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Meet Barbara

Name: Barbara
Age: 7
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Height: 4'5"
Weight: 57lbs
Hair: Short Curly Pigtails, white/silvery
Eyes: Large Twinkly, powder blue, heavy eyeliner and eyelashes. Often described as "creepy"
Clothes: Mythril Tunic, Black Sparkly Tutu, Boots, tights, fake pixie wings
Other Physical Characteristics:
Flaws: Overly addicted to sweets, sees dead people, totally creepy and stalkerly
Skills: Freakishly Strong, Rather fast, good at fighting.
Personality: Creepy, gothic/emo type person, practically fearless, motivated (?) Idk if that's the right word, but basically she just keeps going, endless energy, just goes and kills.
Speaking Pattern: Childish, doesn't understand a lot of words, but sweet.
~Color: Black/Silver
~Food: Candy
~Activities: drawing disturbing pictures and giving them to people.
~Holiday: Halloween
~Animal: spider

Occupation: Warrior
Weapons: Giant Smashhammer

Random other info:


Meet Renylindus

I don't have a good pic yet, but there is a doodle of her here.

Name: Renylindus Akkum (Ren-E-lin-des Ah-koom)
Age: Several Thousand
B-day: May 3rd
Height: 5 feet
Weight: 65 lbs
Hair: Hardly any, a few black whisps poking out of bandages, but wears a long black wig.
Eyes: One Visible, yellowish color
Clothes: Cream color bandage covering all body, but one eye. When disguising in public, she wears baggy jeans, a hoodie, and often bandannas.
Other Physical Characteristics: Skinny, Frail, crumbly (?) Mummified. Dark petfried skin.
Flaws: Not complete control over powers, shy.
Fears: Dirt, people- especially historians.
Skills: Physic powers- 1)Telepathic communication 2)Read, alter and control a persons thought and actions *but only when direct eye contact is held*
Personality: Friendly, but shy. Artistic, intelligent.
Speaking Pattern: Does not speak verbally, uses telepathic communication.
~Color: Purple
~Food: N/A
~Activities: Anything that involves art and music
~Holiday: Nile Flood Day (Legit Holiday, I googled it.)
~Toothpaste: N/A

Background: *Copied and pasted, because I'm too lazy to summarize my own work.*
"My mother was a servant, workring as a handmaiden for the pharo's wife. Over time they became good friends. My mother found out that she was with child, and went to tell the pharo's wife, and found that she too was soon to have her first child. They were both extatic. Unfortunatly, health issues occured, and my mother died during early child birth. No one knew who my father was, I should have been thrown out... but fortunaly the wife also had her child that day, and she lied saying that we were both her children. We were raised as sisters, and were as close as them. Until the truth leaked out. That was when I was about 17. The Pharoh no longer wanted me living in his household, however, he had come to know me as his daughter, so he bought me a nice home of my own to live in. I was still close to his real daughter though, and we spent all our time together. Until one day, when she mysteriously dissapeared. I had momentarily forgotten that I was unwelcome at the palace, and I went to search for her. What I found wasn't a pleasant surprise, and let's just leave it at that. So, I tried to run for help, but... someone caught me, and they killed me. Or tried too. Unbeknownst to them, they had only knocked me unconsious. And unbeknownst to ME, they had me mummified, and put away for several thousand years...
And about 3 or so years ago, I was discovered by some arciologists. They had planned to put me in a musuem, but that's when I learned of my telepathic powers. I somehow called out for help, and a wealthy young gentleman heard me. He offered to buy me for a large sum of money. I was then taken to his home. The man spoke to me, and we spoke for a long time. He never touched me, because he could sense my fear. but after several weeks of speaking.. well of him speaking, and me... anyways, after a few weeks, we had become friends, and I suddenly desired to see him. I asked him to remove my bandage, just enough that I could see him. That's when I discovered my second power. When the bandage fell from my face, I saw not only the handsome man that stood in front of me, but I saw into him. I saw his thought, his desires, his hopes and dreams.
Eventually we fell in love, and got along well for about a bit, but due to my... state of being, I was unable to leave the mansion. That's when he discovered this school, and decieded to send me..."

-Yet to be named/created boyfriend
Occupation: Monster/Student learning to blend into the Human world.
Weapons: powers

Random other info:


Meet New Years Day!

*Pic to be added later*

Name: New Years Day
Age: --
B-day: January 1st
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 146 lbs
Hair: Short spiky bright red
Eyes: Blue
Clothes: Tanks or tees that have the year printed on them. Shorts of varying lengths, earthy colors- red, brown green. Wears Harry Potter style glasses, because she thinks it makes her look smart. Punk jewelry, studs.
Other Physical Characteristics: Tat on left arm of a heart covered in barbed wire.
Personality: "Spunky" She's kind of rude, but people love to be around her because she is a party animal. She's daring.
Speaking Pattern:
~Color: Red/Black combination
~Food: cocktail weiners
~Activities: Parties
~Holiday: New Years

Background:All of the Holidaze characters were chosen before their birth as guardians of each respective Holiday. Currently in this story, they are attending a magical school where they learn their powers and abilities.
~New Years Eve: Younger Brother, but people don't know it as they often ignore each other.
~April Fool's Day: Best Friend and Roommate
~Father's Day: Ex-Boyfriend.
Occupation: Holiday Guardian

Random other info:
-Created for a story that I was going to write with my friend, she made all the months (teachers) and I made all the holidays (students) but then we never ended up writing the story...


Meet Master Yorn

*Pic to be added later*

Name: Jeremy Yorn
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 150 ish
Hair: Maroon, shoulder length, straight, often pulled into a short ponytail and hidden by his hood
Eyes: Blue, Often covered by hood
Clothes: Red/Brown Monk Robes with Hood
Other Physical Characteristics:
Skills: Interdimensional space/time travel, Herbal medicines
Personality: Always teaching, he is kind and gets along especially well with children.
Speaking Pattern:
~Color: Baby Blue
~Food: Nuts
~Activities: Helping others, teaching
~Holiday: Christmas.

Background: As a child he was dropped off at one of those places where they train and raise monks (I can't remember what it's called) So he was raised as a monk, but he never really completely adapted to the lifestyle of it. Somehow he gained the ability to travel between realms and random stuff like that.
~Satoshi: His Apprentice, who he picks up from time to time to help him with tasks.
Weapons: None, he's a peaceful person.

Random other info:
-Kind of like a "Doctor Who" type character, however he was not inspired by Doctor Who as I invented him before I started watching that show, it's just easier to describe now that I've seen it...
-Plays Santa at orphanages every Christmas