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Theirs a secret lab on the outskirts of town and two friends have always been curious about just what is in there. Even though some of the adults around town say that there is nothing in that building except for storage for the plant on the other side of town. But these kids think differently and they want to find out just what is going on in there. Though when they do what’s going to happen will they be trapped with no way out? Or will they be able to get out unharmed?


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Aki Hoshi
Takumi Katsu

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We're out, but what did they do?

-Takumi- I watched them take Mai out of the room. “NO…no…please…” I chocked as the door slammed shut and I was left there chained to the wall. I couldn’t do anything. I could break the ch...

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More Information and More Lab Time

~*Mai*~ Finishing up eating, I set my plate in the sink and brushed my wrist against the faucet my accident. “Ouch…” My wrist was turning black and blue from where the guy had grabbed me earlier. I grabbed a small ice pac...

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What is this?

-Takumi- “Where do you want to go next I asked?” Putting the bag in on hand and taking her hand in the other. “Can we go to debs?!” She asked excitedly. “Sure.” I smiled at her and she let g...

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Hair and Shopping!

~*Mai*~ I felt myself wake up slowly. I was warm, and so very comfortable. My eyes fluttered open, but I didn’t see anything. I blinked, thinking maybe I was just a little drowsy still. Nothing changed. ‘What’s going o...

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Long Time No post

-Takumi- “Did you feel anything when you accidently kissed Mai?” Aki asked me. At first I wasn’t too sure how she knew about that but then again Mai and Aki were best friends so then again it made since that they wo...

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