Ok.....Well, this is mostly me just complaining about my life, the universe and various boys, girls and Daynas at my school!! I think this is a blog - NOT a good thing - and will basically give out any boring information about my day...... Ok, byeee for now!!


Kimono, parties and Blousey Brown!

Hello again!! I've been busy (as per usual) so I haven't had chance to post since the auditions! The cast list went up and I'm Blousey!! I was kinda gutted, cause I really wanted to be Tallulah, but reading through the script I guess I identify with Blousey more! And Tallulah is a bit of a bitch. The girl who got the part is called Naomi, who's nice, but not someone who I'd hang around with on a daily basis - a bit too backstabbing and popular... So anyways, Liam is Bugsy! He's proper happy, he didn't calm down for about a week! I thought Jack would get it, but he's a more minor character. My friend Joe is Fat Sam (who owns the speakeasy), which is a bit annoying, cause I don't know why he auditioned... I have suspicions though. Rehearsals start next week!

Aaaaah, I'm on my mid-term break now! I'm child minding a few days this week, which is earning me some money! YAY!! I was randomly searching the internet, and I found that you can buy kimonos on ebay!! XD And for not too much either! I kinda got my heart set on this gorgeous pale pink kimono with a dark pink large paisley pattern with stylized wisteria and chrysanthemum! So I bid on it, but someone else bought it! :'(

But my parents say that i might be able to have one for Christmas! Probably not with the obi (sash-tie-waist-thing) and the underclothes, but it's a start!

It's Liam's birthday party on Thursday, and I'm a bit confused. If it's a "house party" (ie. booze and crazy music and, knowing my lot, smoking weed), then why has he made an invitation list? And if he's only having a few friends round for a chat, how come he invited about 30 people? Confusing! And I've actually never got drunk before, so I don't think I'll risk it if we do! And there is NO WAY IN HELL I'm smoking weed! And I think I'm just going to get him a card and give him some money, cause I dunno what you get a 15-year-old boy!! OMG, we're all turning 15....SCARY!!

Wow, I've run out of things to say!




Hmph. This is the second time I've started writing. Last time I almost finished, but the my internet crashed!! AAARGH!! I wrote looooaaadds too!! So I'm going to start again.

I had an audition today, for Bugsy Malone at school. I really want to be Tallulah!! But there's this girl, see, called Hannah, who I don't really get on with. And she's a good singer, maybe better than me, and she can act quite well, but she's just SO WRONG for Tallulah!! So, we did acting auditions first. I didn't want to do the girl's audition - you had to work in a four, and there were definitely no three girls I wanted to work with!! So I went with Jack Bliss, who played Paris in R+J. He's gorgeous, but so taken. Anyways, we practiced, and then there was an awkward silence when sir asked for someone to go first, so we were like, hey! Theatre veterans! We'll go first!

So we did, and i think we did well too!! And Liam was really awesome too!! (NB, fickle Arisu thinks she now has a crush on Liam.... sorry!!) So the acting went well, and the singing.....well. I messed up the first few lines, but after that it went really well!! I mean, some people did a bit better, but it was ok. I just have to wait for the cast list now!!

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/2383121662/

I have way loads of homework right now too!! Yr 10 (14-15 year olds) is haaaard!!

Well, I wish I had time to write more!


NEW SCHOOOOOOL!! (building)

It's totally amazing!! Seriously!! Hell, I'm going to get lost, but - wow!! The drama department is brilliant!! Ok, because we didn't really finish the tour, and I got to choose what to study for GCSEs this year, that was the only department of the options i chose we went into... :/ So what! I think I've got over the last post's Battlestar Galactica bonkersness!! But I can't wait for the next series on LoveFilm!! I still think Kara Thrace is a really bad influence. And "frack" is my new favourite swear word!! (Stop red-lining my British spelling!! Dumb American computer..... ) And these stupid clones in my year were giving me evils because I wasn't wearing the tiny skirt, black heels, 3-inch thick foundation and false eyelashes that are their uniform. I was fine in my trousers and converse, thank you very much!

Any American friends who wear a uniform? My friend went on a French exchange for ages, for about 4 months, and that school didn't have a uniform. She said it was really hard to choose what to wear at first, and then she said you just didn't care. Is that true??

Today's favourite pictures:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/joesankar/3707174905/ My friend took this on a school trip to China..... CHINA!! Stupid posh school..... I just like the English!
http://www.flickr.com/photos/mboogiedown/285600124/ I love the movement, and the maiko's expression!

MMMMMMMM......PIZZA!! My mum's away for a week, so my I'm cooking, but my Dad hasn't been shopping!! So it's pizza tonight, and I'm eating it on my bed with the laptop on my knees!! Also listening to the old couple next door having a futile argument. Something about a greenhouse?? And the other night me and my friend (who was sleeping over) got the giggles, because we heard the drunk man in the house at the back telling a story to his kids...... snigger.

Aaaargh. I'm confused. I thought I was over Declan, and then I bumped into him on the corridor on Friday, and I couldn't stop looking at him. I swear he's grown 6 inches! And Liam..... I don't really know how I feel. He's kinda immature, but he's really funny, and I think he likes me! Oh, frack, and Jonas. I'm pissed about that. I was over him!! And then he was really nice to me on the first day back, but then I was on tour and he waved. I thought he was waving at me! No, he was waving at the skinny, bustier-even-than-me, dyed-haired, miniskirt-wearing bimbo next to me. Who, I remember, is also his next door neighbour. So, I'm fracked up.

But, anyway. I'll be posting a pic soon, (i always say this!!) BSG-themed I'm afraid!! I'm off to a concert too, of someone called "Florence and the Machine". Listen to some of her stuff. It's pretty good!! I didn't like it at first, just to be contrary, but in reality I really like it! It's great to sing along to!! There was half the cast of Grease in a car, and it came on, and everyone sang along!! Basses, sopranos, altos - the works!!

Love you all loads!


ArisuChou is a self-confessed BSG junkie....

I FRACKING LOVE IT!! Battlestar Galactica is so awesome!! Alright, I've only got through 2 of 4 seasons (5 seasons? 4-and-a-half??), but it's bloody brilliant!! And Captain Apollo?? MY GOD!! Finally they put decently sexy characters in sci-fi!! Although, I gotta admit, I REALLY wish Anders was dead and Billy wasn't. Because then, FINALLY, Starbuck and Captain/Major/Commander (he got promoted so much I lost track, although for the record, Arisu finds captains sexier....) Apollo would realise they love each other. My parents think Starbuck/Kara Thrace is a bad influence. I'm fracking inclined to agree!!

And Dr. Baltar? He's hilarious? He betrayed humans to the baddies (Cylons), but he has a Cylon living in his head. I think. But he totally doesn't know he's crazy, but he is. Seriously is. And he has an over-active libido.

Alright, how many of you are confused?? Lemme see, basically all of you! Wikipedia it, or, better, watch the goddamn series.

Ok. I'm in a slightly weird mood. Forgive me. So, here are my favourite pics of the day:


I went camping with Alex. It was fun, especially since Liam was there! Alex was like, "WTF are you doing here?" But he'd been invited by Lewis, who really doesn't like me. Or so I thought. We have a theory the only reason he's been rude to me for the past year is because he's jealous. Of Simon!! Except ME AND SIMON NEVER WENT OUT!! Haha, and Liam ended up wearing Alex's jumper!!

I wish I was going back soon. Friday 11th is AAAAAAAAGGGGGGEEEEEESSSSS away. lol. But my sister has to go in the day before me. Shame on her. I'm going to try and get a picture of me in the new (and foul) uniform and post it. But first, a pic of the truly gorgeous Captain Apollo (I'm sorry, I can't call him a Commander....)....

Not the best pic I could find, but...... The one I WANTED to post would probably get my membership revoked..... eeeee



PS. There should be some more up on the story soon. Fingies crossed!!

ArisuChou is wondering what might happen if her mother walked in. She's watching Gravitation.......



It feels like I've been gone forever. Sadly, just a week. I went down to Cornwall (Google Earth it) with my cousins. I like Cerys and Gareth. Cerys is a year older than me, but we get along. But she had to bring her boyfriend, didn't she? Johnnie's nice, but i was so left out.


I have a flickr account, so I'm going to start showing you some of my favey pics. But be warned, there a a lot of geisha and maiko. Sorry.

Today's faves:


Sorry about this half-arsed post, I'm unbelievably sleepy. We drove for 8 hours, and then came back and had a SPICYSPICYSPICY curry. At 11pm. How to live your life??

Alright, night night.