (the other site I frequent) are free and really fun if you have some free time and would like to comment freely on my works.

Some more poems (in progress)

Hello my phantom lady-
Like moon, both light and shady.

Every aspect plain and fancy
But life and love are rather chancy.

Both shade and shine in the meshing,
Your words are cold and refreshing.

A heart of Gold is like a heart of Stone
And spends the hours lost, alone.

So, good night, my phantom lady-
My beautiful, silver lady.



There is a star I cannot reach There- High up in the sky. As the lonesome traveler I can preach, But my soul’s to weak to try. Each step I take is not enough It flies only further away. I’m no...

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Short Poems

There once was a clever young kitten
Who read anything that was written.
But she said "Deary Me!
"This simply can't be!
"There's more then my mind can fit in!"
Dreams are born on dragon's wings;
The wind on lover's sighs;
And a host of splendid things
Because the hero tries.
Oh, I whish I had a Pizza!
What a glorious dream that'd be,
'Cuz if I had a pizza
It'd be all for me.
Blue is the Raven,
Black is the Sky,
No soul is left cravin'
No man shall ever die
Society's like a house of cards
Where criminals leave their brand,
But if you remove the bottom
Where are the rest left to stand?
If wings were made of silver,
If hearts were made of gold,
How could their souls hope to bare
Such a heavy load ?
Blue is the Raven
Black is the Sky
No soul is left cravin’
No man shall ever die
If wings were made of silver
If hears were made of gold
How could their souls hope to bear
Such a heavy load?
Gray, gray, gray, gray
Today’s a very boring day
Too late for snow
Too early for May
Skies were blue, but now they’re gray
Ah-kree-lee, Ah-kree-lee
What’s the price of your soul?
A ticket to heaven or the devil’s pay toll?
Maybe we humans have no place on this Earth
But to supper with worms
And sleep in the dirt.
I wanna be a kitsune,
But I don’t have the ears;
I wanna be a warrior
And face my darkest fears;
Any life worth living
Is worth living it in style;
To give yourself and inch
You’ll take yourself a mile.
A book of poems
Is easily bought.
Writing poems
Is easy not!
Especially when
Your writing is blocked,
And inspiration
hasn’t knocked
In a very, very long time.
Some people are like the wind…
The time we meet them is as brief as a summer’s breeze;
But they whisper words of comfort in out ears.
Then as sudden as they appeared ,
They are gone.
And we are left with the sweet nothings they promised us
To tuck away in our hearts

Some people are like the Sun…
They light with world with the light of their wisdom-
Without such brilliance the earth would seem dark and unwanted.
But without the earth to shine on
Their light is obsolete
And they would have no purpose in life.


Some people are like the Rain…
They are sometimes soft and gentle
Or they can wield the wrath of a summer storm.
They are realists
who bring us back down to earth and cool our heads.
But that peace can become gloom
And after a while we long
For the limitlessness of the blue sky


Some people are like the Earth…
Steady as a rock,
We know we can always lean on them
They are stubborn too-
And as easy to sway as moving a mountain
But at times they can wield with
Enthusiasm as powerful as a landslide.
And we end up both at their mercy and in their care.


Please Gentlemen, oh gentlemen-
Be prudent with your word.
A lady’s heart isn’t fragile-
But like the hawk on the wing and
Yet still like a song bird.


Do not weep, Do not despair,
There’s nothing time can’t repair-
Or destroy
-Or so it seems-
Of life’s many wondrous things.


Oh, Who am I? Oh, Who am I?

Oh, who am I? Oh, who am I,
Without a form or face?
In the mirror’s a reflection that
My mind can’t seem to trace.

Oh, who am I? Oh, who am I,
If life’s a candle’s flame?
When all my dreams have turned to ash
Who is there left to blame?

Oh, who am I? Oh, who am I,
Can no one tell me so?
If love’s gaze does not turn my way
I fear I’ll never know.

Oh, who am I? Oh, who am I,
The one they see me as?
Shaped by the blueprints in my blood
That everybody has?

Oh, who am I? Oh, who am I,
A phantom trapped in time?
The days well spent upon this earth
Will some of them be mine?

Oh, who am I? Oh, who am I,
Just memories that passed?
My drunken visions glossed by time
Who knew they wouldn’t last?

Oh, who am I? Oh, who am I,
Is there for me a place?
Before I’m captured by death’s hold
I must prepare my case.


As the Title says, these poems are Titled and slightly more...formal? perhaps of my twittles. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~Cash and Clovers~ Clovers on the street side Cl...

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